14000 btu portable air conditioner with heat

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Midea DUO Smart Inverter 14K BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat

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The Midea Duo Smart 14,000 BTU (12,000 BTU SACC) portable air conditioner has the power to tướng cool, dehumidify, circulate, or heat up to tướng 550 square feet with a unique hose-in-hose design that delivers 20% better cooling. In addition to tướng that, this product is engineered with variable-speed inverter technology to tướng achieve more than thở 40% in energy savings compared to tướng U.S. federal standards. Smart functions include a điện thoại thông minh ứng dụng to tướng control your AC through Wi-Fi from anywhere, at trang chính, through the cloud, or even using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. For added convenience, the 4-wheel design and attached hose and window kit make installation and set-up easy.
  • DUO Hose Design

    DUO Hose Design

    Locks cool air in, forces hot air out.

  • Smart Control Options

    Smart Control Options

    Control from anywhere with the điện thoại thông minh app** or by voice with the Google Assistant and Alexa.

  • Voice Control

    Voice Control

    Adjust the temperature with the voice commands when connected to tướng a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device.

  • 4-in-1 Comfort

    4-in-1 Comfort

    Get high-power cooling, dehumidification, người yêu thích and heating modes in one compact unit


    Model Number

  • 810040945397


  • Yes

    Wi-Fi Ready

  • Yes

    Alexa and Google Assistant Compatibility

  • Yes

    Voice Control

  • Yes

    Energy Saving

  • General Features

    • Cooling Modes

    • Fan Speeds

    • Filter Type

      Air Fresh Filter
    • Clean Filter Indicators Light

    • Window Exhaust Kit

    • Remote Control

    • Control Type

    • Color

    • Casters

  • Performance and Certifications

    • BTU Cooling Rating (ASHRAE)

    • BTU Cooling Rating (SACC)

    • Heating - Electric - BTUH - AHAM - 1R

    • CEER

    • Heating

    • Airflow Configuration

    • Sound Performance (low) dB

    • Refrigerant

    • Daily Moisture Removal (L)

    • Certifications and Listings

      UL, California Prop 65
  • Electrical

    • Power Supply

    • Plug Type

    • Cooling Watts

    • Rated Cooling Amps (AHAM)

  • Physical

    • Product Dimensions (W*D*H) inches

      19.53 x 16.73 x 34.48
    • Product Dimensions (W*D*H) millimeters

      496 x 428 x 825
    • Packaging Dimensions (W*D*H) inches

      22.24 x 18.07 x 32.45
    • Packaging Dimensions (W*D*H) millimeters

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      565 x 459 x 875
    • Product Net Weight (lbs)

    • Product Net Weight (kg)

    • Gross Shipping Weight (lbs)

    • Gross Shipping Weight (kg)

    • Min. Max. Window Opening Width (inches)

    • Minimum Window Opening Height (inches)

  • Warranty

    • Parts and Labor

      LimIted 1-Year
  • The best portable AC I've owned.

    This is our third Midea Air conditioner ( we have two of the U shaped in the bedrooms). We purchased this about two weeks ago when it was well over 90 degrees. It has cooled our entire Down stairs of about 1200 square feet down to tướng 65-70 degrees even on the hottest days. The dual chamber exhaust makes a huge difference as there isn't heat that escapes on its way being vented out. We plan on purchasing another one for the full summer for next year to tướng put on the other side of the house ( we lượt thích it freezing ). It's super quiet and has far exceeded my Expectations. If anyone is on the fence please don't hesitate to tướng purchase it for your cooling needs.

    Review by Jess 22/07/2023

    From Midea: Hello, Jess. Thank you for reviewing the Midea Portable Air Conditioner MAP14HS1TBL. We are happy to tướng hear that you are satisfied with your unit's performance and features. Midea Customer Care. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

  • Great AC / Heater as long as you understand its limitations

    I have the Whynter-branded version of the Midea Duo and it works great! Its super quiet, sips electricity, can be run rẩy in on a much lower power setting if you have a small inverter generator, and it has a massive heat output to tướng a point. The limiting factor to tướng the heat output for ANY heat pump is where its cutoff point is. For the Midea duo and the rebranded versions, it is around 35f outdoor temperature. Heat pumps absorb heat from outside and pump it indoors. This means that the coil that absorbs heat from outside will struggle once it gets cold enough that water in the atmosphere will ice up the internals to tướng the point where air cant pass through the coil. The unit is actually able to tướng run rẩy what is called a defrost cycle to tướng de-ice the coil but when it gets very cold out and the unit struggles to tướng keep itself from icing up, it will become overwhelmed and is no longer able to tướng keep up while still running efficiently and or supply sufficient heat. This unit is ideal for areas that don't super frequently have far below sub-ambient temperatures and have a back-up heat source lượt thích electrical baseboard heating or a boiler. It just requires a little bit of knowledge on what limits these from working but the fact that the unit is only using on average of 800w-1050w to tướng generate about 3-4 times that in heat is amazing and will save you lots of money in the long run rẩy. Im even able to tướng use this unit in Chicago because I will switch over to tướng the boiler once I notice the unit shutting off, attempting to tướng defrost too often, or the temperature starts to tướng drop. What I would lượt thích to tướng see is more control over is how and when the unit shuts off when it's too cold out. A push notification to tướng tell bầm to tướng switch over from my supplemental heat to tướng my boiler would be nice and perhaps if i could tell the unit to tướng simply not attempt a restart for heating for a phối amount of time if its too cold out sánh it doesn't keep restarting the compressor for no reason.

    Review by TheInappropriateMaker 28/02/2023

    From Midea: Hello, TheInappropriateMaker. Thank you for reviewing the Midea Portable Air Conditioner MAP14HS1TBL. We are happy to tướng hear that you are satisfied with your purchase. Midea Customer Care. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

  • Awesome unit.

    I purchased this about 2 months ago as a backup in case my 22 year old central air went out and also to tướng have an air conditioner that I could run rẩy my 2250 watt generator with if we lost power for any length of time. When I plugged the unit into my killawatt power tester, the unit was pulling between 500 and 700 watts of electricity. This is well within the load that my generator will handle. The unit actually does a good job of cooling our 1300 sq. ft. house when the outside temperature is 95 degrees. The inverter varies the compressor. When I first start the unit up, the temperature of the air coming out will be about 40 degrees. As the temperature in the living space is lowered closer to tướng the unit setting, the temperature of the air coming out gets closer to tướng 50 degrees and the killawatt usage gets down to tướng about 500 watts. This unit is very efficient. I couldn't believe how good of a job it could bởi in cooling my whole house. The bedrooms at the back of the house are not as cool as the area where the unit is installed, but I can live with them being a little warmer. My only nit pick would be that the unit does not control the humidity as good as the central air does. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this unit and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

    Review by John 03/07/2022

    From Midea: Hi Cedar Rapids - Thank you sánh much for providing your great feedback of the Midea Duo! We’d love to tướng learn some more about your experience. Feel không tính phí to tướng reach out directly to tướng myself at [email protected] and reference this review sánh we can connect. Hope to tướng talk sometime soon! Midea Customer Care. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

  • Works great but needs a firmware update

    So far it's been cooling really well. Of course the inverter technology is really nice. One really nice feature is it will actually fully turn off if your room gets to tướng the phối temperature. And when it gets too hot again it will turn the người yêu thích and compressor back on to tướng cool it. My only complaints I think are software related. It has some really weird người yêu thích curves, sometimes it ramps up to tướng high then goes back down causing bầm to tướng wake up in the middle of the night from sudden changes in sound. Sometimes when the compressor kicks on it shakes the whole unit for a quick second also causing noise from the hose shifting. Also when it runs fan-only it has that same issue as other units where it's very musty smelling. The ứng dụng is has that cheap Chinese feel and isn't polished lượt thích the LG ứng dụng. Still not a big khuyến mãi but just something to tướng be aware of. Most of the complaints are software/firmware. Still highly recommend and is on-par with the LG dual inverter

    Review by Tyler 19/09/2022

    From Midea: Hello, Tyler. Thank you for reviewing the Midea Duo MAP14HS1TBL. We are happy to tướng hear that you are satisfied with your dehumidifier's performance. Midea Customer Care. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

  • Decent Air conditioner for when its hot, bad heater

    I bought this unit because I have a condo without central air and it gets stuffy and I get hot in my bedroom, I use the người yêu thích and air conditioner regularly. However, it has been cold lately and apparently, the unit will not work when it is colder than thở 45 degrees F outside. So I basically was sitting in an icebox in my bedroom, pretty lame that the heater doesn't work when it's cold outside, I think the coldest was lượt thích 37, but was 41 when I woke up and still could not get it to tướng turn on. Also, the water draining is a little cumbersome and I am not even sure which drain plug does what. Also would have been nice if you could have had the drain hose go with the vent to tướng the outside. Smart features are ok, the remote and ứng dụng sometimes battle out, sánh you have to tướng power cycle with one or the other to tướng get it to tướng work properly. Also the tự động hóa mode is kinda wonky sometimes, it will start up lượt thích a jet engine just to tướng turn down in lượt thích 15 seconds, a few times I woke up from sleep thinking someones chevy was driving through my window.

    Review by Tim C 16/02/2023

    From Midea: Hello, Tim C. Thank you for reviewing the Midea Portable Air Conditioner MAP14HS1TBL. We are sorry to tướng hear about your experience with your unit. For any questions or concerns, please liên hệ us at [email protected] and reference case number 111730833. Midea Customer Care. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

  • Unfortunately not really useful

    Man, I was really really hopeful when I found this unit. Seemed lượt thích it was exactly what I needed, heat/AC in one unit. AC worked great all summer, temps got over 100 several times. The major problem is the heating ability, the majority of the country gets below 45 degrees in the winter. The heater simply won't work when it is below that which renders it completely useless making bầm use a separate space heater in the small building. This is a side the fact that my unit wouldn't pump the water out and was leaking making bầm go through a replacement process. I will be searching for another option. Pretty disappointing.

    Review by Ryan 18/11/2022

    From Midea: Hello, Ryan. Thank you for reviewing the Midea Duo MAP14HS1TBL. We are sorry to tướng hear about your experience with your dehumidifier. For any questions or concerns, please liên hệ us at [email protected] and reference case number 111660972. Midea Customer Care. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

  • Probably the best air conditioner and worst heater ever

    Despite not saying it anywhere, this product won't operate if it's below freezing temps outside. You'll get an abnormal "P9" Cold Weather Protection error if you go through and "check" the device. Upon calling customer service, they informed us that the heater won't heat if it's below 32 degrees outside. The heater won't heat if it's cold outside.... Next they'll invent a light bulb that doesn't work at night. That said the air conditioning portion of the unit is fantastic. Super quiet. I wouldn't actually recommend this but I'm marking it as if I would because they've got to tướng be filtering comments on this.

    Review by Frozen in Chicago 22/12/2022

    From Midea: Hello, Frozen. Thank you for reviewing the Midea Dehumidifier MAP14HS1TBL. We are sorry to tướng hear about your experience with your unit. For any questions or concerns, please liên hệ us at [email protected] and reference case number 111693434. Midea Customer Care. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

  • It Works Kinda, OK

    Unit Operating Temperature Range: Mode Temperature Range Cool 16°C ~ 35°C (60°F ~ 95°F) Dry 13°C ~ 35°C (55°F ~ 95°F) Heat Pump (for heat model) 5°C ~ 30°C (41°F ~ 86°F) The information above is extremely important. This unit works great if the outdoor temperature is within the operating temperature range. Once the temperature gets to tướng 45°F the heater will struggle to tướng blow hot air, and after the temperature gets to tướng 41°F the heat pump will not start at all. The unit was designed to tướng function this way. This unit also struggles to tướng blow cold air once the temperature gets above 88°F, but the unit will continue to tướng operate regardless of how hot it gets outside. Do not purchase this unit if you plan to tướng use it in temperatures beyond the operating temperature range, because it simply cannot bởi it. In my experience, it seems to tướng be more sensitive to tướng the temperature inside the hose than thở the temperature inside the room. If I heat up the room with a separate heater the heat pump still will not engage if the outside temperature is out of operating range.

    Review by John 11/11/2022

    From Midea: Hello, John. Thank you for reviewing the Midea Dehumidifier MAP14HS1TBL. We are sorry to tướng hear about your experience with your unit. We would lượt thích to tướng help you with this, please liên hệ us at [email protected] and reference case number 111660198. Midea Customer Care. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

  • Failed on 2nd use

    The Midea DUO 14K BTU portable A/C did not manage to tướng work for more than thở about 5 hours. We used it the first day for about 4+ hours or sánh. It worked reasonably well to tướng cool the room. The 2nd day I turned it on and in ran for about 40 min and then just turned off. No error code. No display. The unit just completely died. Midea customer service was awful to tướng work with. As it was opened and used, the Midea authorized retailer I purchased it from did not want to tướng take the unit back. I wasted sánh much time in endless back and forth with Midea trying to tướng get them to tướng just send a simple gmail that I could show the retailer. Midea's answer was to tướng share the chat transcript. Retailer did not even want to tướng look at the chat transcript. I can't blame them for that. Midea has severe quality control issues.

    Review by HLK128 18/07/2023

    From Midea: Hello, HLK128. Thank you for reviewing the Midea 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner MAP14HS1TBL. We are sorry to tướng hear about your experience with your unit and customer tư vấn. We would lượt thích to tướng help you with this, please reach out to tướng us at [email protected] and reference case number 111872835. Midea Customer Care. (BBB A+ Accredited Business)

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