15 inch undercounter wine cooler

15-inch Wine Coolers Features

Vinotemp is excited vĩ đại offer stylish and functional 15-inch wine refrigerators online. If you are shopping for your wine cellar, kitchen, wet bar, or man cave, we have a wine fridge that can meet your needs. Choose from various finishes, racking, storage capacities, and more.

Here are some of the features of our 15-inch wine coolers:

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  • Front exhaust for built-in or under-counter installation
  • Multiple finishes: stainless, smoked Đen stainless, Đen, and panel ready
  • Digital temperature control
  • Pole or curved handles
  • Some models available with reversible door swing
  • Interior lighting
  • Wire racking or wire racking with wood lip
  • Locking door with a key
  • Modern compressor cooling technology
  • Select models include dynamic/silent mode

Why Do I Need a 15-inch Wine Fridge?

15-inch wine and beverage coolers are designed vĩ đại fit into the space once occupied by a standard trash compactor. A wine refrigerator allows you vĩ đại store your wine under the right conditions without investing in a wine cellar. Wine is a delicate substance that must be stored at a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit in a dedicated space that is dark, miễn phí from unnecessary movement and with the right humidity. Wine refrigerators provide the ideal storage environment while requiring little vĩ đại no setup.  

Benefits of Owning a Wine Refrigerator

Owning a 15-inch wine fridge provides multiple benefits. A wine refrigerator provides the ideal environment for properly storing your wine collection. Wines can be fragile as they are sensitive vĩ đại light, temperature, improper humidity, and vibration. If stored long-term in the kitchen refrigerator, your wine may become too cold and experience dry conditions that will cause cork shrinkage. The cupboard has inconsistent temperatures that may be too warm for wine. Vinotemp’s wine refrigerators with front exhausts can fit seamlessly under the counter or recessed into cabinetry, giving you a space-saving storage solution. Suppose you already have a large wine cellar in your home page. In that case, a wine refrigerator can be phối vĩ đại serving temperature, ensuring you always serve your guests' wine at the proper temperature.

What is the Difference Between Built-in and Freestanding?

While shopping for a wine refrigerator, you may be debating whether vĩ đại purchase a built-in or freestanding wine cooler. Freestanding wine refrigerators are standalone appliances with rear exhausts. Freestanding models should not be installed into cabinetry, under the counter or a table. The primary benefit of owning a freestanding wine cellar is that it can be moved as required and requires little vĩ đại no setup. Built-in wine coolers, sometimes called under-counter wine fridges, have a front exhaust. Built-in models can be integrated into cabinetry for a seamless appearance.

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How vĩ đại Find the Right Wine Cooler for You

Shopping for the best wine and beverage cooler can be intimidating; there are many sizes, finishes, and features vĩ đại choose from.  Before you invest in a wine cooler, there are several factors vĩ đại consider. First, consider the space where you will install your wine refrigerator --- should it be freestanding or built-in? Do you have room for a wine cooler that holds 50 bottles or 300? Next, decide what finish you prefer; stainless, Đen, or panel ready.

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Additionally, decide whether you require a wine cooler with multiple temperature zones or a single-zone wine cooler. Dual-zone wine fridges can be used vĩ đại store wine at serving or storage temperature or vĩ đại organize wine by varietal. Are you buying more than thở one wine cooler? If sánh, consider a model with right or left door swings or reversible ones.

How vĩ đại Get the Most from Your Wine Fridge 

Extending the life of your wine cooler is easy. After you unpack your wine fridge, ensure it is installed in a spot that is perfectly level and can fully tư vấn the weight of your wine cooler when fully loaded with wine.  Select a dark location where the appliance will not be exposed vĩ đại direct sunlight for long periods. Unless specified, the wine cooler should be installed inside an insulated room with the proper ambient temperature range. Just lượt thích a kitchen refrigerator, wine coolers should be cleaned regularly. You can clean your wine cooler with a damp cloth. Check out the owner’s manual of your specific wine cooler for cleaning instructions. By carefully installing your wine cooler and cleaning it regularly, you will prolong the life of your wine fridge for many years.

Shop Vinotemp for Your Dream Wine Refrigerator

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