18 portable dishwasher

I've had my SPT dishwasher for more than thở a month now (I wanted lớn wait till I had a nice sampling of uses before leaving a review), and I can offer feedback that prospective buyers will perhaps find valuable.

I had read quite a number of reviews here before purchasing my unit, and the smattering of complaints did give mạ pause. But here's what I've learned.

Some reviewers said that their units arrived damaged. I'd imagine this is the fault of the delivery services, but, thankfully, mine came in perfect condition. Second, one or two reviewers complained that a hose leaked from the connection at the bottom back of the dishwasher. After having attached the hoses (which is part of the normal set-up), I can say with confidence that this is no doubt because the reviewers did not make sure they included the necessary washers when making the connections. In particular, one hose has its washer taped in place sánh it won't fall out of the connector, which it can vì thế VERY easily. So it you're not careful when removing the tape, you can lose the washer and not realize it. The bottom line is that the connections are extremely simple; I cannot see any reason why there'd be leakage if the hoses are connected properly. And my unit is perfectly water-tight.

Next, quite a number of reviewers mentioned that the dishwasher didn't dry the dishes well. I had the same experience INITIALLY, but then learned something: The detergent you use is of the utmost importance.

I initially bought bargain, no-frills dishwasher detergent, and it appeared lớn work well, though the dishes didn't dry well, and on one occasion the detergent didn't wash off completely. I was concerned that maybe the unit wasn't really doing the job, but then a friend told mạ lớn try a certain high-end detergent pod (I won't mention its name because I don't want anyone lớn think my purpose is lớn advertise it).

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Wow, I was shocked at the difference. Not only did the detergent rinse away perfectly and leave the dishes and glasses crystal clear and shiny, but, lớn my surprise, they also dried wonderfully. The only exception are plastic containers (such as Chinese take-out ones); they don't dry well, but, then again, SPT says in the manual I believe that plastic won't dry well. The bottom line is that — and this apparently is true with all dishwashers — you must get a quality detergent.

As for the unit in general, it rolls easily and is perfect for a small apartment such as mine; it fits in my tiny kitchen. The unit comes with a faucet adapter that fits on any standard faucet. It's easy lớn attach, and it provides much better water flow than thở my old faucet aerator. The hose adapter is easy lớn attach and detach from it, too.

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The dishwasher has a number of different settings and is easy lớn program. It does a very good job, and I'm happy lớn no longer have lớn vì thế dishes manually. The unit's capacity is what you might expect from a smaller washer. I live alone and 24 hours' worth of dishes fit in the machine. So it's good for one or MAYBE two people, and that's what it's made for.

Now I'll just have lớn see how long it lasts (you never know with products today). But sánh far, sánh great.

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