5 1/4 speakers

How đồ sộ cửa hàng for 5-1/4" Speakers

If your existing factory stereo sounds muddy and muffled, a new phối of speakers can provide that extra crispness and detail you're missing. Crutchfield carries a wide variety of 5-1/4" xế hộp speakers. With sánh many choices available, it can be hard đồ sộ know which ones đồ sộ buy. Below, we'll cover the highlights đồ sộ get you started, but for more guidance on what đồ sộ look for when shopping, read our car speakers buying guide.

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Finding speakers that fit

You'll quickly notice that every step of the way, we'll ask you to tell us about your xế hộp. That's because the best way đồ sộ cửa hàng for speakers is đồ sộ start by knowing which ones will actually fit in your xế hộp. This will also help narrow your tìm kiếm sánh you can focus on what's relevant for your vehicle.

Speakers come in one of two forms:
  • Full-range speakers, the basic speaker. The tweeter and the woofer are mounted together in one body toàn thân. These are also called "coaxials" or "2-way speakers." You'll also see 3-way and the occasional 4-way speakers that have an extra tweeter or midrange driver mounted on the same frame đồ sộ help further separate the musical frequencies and deliver more detailed sound.
  • Component speakers, also referred đồ sộ as "separates." The tweeter and woofer are not mounted in the same basket. The woofer mounts in the lower door location, but you can mount the tweeter in a more optimal spot, usually higher on the door or on the dash. This helps đồ sộ better direct the high-frequency sounds and dramatically improves how your music sounds.
Power handling – how much power tự my speakers need?

Power handling is an important detail when shopping for new speakers. Speakers with a lower RMS power range will be more suitable for a factory or aftermarket stereo, while a higher RMS range will work better with an external amplifier.

If you want đồ sộ use an external amplifier, you should pick an amp with a power rating in the upper over of your speaker's power range. For example, if a speaker is rated đồ sộ handle up đồ sộ 75 watts of RMS power, it will perform closer đồ sộ optimum as your power source approaches delivery of 75 watts RMS.

Tweeter design

What the tweeters are made of dramatically impacts how they sound. Read our article about tweeter design for more details.

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Efficiency rating

Efficiency ratings indicate how well the speaker uses power. If you're using a low-powered factory system, you'll want đồ sộ choose a speaker with a higher efficiency rating (90 db and up). Low-efficiency speakers can sound great, but they'll need a high-powered receiver or amplifier đồ sộ sound their best.

Popular questions customers ask

Like we said above, it depends on the RMS power rating of the speakers. Speakers with an upper range of 50 watts RMS or higher will definitely sound better powered by an external amplifier. If you intend đồ sộ power them with your factory radio, then speakers with a lower RMS power rating and higher efficiency rating will sound best.

It's simple - you replace your xế hộp speakers because you want your music đồ sộ sound better. Car makers cut corners when it comes đồ sộ xế hộp speakers, and aftermarket speakers use better materials and superior construction đồ sộ deliver improved sound. Replacing your old speakers is an inexpensive way đồ sộ get better sound in your xế hộp.

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Replacing your car's speakers usually involves removing interior panels (doors, dash, rear dash, etc.), unbolting the factory speakers, using a bracket and wiring harness đồ sộ install replacement speakers, and then reinstalling your panels. As a Crutchfield customer, you'll benefit from our không lấy phí, vehicle-specific instructions, không lấy phí wiring harnesses that eliminate splicing, and our friendly, toll-free technical tư vấn.

No! Speakers are sold in pairs, and it's common đồ sộ replace your front speakers first, then later replace your rear speakers. It's a good idea đồ sộ choose the same brand speakers for front and back, if possible. That way, the tone settings that sound good in the front seat will sound good in the back seat too. Of course, you can replace all your speakers at one time for the most dramatic improvement.

Cone size isn't the only factor in determining if a speaker fits your xế hộp. Sometimes speakers are too tall or too deep đồ sộ fit your vehicle. In addition đồ sộ measuring every speaker model we carry, we also measure thousands of vehicles. That's how we know that we're recommending the right stuff for your xế hộp or truck. If a speaker you're interested in isn't listed as fitting, give us a Hotline. Sometimes minor modifications can make it work.