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Industry solutions

Every industry has its own security needs. ABUS meets specific requirements with holistic, custom-fit security solutions.

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Lockout / Tagout Products

Every three and a half minutes, an accident occurs in Germany during maintenance and servicing work. Do not let this happen! We tư vấn you with our products.

Alarm systems

ABUS offers three systems for securing commercial properties: the Secvest Hybrid system for protecting small and medium-sized buildings, the Terxon wire system (type MX and LX) for any size and, brand new, the Secoris wire system with EN Grade 2 certificate for offices and commercial properties.

Video surveillance

Effective video clip surveillance is based on meaningful image data. Camera images are thus not only recorded for later analysis, but also directly derive actions.


Network technology

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IP cameras can evaluate images with intelligent analysis functions and derive actions directly.

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IP cameras can evaluate images with intelligent analysis functions © ABUS

Analog HD

Analogue HD with HD-TVI technology is the ideal solution for properties that already have an analogue video clip surveillance system with BNC cabling.

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Upgrade your existing analogue systems to tướng full HD with ease © ABUS

Our KeyGarage™ key box:

Discover our KeyGarage™

With the KeyGarage, ABUS offers an intelligent and secure solution for storing keys. Secured with a four- to tướng ten-digit numerical code, the sturdy sheet steel housing protects keys and code cards from unauthorised access.

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Key transfer made easy - with the KeyGarage © ABUS

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CO2 meter

Bad air? Ventilate in time with the AirSecure! Our CO2 detector AirSecure reliably indicates the indoor air quality: In this way, you prevent headaches, malaise and an increased risk of infection. Practical for offices and schools.

More about the CO2 measuring device AirSecure

Open the window – aerosols out – fresh air in. Our CO2 detector reminds you to tướng ventilate regularly © ABUS