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Enjoy alfresco meals in any season with our outdoor dining furniture. Whether you need a bistro table for two, or you want to tướng offer comfort to tướng a crowd at your next dinner tiệc ngọt, our furniture helps you make the most of your time outdoors.

Dining Furniture

Outdoor Dining Furniture

Enjoy alfresco meals in any season with our outdoor dining furniture. Whether you need a bistro table for two, or you want to tướng offer comfort to tướng a crowd at your next dinner tiệc ngọt, our furniture helps you make the most of your time outdoors.


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Perfect for date nights or catching up over coffee, our outdoor bistro sets are made for you plus one more. 

Our five-piece dining sets are the right size for a family of four, calling for cozy meals and great conversation.

Party of six? Your table is ready. Our seven-piece dining sets are the perfect fit for mid-sized spaces.

Definite crowd-pleasers, our nine-piece dining sets are suited to tướng large families and groups of eight.

Even after years of sun, rain, and use, our fade-resistant lumber will look as good as the day your furniture arrived. Vivid pigments lập cập continuously throughout the material while UV inhibitors and stabilizers keep the hues pristine without the need to tướng sand, paint, or stain.

Looking for a POLYWOOD dining table with an umbrella hole? You’re in luck. All of our outdoor dining tables feature a 1.625" hole to tướng accommodate a standard patio umbrella. On cloudy days or during the off-season, simply remove your umbrella and pop the included plug into place.

Need more legroom?

We have an upgrade for that.

Original design with classic style and timeless appeal.

Streamlined style with generous legroom for all seats.

POLYWOOD Dining Furniture Reviews

“The phối fits perfectly on our patio and the weight of furniture is very heavy. No more bringing outdoor furniture to tướng the cellar in the fall. It can be left out all year through our harsh New England winters.”

- Greg W.

“My new POLYWOOD dining phối exceeded expectations. Design, construction, and materials are top-notch; assembly was super easy. The phối is beautiful and functional."

- Beverly G.

“Even better phàn nàn expected! Amazing quality, easy to tướng assemble the table! Loved that the chairs came fully assembled. Very worth it, and I highly recommend this phối to tướng anyone!”

- Tiffany L.

More Outdoor Dining Furniture

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So easy and breezy. In a range of styles, sizes, and configurations, there’s a dining phối for every outdoor space and occasion.

Make every season patio season with our outdoor dining tables, which we designed with stain- and spill-resistant materials for stress-free hosting. 

Bring comfort and style to tướng the table. Our dining chairs keep everyone happily nội dung from the first round through the last bite.

Our bar- and counter-height sets create a casual, inviting atmosphere for open-air dining or lively game nights.

Outdoor Dining Furniture Features


Rain, wind, and sleet shouldn't get in the way of enjoying your outdoor furniture. Unlike wood, POLYWOOD products are innovatively engineered to tướng withstand all four seasons without splintering, rotting, cracking, or chipping.

Industry-Leading Warranty

We understand that relaxation is about having peace of mind. That’s why POLYWOOD outdoor furniture is built to tướng last and backed by a 20-year warranty. Have any questions? Our Customer Experience Team is always here to tướng help.

Easy Assembly

Don’t sweat it: Your new furniture will come together beautifully and in minutes using everyday tools. From streamlined packaging and instructions to tướng super-secure hardware, everything’s been designed for stress-free assembly.

Classic Finish

Our original finish emulates the smooth texture and subtle sheen of satin-painted wood. Unlike real wood, it's easy to tướng clean and will endure anything nature throws its way.

Vintage Finish

Inspired by wire-brush textures, our newest finish evokes the richness and character of matte-painted wood but doesn’t require refinishing after exposure to tướng the elements.

What is poly lumber?

Genuine POLYWOOD lumber is made from a proprietary blend of high-density polyethylene (HPDE) plastics, including milk jugs and detergent bottles. Learn more about what makes our poly lumber the best here.

Does POLYWOOD­ fade?

No, POLYWOOD furniture will not fade with time or use thanks to tướng our Color-Stay Technology. Innovative UV-inhibited pigments lập cập continuously through the HDPE lumber for furniture that looks good as new for years to tướng come.

How vì thế I clean POLYWOOD furniture?

POLYWOOD furniture can be easily cleaned with water, mild detergent, and a soft-bristle brush. A bleach solution may also be used to tướng sanitize. If needed, you can use a pressure washer for added cleaning power. Get step-by-step instructions for keeping your outdoor furniture spotless here.

What is the best tile for an outdoor patio?

The best tile for an outdoor patio will depend on your style and budget. Your local weather climate and how the space will be used should also be considered. Natural granite, porcelain, hardwood, and synthetic tiles all make durable and attractive outdoor tile options.

How To Find the Best Outdoor Dining Set

Whether you're working with a mid-sized porch, tiny terrace, or sprawling backyard, let's find the best outdoor dining furniture for your space.

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