amlactin for keratosis pilaris

For some of us, getting soft, smooth skin isn’t easy. When you’ve got keratosis pilaris, no coating of standard moisturizer will make those pesky little bumps on your limbs go away, and it’s frustrating to tát lập cập your fingers across your skin and feel that bumpy texture that just won’t go away.

Keratosis pilaris is a really common skin condition that’s often referred to tát as “chicken skin” because of its bumpy appearance. It most frequently occurs on arms and legs, and while it’s not painful or itchy, it can be annoying to tát khuyến mãi with. (Some people also experience KP on their face, mainly on the cheeks.) KP happens when keratin builds up in your hair follicles and clumps together, forming a small bump on skin’s surface.

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I struggled with KP all through elementary and high school, buying and discarding a bunch of different products. I tried sloughing the bumps off with gritty exfoliants and washcloths, sunning them away in a tanning bed (a big no-no, I now know), and covered my limbs in thick lotion every night. Nothing worked until I discovered AmLactin in a Target aisle, and now, it’s my number one ride-or-die beauty product. Its white and neon green glory has become a mainstay in my bathroom beauty cabinet — and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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AmLactin differs from regular lotions because it's packed with lactic acid, an alpha-hydoxy acid that helps exfoliate your skin every time you use it, encouraging skin to tát turn over faster and therefore feel renewed and softer practically overnight. Though it contains powerful AHAs, AmLactin doesn't burn or sting my skin. It feels lượt thích any other lotion, albeit it one without a heavy aroma or a super-creamy feel. (It’s unscented, though it does have a slight medicinal fragrance at first. But don’t worry — it goes away quickly.)

I use AmLactin’s Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion on my arms every day, especially after a bath or shower, and since discovering it 10 years ago, I haven’t had KP bumps show up practically at all. I have noticed that I must use it regularly, though, or bumps will reappear. Yes, it’s more expensive kêu ca other drugstore lotions, usually ringing up around $13-14, but it’s effective and gentle enough to tát use daily. I'm sánh obsessed that I buy it in full and travel sizes, sánh I'm literally never without it. Basically, if it were a person, we'd be wearing matching BFF bracelets for sure.