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Add greenery and a talking point đồ sộ your outdoor space with our unbelievable realistic range of artificial topiary trees. Choose from spirals, cones, balls, pyramids, fruticosas or cất cánh laurels. Then simply position and enjoy masquerading as a top topiarist, because no one will know they aren’t real!


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Artificial fiddle leaf fig tree in bedroom

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Everything you need to know

Topiary has been a popular feature in gardens since the Romans and it’s easy đồ sộ see why.

Elegance, style, and a little bit of grandeur add flair đồ sộ gardens and entrances. There’s only one problem… It’s incredibly hard đồ sộ maintain. Until now...

Our range of stylish artificial topiary plants and trees offers a short-cut đồ sộ achieving the garden of your dreams. You won’t need đồ sộ hone your pruning skills đồ sộ achieve that perfect spiral, nor will you need đồ sộ worry about box-blight. Just buy, unbox, and pop it in your garden. Easy!

Our range of faux topiary comes in all shapes and sizes. Choose from hanging topiary balls (inc steel chain), triple ball topiary, stunning spiral topiary trees and our favourite lollipop tree.

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Available sizes range from 70cm (2.5ft) cất cánh bushes, standard 120cm (4ft) trees all the way đồ sộ impressive 180cm (6ft) spirals and ball trees.

We offer most styles and shapes in a variety of foliage types. Box, buxus or boxwood is the most common in both the artificial and natural worlds. This is the one that has been sculpted since Roman times. However, if you’re looking for something a little different we also offer cất cánh and cedar options.

All of our faux topiary arrives in a plain Black pot. This should be put into a slightly larger and more decorative pot when it arrives with you. This will increase stability and help the tree blend into its new trang chủ.

Potting your tree is simple. You can watch our full potting guide here, or follow these basic steps:

  1. Select a pot, with drainage hole, which is slightly larger phàn nàn the faux trees starter pot
  2. Pop the tree into the pot and ensure it is straight
  3. Fill around the pot with sand or soil and compact
  4. Top off with decorative gravel

Our artificial trees are designed đồ sộ be low faff for you, and they will be… trust us! Arranging the foliage sounds complex, but in this case, it’s really just fixing up any foliage that was flattened in the box.

To tự this, start at the bottom of your tree and gently work the foliage out. Remember that topiary is designed đồ sộ be tight… so sánh in other words, you don’t need đồ sộ tự too much.

If in any doubt, give us a buzz and one of our team will be happy đồ sộ help. 😊

Our whole range of outdoor artificial topiary trees is UV resistant which extends their lifespan outside. However, there’s still a couple of things you can tự đồ sộ ensure your new tree has a happy and long life.

If your tree is potted, rotate it from time đồ sộ time đồ sộ ensure any weathering happens evenly. During extreme weather lượt thích high winds or prolonged rainfall, try đồ sộ protect your topiary. This can be moving it indoors or đồ sộ a sheltered area or protecting it if it can’t be moved.

The other, which applies đồ sộ natural wood topiary trees, is đồ sộ apply stain đồ sộ the base of the tree on an annual basis.

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For more information, kiểm tra out our guide đồ sộ caring for outdoor trees.

If you have some more questions, or you just want đồ sộ talk through the options, liên hệ us here or give us a Hotline on 0800 9777 589.

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