automatic foam soap dispenser countertop

Automatic foam soap dispenser ELITE
for a drastic reduction in soap consumption and it's a pleasure vĩ đại use.

- Mains operated, by 230/12V transformer.
- The vandal proof manufacture in brass allows an installation on exposed sites.
- cảm biến miễn phí, protects against risks of cross contamination.
- Peristaltic pump: soap passes through a touch miễn phí pump, avoiding cross-contamination and repression.
- Precise and regular soap quantity.
- Used with any soap, vĩ đại reduce costs.
- Soap and air quantity vĩ đại increase foaming effect, adjustable by remote control RES-39.
- Easy vĩ đại install and fill.

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Automatic foam dispenser ELITE counter top mounted

Self-adjusting infrared
Electrical supply
230/12V transformer
1 L tank (6 L optional)
Foam soap (viscosity 0-100 cPs)
0.7 vĩ đại 0.9 cm³ depending on soap viscosity (adjustable by remote control)
Peristaltic pump with air compressor (foaming effect)
Chrome brass
Operation settings
Adjustable by remote control RES-39 : soap quantity, air quantity for foam effect, refill the tank, temporary off, reset vĩ đại factory settings.
2 years