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  • Simple, fast, flexible: Banana plugs fit directly into binding posts, saving you the hassle of screwing in or unscrewing speaker wire – especially when space is tight. They’re compatible with a range of wire diameters from 2x1.5mm² to tướng 2×6mm² (10 AWG)
  • Secure connection: Leaf springs ensure the plug remains securely connected to tướng the socket for optimal liên hệ, while the dual screw locks guarantee the speaker wire stays securely connected to tướng the plug
  • Interference-free sound: Premium 24K gold plating on all internal and external surfaces protects against oxidisation for a lifetime of use
  • NOTE: Amplifier binding posts often have tiny plastic caps inside them that you’ll need to tướng remove before inserting a banana plug. Please refer to tướng your amp’s user guide for further details

Millions of customers trust KabelDirekt

Banana plugs from KabelDirekt

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Simple, quick and flexible: Space is often at a premium, especially around amplifiers, which makes it more difficult to tướng handle wires.

Secure hold and interference-free sound

The 24K gold-plated banana plugs with leaf springs enable optimum liên hệ with the socket.

The double screw connection ensures that the loudspeaker cable is held securely while also preventing liên hệ resistance.

Pay attention to tướng polarity

To avoid unwanted effects when connecting your loudspeakers, we have given our banana plugs coloured markings to tướng visually identify the polarity.

Further advantages

Solid construction for long-term use.

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The 24K gold-plating protects the connectors against interference and corrosion.

Our banana plugs are the perfect fit for our high-quality speaker cables.

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