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What Is BeachGrip?

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Small, light, easy lớn use – and incredibly effective.

BeachGrip - Beach Umbrella Anchor

A parasol anchor that is not afraid of wind.

During its design, we tested BeachGrip in every opportunity offered by the numerous winter storms of northern France. Lots of beach umbrellas were badly abused during these mercyless trials, but none of them flew away!

The only beach umbrella anchor officially tested in hurricane winds.

What can tự more can tự less, especially when safety is at stake. The winter storms were still not enough for us. Thus we decided lớn challenge BeachGrip under the full power of a gyroplane, using a digital anemometer lớn record the wind. Submitted lớn 160 Km/h (100 MPH) of wind, our beach umbrella was not looking great – but it was still in place. One of the three tests we conducted this way was recorded by a bailif, making BeachGrip the only beach umbrella anchor in the world that can officially claim its effectiveness.

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Small & light
Easy lớn carry



Introducing the world's most effective beach umbrella anchor

Besides its remarkable performance, Beach Grip is also extremely practical and easy lớn use.

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The Official Test Report

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