best bow peep sight for hunting

By: Chris Woodburn

If you are an archer, as I suspect you are because you chose vĩ đại read this article, you’ll continue vĩ đại look for ways vĩ đại improve your craft and look for any advantages you may see fit vĩ đại try.  If you shoot with a peep sight and a front sight on your bow you have more kêu ca likely tried vĩ đại improve your shooting by switching out the front sights!  However, if you are lượt thích a lot of other archery hunters out there, you depended on the local bow cửa hàng vĩ đại put in any old peep sight they had in the cửa hàng.

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best peep sight

Thus, you didn’t put much thought into the other major component of your archery equipment, such as your peep sight.

Well, I was in your shoes and I depended on my local bow cửa hàng vĩ đại install a peep for u.  Today, as I’ve gotten into tournament shooting and hunting, I am always looking vĩ đại improve my accuracy at the range.  As a hunter I also understand the importance of shot accuracy, for a good clean kill.  Let’s change how we look at and through a peep!

best peep sight

After watching a lot of amazing archers at the Lancaster Archery Classic and The Vegas Shoot this year I wondered how the heck they hit the small 10 ring more often kêu ca not and in some cases the new 12 ring!  Yes, I know they have a God given talent, but they also have certain tools in their shooting arsenal system.  Major components of their system includes the front sight and peep sight.  One thing I noticed for most of those shooters was they used the Hamskea peep sight.  So, I ordered one and this is how I broke it peep si

The Hamskea InSight Peep System:

  • High light transmission
  • Low light performance
  • Dual string groves: 37.5° and 45°
  • Light Baffle anti-glare design
  • Lightweight magnesium housing
  • 6 Aperture Sizes (1/32″, 3/64″, 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″)

best peep sight

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All these features of the the peep are important, for both hunting and target archery.  These features have been designed vĩ đại improve your  performance.  I gave an example earlier in that I hunt, and often hunt in the middle of the day.  The glare can be a challenge in the middle of the day, but the design of the housing reduces the impact of glare on my shot.  The design also continues vĩ đại allow light transmission, for the early morning or late evening hunts.  You maybe also wondering about the weight and the effect the large looking Hamskea will have on the tốc độ of your arrow.  My old peep was right at 12 gn, and the Hamskea peep sits right around 15 gn with an aperture.  The additional 3 gns  little vĩ đại no affect on my shot, other kêu ca improving my accuracy.

Installation of this peep is as simple as any other peep install.  The basics is that you need vĩ đại uninstall your previous peep, ensure you select vĩ đại install at the right location on your string, separate the strands of you string using a specific string separation tool, install using the correct angle grove, which is explained in the Hamskea package, then tie in the peep.  The only challenge I noticed during installation was determining the correct grove, as it was not called out in a picture, or explained well in the packaging material.

best peep sight

At this point you may be wondering what sets the Hamskea peep above the competitors, or why should we spend the money on a new peep?  Answer: Yes!  There are a few noticeable reasons I’ve chosen vĩ đại give the “best peep sight” a shot.

  • If you are shooting with a magnification lens on the front sight, you should also add a clarifying lens vĩ đại your peep, which is made simple vĩ đại tự with the Hamskea peep.
  • Adjusting the peep aperture for different shooting situations, or different front sight housings.  The Hamskea allows you vĩ đại easily change the aperture without having vĩ đại untie and retie in a peep.
  • The anti-glare baffle system. During hunting season you may kết thúc up stalking a big bull during the noon hour while he’s comfortably basking in the sun…  Hamskea has done a great job in designing the peep vĩ đại reduce the glare, but allows light collection for those low light shooting situations.
  • Accuracy and affect.  I’ve been able vĩ đại improve my ability vĩ đại hit the x ring during testing.  In turn this has increased my confidence to  ensure a quick and clean kill during hunting season, as well as moving from 3rd vĩ đại first place in the tournaments.

The bottom line for u is that I will tự just about anything vĩ đại pick up an advantage during an archery tournament, or improve my ability vĩ đại stack meat in my freezer!  The Hamskea peep is what I would consider a “Top Shelf” peep sight and the best peep sight on the market!

My final comment vĩ đại you.  Do what you can vĩ đại make a clean quick kill, and win those tournaments!  Get a Hamskea and never look back!!!

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