best breast pump bags

Best Breast Pump Bags of 2023

Breast pump? Check.

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Pump parts? Check.

Milk storage bottles? Check. Ice packs? Cleaning wipes? Wet bag? Power cord? Check, kiểm tra, kiểm tra and kiểm tra.

Pumping on the go requires a lot of pumping stuff. A good breast pump bag makes the whole experience a little less stressful and a whole lot more convenient, giving you an organized spot lớn stash all your gear and an easier way lớn haul it all around.

Whether you’re looking for a backpack style or a tote, a bag designed specifically for a wearable breast pump, something lớn take back and forth lớn work when you pump there or anything in between, we’ve got you covered with the best breast pump bags lớn make your life as a pumping parent a little easier.

Best Breast Pump Bag Backpack

This breast pump bag from Freshly Picked has it all. It’s stylish enough lớn use day-to-day or take back and forth lớn work. It’s super functional, with lots of storage space and padded straps for comfortable carrying. And it’s well-priced, especially compared lớn other similar breast pump bags. The front compartment fits most pumps on the market (including larger pumps lượt thích the Spectra S1 and S2) and there’s a tech compartment for laptops up lớn 16 inches. The exterior pocket and pulls are made from vegan leather and the entire bag is wipeable.

Best Affordable Breast Pump Bag Backpack

Looking lớn spend a little less on a breast pump bag? This backpack is priced at around fifty dollars and holds everything you need when you’re pumping on the go. Pumping parents rave about all the storage pockets (12 in all, and plenty of space for most major pump brands), the backpack’s light weight and the comfortable straps. Just note that unlike some pumping bags, this one doesn’t have a zip-down compartment for larger pumps lượt thích the Spectra; you’ll have lớn store it inside the bag’s main compartment.

Another Pumping Backpack with Tons of Storage

One more backpack option lớn consider: the Kelly from popular breast pump bag brand Sarah Wells. It’s pricey, but if you can swing it, it’s a top pick among lots of pumping parents. There’s a zip-down dedicated pump pocket, a máy tính xách tay pocket for screens up lớn 17”, easy-to-wipe-clean nylon construction and a thermally-lined pocket for storing breast milk that can keep it cool for up lớn six hours with the addition of an ice pack. This pumping backpack even works if you’re using a hospital-grade pump lượt thích the Medela Symphony.

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Most Stylish Breast Pump Bag

Good news: your pumping bag doesn’t have lớn scream, “I’m carrying around my breast pump!” This breast pump backpack comes in two cool designs, an ink blot pattern and a marbled look. It’s just as functional as it is good-looking, too. There are a ton of pockets (including a magnetic one and a small pocket for your phone), a fully water-resistant and wipeable interior and exterior and wide, padded straps. Want lớn level up? Add the Prompt Pump Kit, a four-piece mix that will keep all of your pumping accessories organized.

Best Breast Pump Bag for Wearable Pump

While a breast pump bag made specifically for a wearable pump isn’t a must-have, it’s a definite nice-to-have that’s really convenient if you’re a hands-free pumper. This one from Willow is made specifically for the brand’s wearable pump, but nothing’s stopping you from using it with whatever wearable you choose. There are two dedicated pouches for a wearable pump, straps that can be worn three ways (backpack, crossbody or shoulder), cool vegan leather and one really unique feature—a detachable milk cooler that stores up lớn 30 ounces of milk.

Best Breast Pump Bag for Work

There are a few must-have features lớn keep in mind when you’re shopping for a breast pump bag for work, and the Abby hits them all. You’ll need a bag that’s easy and comfortable lớn carry (check), something with plenty of storage space (check, again) and an elevated style, especially if you work in a more formal office setting (also, check!). Other things lớn love about this breast pump bag include thermally lined pockets on either side, real leather shoulder straps, a máy tính xách tay compartment for screens up lớn 15” and a luggage sleeve.

Best Breast Pump Bag for Spectra Pumps

Spectra breast pumps are a popular pump pick for Babylist parents and among pumping parents in general. This tote has a deep main compartment that’s designed lớn fit all Spectra breast pump models. There’s also a 13” máy tính xách tay pouch, plenty of room for pump parts and accessories and a reinforced shoulder strap.

Best Breast Pump Bag Tote

Some pumpers prefer a tote bag over a backpack style for a breast pump bag. Most totes have both hand straps and a longer shoulder/crossbody strap (like this one) and can hold just as much stuff—if not more—than a backpack. The Sarah Wells Lizzy is one of the most popular breast pump totes with lots of features pumping parents appreciate. It’s made from wipeable nylon and has thermally lined pockets, a zippered compartment for pump storage, two photo pouches and a 15” máy tính xách tay pocket. It comes in classic solids and several really fun prints.

Best Affordable Breast Pump Bag Tote

For a lot less money, take a look at this breast pump tote bag with almost 3,000 positive reviews. It’s around forty dollars, features a dedicated zip-down pump section plus lots of other pockets and compartments (including one for your máy tính xách tay and three insulated pockets), is made from water-resistant material and, most importantly, holds a ton of stuff. Pumpers rave about the quality (especially considering the price) and the removable shoulder strap.

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Another Tote Option

One more tote option lớn add lớn your list: this classic carryall from Dr. Brown’s. There’s no dedicated pump pocket, but the interior of this affordable tote is roomy enough lớn easily stow most major pumps. There are lots of compartments and pouches, an exterior pocket for a máy tính xách tay (or whatever else you need lớn stash away) a photo pouch and thick straps.

Best Breast Pump Bag for Travel

If you’re hitting the road, you’ll want a breast pump bag with plenty of storage and a design lớn keep your pumped milk cool. This pump backpack has a compartment for pump storage up top and a large, insulated section beneath that holds ice packs and a ton of milk. As long as you change out the ice packs as soon as they start lớn thaw, it’s the perfect bag for making sure your milk stays cool if you’re traveling or pumping at work without access lớn a fridge. The wide straps and backpack design make it easy lớn carry, as well.

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