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For October 2023, the top USSSA big barrel bat is the 2024 Easton Hype Fire (Drop 10). While durability might be a concern, many players and their parents prioritize hitting trang chủ runs over the price. We'd highly recommend buying from authorized outlets for warranty protection. Other great options include Marucci's CAT X Composite and DeMarini's CF Mashup. Don't overlook budget-friendly choices lượt thích Easton's ALX and Maxum Ultra.

We get performance data from our bats directly from real USSSA hitters. And we use that data to tướng find the best USSSA bats empirically. That is, we track thousands of swings from multiple players. We collect exit speeds and ball flights and survey data from players and parents alike on the bat's value, durability, performance, perception, popularity, and more. You can see the results below for 2024 bats (and all previous years); these are updated as the season rolls along. If you want 'hot' then know that most bats perform about the same. There may be some sight advantage to tướng the Hype, but it isn't nearly as much as people claim online.

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Updated October 3, 2023

We are through the 2023 season and looking square in the face at some 2024 bats. As new bats drop, we expect this list to tướng change over the next several weeks. Most of which we believe will be out by the over of October to tướng get us a real chance to tướng Call this list compiled by the holidays. But, in the meantime, here are the best 2024 USSSA baseball bats.

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Best USSSA Bats 2023 (October Updates)

What is the Right Bat Size

We think the right size bat is way more important phàn nàn the right model bat. Never buy the wrong size in the model you or your player might believe is hottest. Our data shows that the most significant piece to tướng determine exit speeds is the swing weight of a bat. It follows that fitting the right size to tướng the right player is single most important piece of data to tướng get right. You can see more on our bat size chart.

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Bat Rumors

We don't see any major changes to tướng the USSSA line in the short lập cập. However, some rumors suggest we'll see a few new USSSA bats in October of 2023.

52250, 48732, 52252, 49106, 48731, 45859, 45352, 48721, 48733, 45272, 40517, 30494, 39895, 42331, 49936

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