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Most TVs you see on store shelves these days are "smart" models that come with streaming apps built-in. But vĩ đại connect other peripherals, such as a next-gen game console or Blu-ray player, you'll still want vĩ đại keep a few HDMI cables on hand. You don't have vĩ đại spend a ton vĩ đại get solid cable that can tư vấn the higher resolutions and frame rates of modern games and movies, just kiểm tra out our picks for the best HDMI cables of 2023. 

Even the cheapest HDMI cables can handle 4K HDR signals nowadays, so sánh there's no reason vĩ đại drop serious cash on one. But even in a level playing field, some cables are better kêu ca others. While there are some more expensive options out there, as long as the cable is able vĩ đại pass the resolution you want, the picture will look the same as any other cable, regardless of price. The only thing you really need vĩ đại think about is cable length.

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With that in mind, we have some recommendations for inexpensive options that should work with any TV and source combination you have... as long as they connect with HDMI. 

So grab your game console, plug in your cable box and fire up your streaming device, computer, cable or satellite box, trang chính theater receiver or DVD, Blu-ray and Ultra HD player. Here are our top picks for the best, most reliable and affordable HDMI cables.

I used 6-foot (1.8-meter) cables as the example for pricing, but there are plenty of longer and shorter options. You can save some money getting shorter cables, but make sure they're long enough for you vĩ đại place your gear where you want. Measure twice, buy once.

As we mentioned above, just because you're getting a new TV doesn't necessarily mean you need new HDMI cables, even if you're upgrading vĩ đại something with 4K and HDR. Over short distances, say under 6 feet, just about any recent "high tốc độ HDMI cable" should work fine. "High Speed" is the rating used by HDMI companies vĩ đại indicate cables that have the bandwidth vĩ đại handle 1080p and greater Clip resolutions.

You can think of bandwidth lượt thích a pipe. You need vĩ đại be able vĩ đại get a lot of "water" through the pipe with 4K and HDR nội dung. A high tốc độ cable needs vĩ đại be "big" enough vĩ đại handle it all.

Unfortunately, there's no way vĩ đại tell just by looking at a cable whether it's a high tốc độ HDMI cable that can handle the deluge of data required for 4K and HDR nội dung. Even if it says High Speed on the jacket, that's not 100 percent useful. A cable can be considered a "high tốc độ HDMI cable" if it passes 1080p, but not be well enough made vĩ đại handle 4K. The only way vĩ đại verify it works as high tốc độ HDMI is vĩ đại test it.

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The good thing is, if it works, it works. For example, if you're sending a 4K HDR signal from your 4K Blu-ray player vĩ đại your 4K HDR TV and the TV shows a 4K HDR signal, you're phối. It's not possible vĩ đại get a better image using a different 4K HDMI cable. That's not how the technology works.

There are only two "fails" with an HDMI cable. The most likely is you won't get any signal at all: A blank or flashing screen. First, kiểm tra that everything's connected correctly and all your HDMI device settings are correct. 

HDMI sparkles

A closeup view of the HDMI cable failure known as sparkles.

Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

The only other "fail" mode of HDMI cables is sparkles. This looks lượt thích snow on the screen. It can be heavy enough vĩ đại look lượt thích static, lượt thích an old TV tuned vĩ đại a dead channel, or it can be random-but-regular flashes of white pixels. This means you'll need new cables. 

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If the TV is receiving the same resolution you're sending it (e.g., the TV says it's 4K HDR when you're sending 4K HDR), you're all phối. A different cable won't make that image sharper, brighter or anything else. 

Also remember, if one step in your chain isn't 4K HDR, nothing is. As in, if you connect a 4K Blu-ray disc player vĩ đại an old sound bar and then vĩ đại a 4K TV, you won't be able vĩ đại get a 4K signal vĩ đại the TV. Also, some TVs only have one or two HDMI inputs that are HDMI 2.1 compatible. Check your owner's manual for that, too. 

The vast majority of you will just need an HDMI cable of a few feet/meters vĩ đại connect your TV vĩ đại your nearby cable/satellite box, Clip streamer, 4K Blu-ray player, or game console. Some of you, though, are looking for something with a longer cable length. There are a lot of variables vĩ đại consider, which we'll discuss, so sánh we don't have a simple pick.

In broad strokes, the build and material quality is much more important in a long HDMI cable kêu ca short. Over 15 feet there is a much higher chance that a mediocre cable won't work, or won't work at the resolution you want. This still doesn't mean you need vĩ đại spend a fortune on a long cable, there are plenty of options for roughly the same price per-foot as the ones mentioned above. It does mean that no-name cables might be less likely vĩ đại work. 

To put it another way, a poorly made 3-foot cable will probably work fine for most people, but a poorly made 15-foot cable probably won't. With any long-run solution you're considering, make sure it can handle 4K/60, HDR and so sánh on. Many options can't. There are three technologies vĩ đại consider:

Active: An active HDMI cable has a small chip built into the cable that takes a little power from the device's HDMI connector and uses it vĩ đại boost the HDMI signal. These cables cost a little extra, but are far more likely vĩ đại work. A long passive cable might work for you, but it might not. It depends on your gear. Since they're not significantly more expensive, they're worth considering for any long lập cập.

Optical: Though a similar technology vĩ đại the old-school audio interface, HDMI-over-optical is capable of far greater bandwidth. It's also capable of far greater distances. It's easy vĩ đại find options that are over 330 feet. Prices have dropped radically in the last few years, with options available for similar prices per-foot as traditional copper cables. Most don't even need external power. They work and look just lượt thích a thin HDMI cable.

Wireless: You could also skip cables completely and just go wireless. This isn't quite as simple as it sounds, though. There are far too many considerations vĩ đại get into here, but a few things vĩ đại keep in mind: 1) They're going vĩ đại cost more kêu ca cables; 2) 4K options often only work in-room and can be blocked by anything, including cabinet doors and even people. Though wireless seems lượt thích it should be easy for multiple devices in this era of near-ubiquitous Wi-Fi, it's not. If you're considering this, definitely vì thế your research before you buy.

There are, of course, many other cable options. 

If you want vĩ đại keep hunting for the best giảm giá khuyến mãi, make sure the cable you're considering is either Premium Certified, says it can vì thế 4K/60, or can handle 18Gbps bandwidth. And it's an added bonus if it has a great warranty lượt thích the Monoprice cables.

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Keep in mind there's no such thing as HDMI cable "versions." As in, there's no such thing as an "HDMI 2.0" cable. The version numbers refer vĩ đại the physical connections in your TV, receiver or sound bar. So your TV and 4K Blu-ray player need vĩ đại both have HDMI 2.0 vĩ đại watch HDR nội dung, but the cable connecting them couldn't care less. It's just a dumb pipe. 

As long as that pipe is "big" enough, which is vĩ đại say it has enough bandwidth, you should be good vĩ đại go. The 18Gbps bandwidth mentioned above came about with the HDMI 2.0 spec, so sánh if a cable claims it, it's likely built vĩ đại handle the additional data that HDMI 2.0 connections can provide. The new Ultra High Speed cables are capable of 48Gbps, but that's far beyond what any current source can send.

Lastly, if you want vĩ đại lập cập the cables through a wall, make sure you get HDMI cables specifically made for that. Check your local building codes for the HDMI specification you need.