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Best Badge Holders

The ID badges are often an essential part of the workday, keeping your office space, computer, and sensitive information secure. To protect your ID badge throughout the day and to tướng prevent damage and tampering, you might want to tướng consider purchasing a badge holder. If you’re looking to tướng purchase a badge holder to tướng keep your ID safe, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most secure and easy-to-use holders to tướng get you started on your tìm kiếm. Keep reading to tướng see which badge holder is the right choice for you.

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All-Purpose Waterproof Card Holders


Best Overall

Secure Spring-Loaded Case


Best Security Badge Holder

Lanyard-Style Leather ID Display


Best Fashion Badge Holder

Badge Holder with Lanyard and Reel


Runner Up

Bulk Pack of All-Purpose Badge Holders


Honorable Mention

Sealed Waterproof Badge Protectors


Also Consider

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Best Overall – All-Purpose Waterproof Card Holders



These vertical, transparent PVC thẻ holders are designed to tướng be just thick enough to tướng protect your ID badge or other cards from wear and tear and water, but thin enough to tướng allow proximity scanning.

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  • Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly material
  • High transparency holder
  • Compatible with keychains and lanyards


  • Does not include a hanging apparatus
  • Cannot withstand extreme temperatures

Best Security Badge Holder – Secure Spring-Loaded Case



This lightweight badge holder holds on tight to tướng your badge or other ID and easily displays it. It also features a metal clip that allows it to tướng be attached to tướng your clothing for all-day wear.


  • Available in four appealing colors
  • Doubles as a wallet
  • Securely holds up to tướng four cards or badges


  • Plastic is not very durable
  • Clip for clothing is very small

Best Fashion Badge Holder – Lanyard-Style Leather ID Display



This comfortable PU leather lanyard and cardholder features a transparent window for your ID or other badges, a zipper pocket for valuables, and three exterior thẻ slots.


  • Available in eight stylish colors
  • Strong magnetic clasp for security
  • Slim and compact


  • Transparent window easily dents and scratches
  • Lanyard is very thin

Runner Up – Badge Holder with Lanyard and Reel



This two-pack of holders comes with one badge holder that hooks onto a convenient lanyard and another that features a retractable badge reel.


  • Lanyard is detachable for customizable use
  • Discrete design
  • Easily clipped onto any belts or clothing


  • Not waterproof
  • Retractable line is not very durable

Honorable Mention – Bulk Pack of All-Purpose Badge Holders



This pack of 10 multi-use, flexible, and transparent PVC badge holders is perfect for protecting your badges from liquid damage, dust, and daily wear.


  • Easily scanned
  • Nontoxic and environmentally friendly material
  • Seals and reopens easily


  • Not very durable and may tear over time
  • Cannot hold very thick badges or multiple cards

Also Consider – Sealed Waterproof Badge Protectors



These six badge holders easily attach to tướng any keychain or lanyard. They can protect your badge from water and dust while keeping it conveniently displayed.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to tướng scan badges while using
  • High visibility


  • Attachment apparatuses not included
  • Resealable close may break with use

Best Badge Holder Buying Guide

Badge holders are designed to tướng keep your work or site IDs or other security cards safe, without impeding your ability to tướng access and display your thẻ easily. There are a wide variety of different badge holder types and models to tướng choose from on the market.

Here are some of the characteristics that you should look for as you decide which badge holder is the best for you:

  • Orientation: Your ID badge can be vertical or horizontal. Buy an ID badge holder according to tướng your badge’s type. If your badge is a vertical one, then buy a vertical holder, but if your batch is horizontal, you know what you should tự.
  • Color or Design: The color of your ID cardholder and the materials used can also be a factor. You might have color and material preferences. So select one that represents your interest. Again, different colors can represent different levels of access. So, select one accordingly so sánh that security personnel can identify you easily and fast.
  • Material: Are you looking for a lightweight plastic or durable metal ID holder? Badge holders are often made of plastic, but there are many different.
  • Placement: Some badge holders are designed to tướng clip onto your belt or waistline, while others are meant to tướng be clipped onto your shirt or worn on a lanyard around your neck. Badges worn lower on the body toàn thân often come with an extendable elastic that allows you to tướng scan your ID badge when necessary easily, but still keep your badge tucked away discreetly. Badge holders that are higher up, allow for easy viewing and increased security.


Q: What special features can badge holders feature?

A: Badge holders aren’t just for displaying your ID thẻ. Each badge holder is different and can serve a different purpose. Badge holders with special features can also protect your ID from water or impact damage, prevent identity theft, keep your ID displayed on your arm, or even allow your phone to tướng be scanned by a proximity reader.

Q: How can a badge holder keep your ID safe?

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A: Badge holders can protect your ID badge and other vital information from tampering, damage, and information theft. There are plenty of specialty holders available, which are made to tướng stand up to tướng wear and tear, protect your thẻ from water damage, and even prevent RFID scanning. Shielded badge holders, which feature a thin layer of metal that prevents RFID scanning, are a great way to tướng ensure that your ID thẻ and personal information stay secure.

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