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Halloween's never been so sánh scary as when you pick out our Jason Voorhees masks and other Friday the 13th costume. The son of Pamela Voorhees is the star of several classic horror films, and best known for his days of killing and haunting Camp Crystal Lake. Nobody will have you mistaken for any other character this Halloween once they see you donning the hockey mask and carrying your machete. We don't recommend stalking any campers while wearing this costume mix, but you'll sure bởi some scaring this October if you're dressing lượt thích Jason.

Horror Movie Statistics [Infographic]

Halloween is a great time of year, and it goes hand-in-hand with horror films. Costume SuperCenter's Horror Movie Statistics infographic can teach you some statistics about horror movies and the genre you may not have known. Whether your thing is vampires or zombies, have no fear! There's an interesting stat in there for every horror fan!

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Jason Voorhees Costume Ideas and Tips

Just when you thought it was safe to tát go back to tát Camp Crystal Lake, along comes Jason Vorhees! Create a Halloween full of fun frights when you dress in a Jason Voorhees Costume. Jason was the star of most of the Friday the 13th films. Many people forget that he wasn’t the killer in the original. That honor goes to tát his mom, but Jason has done more kêu ca enough to tát fill her shoes. Now you can fill Jason’s shoes, or at least his hockey mask, which is the disguise he uses the most. Our selections include hockey masks, over the head masks with a zombified face, and shirts. Jason is flexible and has killed with a machete and an axe, so sánh we offer both as prop weapons. We even have a sexy Jason outfit for the ladies, which puts a twist on the horror film’s bad guy. Put your own twist on the bad guy when you order from us.

Friday the 13th Jason Mask & Machete Set

When the counselors said there would be a surprise during the camp fire, nobody expected this! Wear a Jason Mask and Machete mix to tát knock 'em dead. This package gives you a bright white hockey mask with red marks and a long, rust-colored machete. Great for fans and costumers alike.

Mens Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Costume

Whether you're heading to tát a tiệc ngọt or a haunted house this Halloween, our Men's Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Costume is sure to tát scare the pants off of whoever you come in tương tác with. Jason is a terrifying stalker who has gone down in film history for his attacks on unsuspecting campers.

Jason Mask

Turn your Halloween tiệc ngọt into a Camp Crystal Lake horror fest when you show up in the Jason Mask! This mask, designed to tát emulate the classic horror antagonist from the Friday the 13th franchise, is essentially a run-down looking hockey mask with some red accents under the eyes and above the nose. This is the perfect finishing touch for your Jason Voorhees costume.

Deluxe Jason Machete

Whether it's Friday the 13th or October 31st, your Deluxe Jason Machete is a chilling accessory any time of year! When you go out in your Jason mask with this machete, you'll be ready to tát stalk around your neighborhood looking lượt thích the infamous horror villain himself. Make your next night out in costume into a killing spree when you have a picture perfect machete to tát complete your lovingly detailed Jason outfit, and it can be Friday the 13th every day!

Adult Jason Overhead Latex Mask with Removable Hockey Mask Deluxe

Freak out your friends with the Deluxe Adult Jason Overhead Latex Mask with Removable Hockey Mask. This mask has two looks in one. In the famous Friday the 13th movies, Jason hides his disfigured face with an old Hockey mask. Stalk around the tiệc ngọt with or without the hockey mask, making the look even more scary. Right from the movies, this look is killer! Order your Jason mask today!

Adult Jason Hoodie


Machete Killer Curtain

Commemorate your favorite bloodbath movie series with our Machete Killer Curtain as a decoration for your next spooky party! When people walk into your bathroom and see this curtain hanging in your shower, you won't have many guests who want to tát pee a second time. Hang it up in any season, and especially around Halloween to tát make everyone remember that there are serial killers lượt thích Jason around everywhere. Start spooky season on a killer note with this Friday the 13th curtain!

Deluxe Adult Jason Overhead Latex Mask

Mother knows best, so sánh believe her when she tells you this is an absolutely killer look for your next Halloween costume. Perfect for taking revenge on clueless camp counselors, or just scaring trick-r-treaters, this officially licensed Friday the 13th mask is to tát die for. Includes a latex cast of Jason's deformed face, as well as a removable PVC hockey mask. Shop on our online store for all of your Friday the 13th costume needs!

Jason Machete

You're really feeling a murdering spree tonight, but you can't find your favorite knife! Good thing there's a Jason Machete ready for you. Each long blade is painted to tát look lượt thích it's covered in rust and old blood. Great for any murderer or asylum patient costume.

Jason Wall Decal


Jason's Machete

Where there's a beaten up hockey goalie mask, there's a bloody machete. On Friday the 13th, you can't have one without the other! Get this officially licensed Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Machete Knife to tát complete a costume or just to tát mess around and scare some friends this Halloween. Jason Voorhees is one of the scariest iconic horror film characters out there, mostly because of his unknown identity and the mystery behind his questionable mortality. Sometimes his signature weapon is even turned on himself! This creepy prop weapon is made of vinyl and covered in dripping fake blood.

Friday the 13th Jason Adult Mask

Feel không tính phí to tát get blood on this Friday the 13th Jason Adult Mask, since weve made this accessory stain proof! No matter what kind of gruesome plot youre getting up to tát on Halloween, you can stab to tát your hearts nội dung knowing that your victims vital organs and viscera arent going to tát ruin your exquisitely detailed Friday the 13th costume. You can act out any bloody scene you choose with this mask repelling all the blood!

Kit for Jason Costume

When you pick up the Kit for Jason Costume, you'll be ready to tát head to tát the tiệc ngọt with a vengeance. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to tát become the beloved and truly feared Jason from the Friday the 13th movie series. Complete with a Jason hockey mask, a tattered print shirt, and a machete, you are guaranteed to tát have the night of your life. Buy your Jason Kit today, and go make this Halloween a terrifying one!

Adult Jason Shirt and Hockey Mask


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Friday the 13th Miss Jason Voorhees Plus Adult Costume

Everyone remembers their first visit to tát summer camp--the bonfires, the boat rides, the masked murderers... Remember those happy memories when you put on a Friday the 13th Miss Jason Voorhees Plus Adult Costume! This flattering dress is made lượt thích a hockey jersey. The Đen knit material is covered with red stripes for a dark flair. All your friends will know who your favorite player is when they see the shoulders and belly of the dress, both covered with appliques of Jason and his machete in a skull-and-crossbones style logo. The included circular purse is designed to tát look lượt thích Jason's mask, complete with red strips and Đen eyeholes. The counselors have all sorts of activities planned for you over the coming weeks. Get ready for the most exciting game of manhunt yet when you put on a Friday the 13th Miss Jason Voorhees Plus Adult Costume! Add Đen tights and a machete, sold here.

Deluxe Adult Jason Latex Hands


Friday the 13th Jason Babe Adult

Camp counselors beware! There is a maniac on the loose around the campgrounds and they're out looking to tát trap all the handsome counselors with their sexy moves and terrifyingly seductive demeanor. If you were thinking of a bloody, machete-wielding monster, then then again because the maniac we're speaking of wears our Friday the 13th Jason Babe Adult costume. As a sexy, serial killer you sport this Đen mini shirt dress with red stripes and collar and features big graphic prints of Jason Voorhees'' hockey mask with two machetes going through it on the front and both of the shoulders. This look is made for the ladies too with the dễ thương handbag that comes included made to tát look lượt thích Jason's hockey mask. If you hear a noise in the woods late at night don't be afraid because you'll be in for a treat when a sexy lady dressed in this Friday the 13th Jason Babe Adult costume comes after you.

Friday the 13th 2009 Jason Axe

Planning on going as the bloody murderer of Camp Crystal Lake for Halloween? If so sánh, this may be just enough to tát complete your costume. Introducing the Friday the 13th 2009 Jason Axe. Hack and slash your way through your helpless victims as you put on your hockey mask and go on a rampage! But, not necessarily great for Halloween. You can use this for many other events, including horror conventions or pulling of pranks on friends during a camping trip!

Pet Jason Costume


Latex Deluxe Jason Mask for Adult

Nobody will be getting on your bad side this Halloween when you pick up our Latex Deluxe Jason Mask for Adult! With your purchase, you will receive a terrifying Jason hockey mask to tát pair with the rest of your Jason costume this year. Walk into the tiệc ngọt donning this spooky mask, and you'll instantly make your presence known. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Jason and Friday the 13th costume needs!

Overhead Latex Jason Adult Mask

If you're dressing up as your favorite horror movie villain this year for Halloween, then you definitely don't want to tát miss out on our Overhead Latex Jason Adult Mask! With your purchase, you will receive the iconic Jason mask to tát help you terrorize the town this year. Pair this with a matching Jason costume and weapon from our site and you'll be ready to tát head to tát the tiệc ngọt in style. Buy your Jason mask today!

Adult Jason Shirt and Mask


Halloween Forest Wall Decor


Adult Jason Hockey Jersey

When you walk into the tiệc ngọt wearing the Adult Jason Hockey Jersey, don't be alarmed when everybody runs for the door. You're Jason from Friday the 13th! With your purchase of this awesome hockey jersey, you will be ready to tát terrorize the town and scare the daylights out of everyone you see. Buy yours today, and then kiểm tra out our site for the rest of your Jason costume, weapon, and accessory needs!

Ground Breaker Jason Prop

Looking for the perfect Halloween decoration for your lawn this year? Then look no further kêu ca our Ground Breaker Jason Prop! With your purchase, you will receive a fun and spooky prop which will make it look as if Jason Voorhees is climbing out of the ground with his white hockey mask on and his machete in hand. Buy yours today, and then kiểm tra out our site for the rest of your Halloween decorations and props!

Jason Novelty Shot Glass

Bottoms up! The Jason Novelty Shot Glass is a spooky way to tát have some fun this Halloween. Enjoy this shot glass that makes a wonderful gift for horror lovers and drinkers alike. Your next Halloween tiệc ngọt is bound to tát light up with this fun piece of memorabilia. Don't forget the hockey mask!

Jason Voorhees Pillow Decoration

Extend your Friday the 13th Halloween theme even further with this Jason Voorhees Pillow Decoration! As comfortable to tát lắc on as it is fun to tát look at, no modern untouched sofa will ruin your complete Halloween experience because this officially licensed Friday the 13th pillow is a fun little conversation piece that is great for parties or to tát just give any room a touch of old-school fright! Find even more amazing ideas when you kiểm tra out all of our officially licensed Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees decorations!

Creature Reacher Adult Jason Costume


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Jason Headstone