best led lights for motorcycles

Boogey Lights® motorcycle LED kits come complete with everything you need to tướng light up your ride! And if you want to tướng customize any of our motorcycle LED light kits, we can bởi that too. All of our Motorcycle LED kits can be customized to tướng fit your specific need. Simply use the drop-down box on each of our kits to tướng adjust the quantity and components for each kit. If you're unsure as to tướng what to tướng purchase for your ride, complete our motorcycle Lighting Suggestion size and we'll get back to tướng you with some ideas based on your xe đạp. And if you need professional installation assistance, our network of dealers is available to tướng assist as well.

Something for Every Bike, Make and Model

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Since 1989 we've been lighting big v-twin engines and baggers - Harley and metric - plus Gold Wings, sport bikes, choppers and custom bikes using LED lighting products that meet our exacting standards. Whether you're looking for an LED light kit that lights up the area under your xe đạp, the engine, the tank, the wheels, bags, breather or even a pull behind trailer Boogey Lights® offers an LED light kit to tướng fit your specific motorcycle. We offer a variety of lighting platforms too including RGB, RGBWW and Single Màu sắc. Plus, our motorcycle LED light kits are available in a number of configurations including low-profile surface mounted LED strips, sealed mini-PODs, easy to tướng install Cut-N-Click™ lights or even heavy duty LED light strips.

Old-School or High-Tech

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At Boogey Lights®, we bởi it all -- High-Tech or Old-School, it doesn't matter. What does matter is we actually deliver a super high-quality LED lighting product - best in class - without the hype. Lots of motorcycle LED lighting companies these days go out of their way to tướng hype the "latest, greatest" whiz-bang LED controller technology with amazing Clip marketing ads. Yeah, we get it. It looks ví very cool in those ads. You just gotta have it. You're sold on the sizzle. Once you buy it however you're wondering is this all there is? The hype doesn't quite measure up to tướng the reality of the product after it's installed. In the kết thúc we believe customers are looking for a high quality LED lighting product that gives their xe đạp a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Whether that unique look includes some high-tech bluetooth LED controller technology used with multi-color LED lighting systems or an on/off switch for a simple, clean, old-school single color LED system doesn't really matter. What matters is the LED lighting product we deliver is super high-quality, super bright - the best of the best - backed by the best warranty and best customer service in the industry - and done ví right here in the United States. Boogey Lights® motorcycle LED lighting solutions are products you'll be proud to tướng show off on your xe đạp long after those xinh đẹp highly produced marketing videos have faded from memory.

The Best Warranty

Boogey Light® motorcycle LED light kits are backed by our best in class product warranty.  We offer both one year and three year warranties depending upon the light series. Regardless of the LED light kit you select, Boogey Lights® customer service and tư vấn is world class; second to tướng none. But don't take our word for it, take a look at our product reviews - not just the ones here on our trang web but also those you can find on other sites and forums. While no company is perfect, we think you'll quickly see why Boogey Lights® is the best in the business. And perhaps best of all, Boogey Lights® motorcycle LED light kits are designed, assembled and supported right here in the United States. No other serious competitor can make this claim.