best m1a scope mount

Looking vĩ đại upgrade your Springfield with the best M1A scope mount available?

Look no further.

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I own four M1As, and three of them are equipped with scopes, ví I’ve done this enough vĩ đại know the difference between the goods and the bads.

I’ve purchased both ví that you don’t have vĩ đại.

The best part?

I’ve categorized each scope by use ví you could easily find which scope mount fits your needs.

Take a look, and read on for more details…

Best M1A Scope MountsCategoryPrice


Scope Mount for M1A$165


Best M1A Steel Scope Mount$290


Most Lightweight Mount$69

UTG 4-Point M1A Mount

Best for the Budget$28

How vĩ đại Install M1A Scope Mount

The mounting procedure for the M1A scope mount is a little different. It’s not as bad as needing vĩ đại go vĩ đại the gunsmith vĩ đại have a receiver drilled and tapped, but it requires a bit more kêu ca simply adding a picatinny-style rail vĩ đại available threaded holes, as on the 10/22 and other common modern receivers.

The Tools You Will Need

It takes a tad bit more kêu ca a screwdriver and some loctite vĩ đại secure an M1A scope mount.

This is just a quick list of tools vĩ đại get you started. As you can see, it doesn’t take much, but you are more kêu ca welcome vĩ đại bust out the AR15 mat and toolkit if you wish.

  • Loctite
  • Small Triangle File

Hi-Spec 16 Piece Metal Hand & Needle Files Tool Set Kit. Large & Small Mini T12 Carbon Steel Flat, Half, Round, Triangle Files. Complete in a Zipper Carry Case

  • FILE KIT & EXTRAS: De-burr, shape, trim, and smooth metal, wood and plastics. Complete mix of full-length and needle files, work gloves and sanding paper for DIY, woodworking, craftwork and hobbies....
  • 4 FULL LENGTH SIZES: For general-purpose broad filing. Long 8in/200mm machinist’s files plus 4in/102mm chunky rubber-grip handles with hanging holes. The Flat, Half-Round and Triangle files have a...
  • 12 NEEDLE FILE KIT: For fine detail work. Smaller 4.25in/105mm files plus 2in/51mm slim handles. Find Square, Round, Flat, Joint, Rat tail, Slitting and Equalling shapes with tapered ends, double cut...
  • ¼” and 3/32” punches


W WIREGEAR Punch Set Elite Tool Made of Solid Material Including Steel Punch and Hammer with Bench Block Ideal for Maintenance with Storage Case

  • 【HAMMER】With bigger and heavier hammer head, the hammer is easier vĩ đại hit. And the two ends of the hammer are detachable. We provide you 4 interchangeable hammer heads (rubber, brass, steel and...
  • 【PUNCHES】All the steel punches are treated specially, which makes it more durable and sturdy kêu ca other brands. Pin Sạc is the most easily broken part in the whole mix. We provide excellent quality...
  • 【INCLUDES】A bench block, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4 steel punches, 3/8, 5/16, 15/64 plastic punches, a pin alignment tool, a hammer and 4 detachable hammer heads.
  • Flat-Nosed Screwdriver
  • Soft brass or rubber mallet
  • ¾” wrench (may vary by scope)


After unloading and clearing the weapon, drive out the pin from the top of the stripper clip guide with a 3/32” punch from top vĩ đại bottom. Tap the stripper clip guide from right vĩ đại left vĩ đại remove it.

Take the new clip guide that came with your M1A scope mount and tap it back in where the original was removed. You might need vĩ đại tệp tin on it a bit if the fit is too tight, but be careful not vĩ đại remove too much material.

Align the guides on the M1A scope mount with the receiver grooves. Insert the front screw and snug it up by hand.

Next is the tricky part. Tap around on the flat with the mallet, front, back, everywhere, just don’t mar it up. A soft mallet works best. Then snug up the screw again and repeat. Use a screwdriver as you continue. When it will tighten no further after tapping, it’s done

A quality scope mount will differ with the followup steps. 2 point scope mounts will have you secure a bushing and tighten a rear nut at this point, and some have top screws that stabilize the M1A scope mount. Check the instructions, but make sure you get them in order.

If there is a front screw, put loctite on it and turn it only enough vĩ đại tương tác the receiver solidly, it’s only there vĩ đại keep the vertical alignment correct.

How vĩ đại Choose the Best M1A Scope Mount

These aren’t AR15 scope mounts. I’ve been through a handful of these scope mounts, and I want vĩ đại make sure you get the best M1A scope mount, as your rifle’s accuracy will depend on it. It’s important vĩ đại look at the right criteria:


Most M1A rifles bottom out at around 8 pounds without a magazine in the chamber. Add a loaded đôi mươi round magazine vĩ đại that, and you are pushing 10 pounds for just the gun.

The M1A scope will add more weight kêu ca just iron sights, ví shaving where you can is important. If you want the bayonet and some other accessories added vĩ đại your picatinny rail, it will easily scoot itself vĩ đại a higher weight class.

The small difference from a quality scope mount may seem insignificant, but if you are trying vĩ đại keep your M1A under 10 pounds, you will have some accessory choices vĩ đại make.


Steel is going vĩ đại be stronger kêu ca aluminum, hands down, and a strong M1A scope mount is important.

I would argue that if I drop my weapon, I’m more concerned about the M1A scope itself kêu ca the robust scope mount, but assuming the scope survives, I would lượt thích it vĩ đại still be zeroed.

A bent M1A scope mount can ruin your day should the worst happen.


No wiggle.

The best scope mounts out there always serve as a solid anchor point for your optic. If anything is loose or your M1A scope mount moves the tiniest amount, your zero is lost and you can’t place accurate shots.


Saving money is always good, and lượt thích anything else with the M1A, scope mounts are expensive.

There are some cheap Chinese M1A scope mounts available, but you have vĩ đại be careful which ones you pick. I’ve made the mistake several times of assuming a scope mount was simple enough vĩ đại be copied and still work, but this has proven vĩ đại not be the case with the M1A scope mount.

Saving a little money up front will sometimes leave you pulling your hair out as you tệp tin and hammer on the part vĩ đại get it vĩ đại fit right, re-drill holes, or have problems at the range.

If you’re pressed on time, here’s a quick list of the best M1A scope mount:

  1. Springfield Armory: Best M1A Scope Mount
  2. Sadlak: Best M1A Scope Mount made of steel
  3. M1Surplus: Most Lightweight Mount
  4. UTG: Best M1A Scope Mount for the Budget

You might also cửa hàng for some great M1A scopes if you have time. If you decide vĩ đại mount a scout optic on a picatinny rail further forward, then a scope with long eye relief will be super essential. With a proper scope mount above the receiver however, you can mix up your M1A for just about anything.

1. Springfield Armory MA4GENAM M1A 1-PC: Best M1A Scope Mount

Lightweight, rigid, fast vĩ đại install. This M1A scope mount is usually my first recommendation when friends ask about the best scope mount.

Then they give má a sticker-shock face, until I show them the next selection.

Scope mounts aren’t something that we shooters generally think of as being expensive, and we definitely don’t want vĩ đại spend more on the scope mount kêu ca the M1A scope we intend vĩ đại strap vĩ đại it.

Even the Vortex Diamondback is relatively inexpensive compared vĩ đại an M1A scope mount.

The fact that this M1A scope mount is made by the same folks who produce the gun should say enough, but in case it doesn’t, let’s look at the specs.


As an aircraft-grade aluminum mount, the Springfield Armory piece is surprisingly heavy in the hand. It weighs 1.15 pounds, and for an aluminum M1A scope that’s a lot of meat.


It does speak vĩ đại how well the scope mount is made, however. The extra thickness means a lot when using a material lượt thích aircraft-grade aluminum for a hard point. The added heft makes it feel lượt thích it’s worth the price.



All that extra weight comes at a price, and in this case it’s a good one.


The Springfield Armory M1A scope mount is tough enough vĩ đại give steel scope mounts a lập cập for their money. It will pit if it falls on a sharp rock. That was a horrible morning in the rain. Luckily the scope didn’t take the impact and held zero just fine.


After probably 1000 rounds through the Socom, I’ve never had vĩ đại re-zero, and that vĩ đại má says enough. So it has a couple battle scars now, they just add character. It’s still better kêu ca just using iron sights.


The upside is that it’s a perfect scope mount vĩ đại their own receiver, and there should be no fitment issues vĩ đại worry about. If you try it with another brand of receiver there may be issues, and the instructions go over this.


The three-point mounting system ensures that the scope mount (and with any luck, the scope) will never drift. My Springfield Armory Socom with the aircraft-grade aluminum scope mount has stood up vĩ đại bumps, bangs, and slippage from several trees it has been propped against in the woods.

So far, I haven’t had a single problem with the M1A scope zero drifting. This scope mount might as well be part of the rifle.



Everything about the M1A is expensive, and the OEM side-mount scope is no exception. The Springfield Armory aircraft-grade aluminum scope mount costs around $165.

When I first saw that number I was concerned. Then I did more shopping. This isn’t actually the most expensive M1A scope mount that I’ll talk about today, but it is the best for the money.

If you want value and a manufacturer part for your M1A, look no further kêu ca the Springfield Armory aluminum M1A scope mount.

2. The Sadlak Industries Steel M1A Scope Mount

At 11.1 ounces, the milled steel Sadlak Airborne scope mount is a tough beast that won’t add a ton of weight vĩ đại your M1A picatinny rail.

Best M1A Scope Mount made of steel

SADLAK Scope Mount, Steel (140011)

  • DESIGN - Brookfield-type scope mounts are a positive 3-point design that allows removal and reassembly.
  • DIMENSIONS - 5.5" Length x 1.25" Width x 2.5" Height.
  • DURABILITY - The Pica tinny-style rail is machined vĩ đại Mil. Spec 1913 and provides universal scope mounting.

Of all the fixed scope mounts I’ve tried over the years, this has vĩ đại be the best out there, though the price might be a turn-off for some. But if you’re mounting a nice Leupold scope, then getting a quality scope mount might be more important.

If you want the toughest M1A scope mount out there for your battle rifle regardless of the cost, this might be the one for you.


11.1 ounces isn’t exactly light, and the seemingly innocent hunk of metal feels lượt thích a lump of lead in the hand.


The scope mount has been milled wonderfully, and has a little texture vĩ đại it, unlike some of the smooth finishes by other makers through the casting process. I really think they wanted the kết thúc user vĩ đại know that it was cut on a mill right here in the USA.

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Those little finishing touches, combined with the weight, convey instant confidence in this mount, even before it’s placed on your weapon.



There is no doubt that steel scope mounts are durable. They’re not as hard as some of my D2 stainless knives, but the skin seems plenty tough and I’ve yet vĩ đại put a scuff on the scope mount.


Through the woods or in a sandstorm, I have no doubt about the toughness of this finish. I’ve had the Sadlak scope mount on a wood-stocked M1A for years now with no need vĩ đại re-zero the Vortex Viper attached vĩ đại it.


It’s tough vĩ đại beat solid steel. Unless the scope mount gets shot, I’m sure it will continue serving well on this rifle forever.

Added bonus, steel is better if you will be swapping out parts/optics, as it’s less likely that your picatinny rail will get beat up.



Perfectly stable, crisp, and clear of the top of the rifle.


The picatinny rail is cut ví that you can easily still use the original M1A iron sights with nothing mounted. Depending on your scope rings, you could even use the iron sights as back-up if you were planning vĩ đại keep your M1A with your bug-out bag.


The attachment vĩ đại the receiver is a 3 point system, ví once it’s in place, it isn’t moving.


If you want the highest quality mounting hardware and precision parts made in the USA, they are going vĩ đại cost you, and the Sadlak M1A scope mounts are no exception.

Best M1A Scope Mount made of steel

SADLAK Scope Mount, Steel (140011)

  • DESIGN - Brookfield-type scope mounts are a positive 3-point design that allows removal and reassembly.
  • DIMENSIONS - 5.5" Length x 1.25" Width x 2.5" Height.
  • DURABILITY - The Pica tinny-style rail is machined vĩ đại Mil. Spec 1913 and provides universal scope mounting.

At close vĩ đại $300, their scope mounts bring a tear vĩ đại the ole wallet when it’s time vĩ đại pull the trigger, but as the saying goes: “buy once, cry once.”


Even with the cost of the investment, there is no substitute for the steel Sadlak M1Ascope mount.


3. M1SURPLUS Scope Mount

Sometimes lightweight is what you want. And for the price, the M1Surplus scope mounts are hard vĩ đại beat in that respect.

While it isn’t the highest quality scope mount on the market, it does serve well for what it is without adding a ton of unnecessary weight, and the mount is pretty solid and rugged. I doubt I’d ever knock it hard enough vĩ đại affect the zero without also breaking the scope attached vĩ đại it.

This M1SURPLUS M1A scope mount is a keeper for sure. It’s light, cheap, and effective.


The M1Surplus is far lighter kêu ca the Springfield Armory scope mount. It was right around 5 ounces, making it the lightest mount on this list.

It’s ví light in fact that you might expect it vĩ đại fold up on you at some point. Follow the detailed instructions for the mounting hardware, and when you are tightening the forward screws, vì thế it gently. Hand tight is what you need, they just need vĩ đại touch vĩ đại keep your scope mount stable.

I would also recommend loctite on those screws vĩ đại keep them from backing out. Do that, and you should have no problem with a good scope mount.


It’s not the heaviest aluminum construction on the block, but it will definitely vì thế the trick. Last winter I scratched the finish of my scope mount with one of the buttons on my jacket while dialing in the M1A before hunting season, ví it has it’s first battle scar.

It still brought a good sized buck that season, ví I lượt thích vĩ đại think that it earned its stripe.

Still, I’m a bit careful with the rifle and scope combination. I put a budget optic on the scope mount as I picked up that particular M1A used ví I lượt thích having it as my “budget” option for an M1A.


Rock solid as long as the front screws are tightened and secured correctly on the picatinny rail.

At first I wasn’t sure of the bit, ví I broke out a brass hammer and tapped it down a little at a time while tightening the main screw until it was no longer moving. This helps vĩ đại seat the soft aluminum against the action.

Overall, it has been a capable scope mount and the scope held its zero from last winter. No problems.


For affordability, the M1SURPLUS M1A scope mount is something of a treasure vĩ đại be had for 69 bucks.

The materials are of good quality, the finish is decent but not bulletproof, and it mounts solidly vĩ đại the receiver of the M1A (though using it with the M14 will require some gunsmithing).

If you want a lightweight, reliable mount on a budget, look no further kêu ca the M1Surplus M1A scope mount.

4. UTG 4-Point M1A Mount

If you are looking vĩ đại come in on a budget with your scope mount, you could go with some cheaper import stuff, but the minimum requirement for má is that the scope mount works well, doesn’t move, and it will keep my M1A scope on zero.

I’ve tried a few scope mounts from the cheapies, and always been disappointed with something, whether it was the finish, the material, the cheap feel of them, little burrs on the corners cutting my fingers…whatever.

This UTG scope mount that I found on Amazon was different. It’s a tad pricier, though nowhere near the cost of the others on this list, and it worked perfectly out of the box.

Best M1A Scope Mount for the Budget

UTG New Gen 4-Point Locking Deluxe M14/M1A Scope Mount , Black

  • New Gen mil-spec quality deluxe xạ thủ mount for M14/M1A rifles
  • Over 6-inch fully Picatinny-compatible top rail with 15 slots; accepts Weaver-style rings and allows use of iron sights
  • 1-piece machined from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with Đen matte finish


This one weighed in at 5.6 ounces on my kitchen scale, that’s minus the securing bolt, ví the listed 5.7oz is probably right on the finished weight.


As far as four point scope mounts, it’s incredibly lightweight, and some of those weight savings no doubt come from the deep groove that allows for the iron sights vĩ đại still work perfectly fine.



Aluminum being what it is, I wouldn’t expect UTG scope mounts vĩ đại hold up vĩ đại harsh treatment very well, but it does seem vĩ đại handle the recoil of the rifle just fine.


Before replacing the mount with something more sturdy, I had shot 200 rounds through the M1A it had found a home page on with no issues at all under range conditions. Sadly, I never got out vĩ đại hunt with this one.



Four tương tác points is better kêu ca three. The installation instructions are a bit odd, but if you follow the installation steps above it will work just fine.

The key vĩ đại this one is getting it vĩ đại seat properly and not over-tightening the front screw. Once in place, you will find it perfectly centered and it won’t go anywhere.


I’ve read some reports about people having issues with it tilting a bit on use, and can only assume that they did not torque the main nut down with a mallet, as all of them claim they installed it in 10 minutes.

Take your time and install it properly, and you should have no issues. I didn’t.



For less kêu ca $30, the UTG 4-Point M1A mount is a performer.

Best M1A Scope Mount for the Budget

UTG New Gen 4-Point Locking Deluxe M14/M1A Scope Mount , Black

  • New Gen mil-spec quality deluxe xạ thủ mount for M14/M1A rifles
  • Over 6-inch fully Picatinny-compatible top rail with 15 slots; accepts Weaver-style rings and allows use of iron sights
  • 1-piece machined from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with Đen matte finish

At this price point, you might expect cruddy finishing with burs and sharp corners everywhere, but it looks as if they tumbled the thing with steel beads before applying the final finish, which turned out quite satisfactory.


All in all, this is the best M1A scope mount you are going vĩ đại find at the price point. I’ve had nothing but trouble from others in this range, but the UTG just works.

Now It’s Your Turn

M1A scope mounts can be a little pricey, but it is important vĩ đại have a scope mount that is centered properly, durable, and reliable. Most M1As are chambered in and need a good scope for a 308. With that kind of horsepower, the scope mount needs vĩ đại keep up.

Whether you are mounting a scope for long range hunting or target practice, or need something more favorable vĩ đại CQC and home page defense, you’re going vĩ đại need a solid mount.

Every mount on this list will vì thế the job, but depending on your situation you might prefer one over the other. I have personally used all four of these and I know that they work, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned them.

That said, I hope you enjoyed my best M1A scope mount guide.

Now I want vĩ đại turn it over vĩ đại you:

Which M1A scope mount will you pick? Or perhaps you already have one and would lượt thích vĩ đại share your thoughts.

Either way, let má know by leaving a quick comment down below.


Can you mount a scope on an M1A? 

Certainly. It’s not the same as an AR15 scope mount, but installing an M1A scope mount is fairly common. You can also install scout scopes on the forward mounting picatinny-style rail if equipped.

What is the difference between steel and aluminum M1A scope mount?

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Steel is going vĩ đại be a bit stronger while aluminum construction is much lighter. Regardless of coating, it is also easier vĩ đại mar the finish of aluminum by changing optics and scope rings. Aluminum is best left in place while steel is better for changing your M1A scope often.

Is the mount centered vĩ đại the rifle bore? 

When installed properly, all of these mounts should be perfectly centered on the bore and iron sights, just make sure vĩ đại follow the instructions and tighten screws in the proper order.