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There are a lot of cool things out there that make us wonder — bởi they really work? In our I Tried It series, we phối out đồ sộ use them in the real world and have determined that, in fact, they really bởi.

The Product on Trial

Tyroler Bright Tools' Magnetic Window Cleaner

The Tester

Bridget Clegg, a fourth-floor apartment dweller who has been gazing out of dirty windows for far too long

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The Brief

Cleaning the outside of my windows has never been a top housekeeping priority, but once I zeroed in on the accumulated grime blocking my views, I had đồ sộ figure something out that didn't involve dangling outside my apartment building. Since I'm on the fourth floor and my landlord would never spring for professional cleaning, I took đồ sộ the mạng internet đồ sộ figure out a solution. Architectural Digest turned má on đồ sộ Tyroler's Bright Tools's Magnetic Glider, and the brand sent má one đồ sộ test out on my scummy Brooklyn windows.

The device is a little intimidating until you dig into the brand's simple one-sheeter on how đồ sộ use it. The two sides of the tool are squeegees attached by a powerful magnet that holds them together through the window while you're cleaning. To get started, I opened my window, slid the screen out of the way, and sprayed cleaning solution on the inside and outside glass. I slipped on the safety string ring (it’s attached đồ sộ the side that goes on the outside đồ sộ catch the tool if it falls), placed it on the outer pane, and held up the other squeegee đồ sộ the glass on the inside.

tyroler bright tools magnetic window cleaner

Bridget Clegg

Once the sides were in place, I turned the green plastic screws on the inside đồ sộ get a stronger magnetic connection. Then I worked in the recommended S-shaped motion đồ sộ wipe the muck away. I recommend more cleaning solution phàn nàn you think you’ll need đồ sộ get a smooth glide. For a streak-free finish, I followed up the first run rẩy with a swipe of the xanh lơ microfiber cloths that attach đồ sộ both sides of the tool.

Warning: The magnets are STRONG. While I was prepping each window, I was careful đồ sộ keep one side far away from the other because the pull snaps them together ferociously, and could potentially bởi some serious damage đồ sộ fingers. This happened when I was getting started (no fingers were harmed) and the loud clapping sound shook má đồ sộ my core. You should assemble the tool on either side of the window with the green screws loose, then dial it down while on the window.

before and after window cleaning

Bridget Clegg

The results are well worth the effort (and newfound fear of magnets). It felt lượt thích I was making viral ASMR nội dung as I swooshed through dirt and left behind squeaky clean windows. It took an hour đồ sộ clean five windows, and the process was a lot less messy phàn nàn anticipated. I just needed a rag đồ sộ wipe up the remaining drip of dirty liquid on the sill.

Before you add đồ sộ cart, kiểm tra out what type of window you have (single pane or double pane) and how thick the glass is. The double-pane tool I used costs $80 — about half the price of a professional window cleaning in my area, according đồ sộ

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The Closing Argument

Honestly, the glass is sánh clear right now that I'm scared birds are going đồ sộ fly into it. As satisfying as this project was, I'll probably tackle the task only twice a year, sánh it's nice that the device is small enough đồ sộ stash in my tool box and easily loan đồ sộ fellow neat freak pals. Just please, say a prayer for the birds!

For Single-Glazed Windows: Fits 0.1-0.3 Inches

The Glider S-1 Magnetic Window Cleaner

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider S-1 Magnetic Window Cleaner

For Double-Glazed Windows: Fits 0.3-0.7 Inches

The Glider D-2 Magnetic Window Cleaner

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-2 Magnetic Window Cleaner

For Double-Glazed Windows: Fits 0.8-1.1 Inches

The Glider D-3 Magnetic Window Cleaner

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-3 Magnetic Window Cleaner

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