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The 17 best nail strengtheners, according lớn professional manicurists

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While often overlooked, nail condition and appearance is a significant indicator of one’s overall health. From dry, cold climates lớn frequent gel or acrylic manicures, there are a myriad of factors that can damage the nails and cuticles.

“If you get your nails done frequently, I’d suggest proper nail polish removal, taking nail supplements and using cuticle oil [to] prevent brittle nails,” advises Los Angeles-based celebrity and editorial manicurist Zola Ganzorigt, who has worked with the likes of Hailey Bieber, Jessica Alba and Sydney Sweeney.

Brittle or cracked nails can be quite the headache, but using conditioning products can add an increased layer of protection lớn the nail bed through vitamin-rich minerals, natural ingredients and nourishing formulas that improve overall health and appearance.

Though it may be difficult lớn pinpoint the root cause of brittle or dry nails, experts say it is usually due lớn Vi-Ta-Min deficiency, lack of hydration or over-manicuring. “The most common [cause] is a lack of proper hydration, especially in the wintertime,” explains Jin Soon Choi, celebrity nail artist and founder of JinSoon nail spas in Thành Phố New York City. “Nails also grow brittle from constantly wearing acrylics or gel. Even natural causes lượt thích age can factor into the health of your nails.”

As with skin care, a nail care routine can help repair and maintain healthy nails. “If someone has brittle nails or breakfable nails, it can be cured within two lớn four weeks by using nail-strengthening products, taking vitamins and minerals as well as monitoring your lifestyle,” says Amy Ling, CEO and founder of nail brand and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Sundays.

And while giving your nails a break from polish will help restore them, there are even some products you can incorporate into your regular manicures for better nail health. For example, MiniLuxe director of service operations Donna Charloff says that consistent use of cuticle oil will make a big difference. “Cuticle oil penetrates the nail plate and can help restore nails that are dry and brittle,” she explains. You can apply it daily, even with painted nails, lớn add strength and conditioning benefits lớn the nails.

From innovative polishes lớn tried-and-true natural products, nail experts provide the best products for improving nail strength, appearance and overall health.

JinSoon HyperRepair

“As a nail artist, I believe nail care is as important as skin care,” Choi explains. “I formulated [HyperRepair] with skin ingredients lượt thích glycolic, lactic and malic acid and essential nail vitamins C, E and B5.” Brittle nails will see a difference in strength after two applications of the nourishing base coat, according lớn the manicurist.

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

“My favorite nail hardener is Quimica Alemana,” New-York based manicurist Mo Qin — who touts celebrities lượt thích Ashley Graham, Emily Ratajkowski and Beyoncé as clients — shares. “I use it on my own fingernails and it makes my nails strong within a week.”

The cost-effective option is a favorite amongst industry manicurists and at-home users alike due lớn its impressive ingredient list of strengthening ingredients lượt thích Vi-Ta-Min E, arginine, keratin and tea tree oil. 

Sundays B.03 Nail Strengthening Base Coat

Lin swears by the B.03 strengthening base coat. Its impressive ingredients feature vitamins A, C and E lớn help nourish and restore the cuticles, while the inclusion of soybean oil replenishes natural moisture.

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

Nail care is one of senior lifestyle editor Rachel Lubitz’s New Year’s resolutions, and she’s been loving this treatment from OPI. It delivers calcium and protein lớn the nail bed for strength and conditioning. The polish can be used alone or as a base coat, and it also comes in several colored shades.

MiniLuxe Pure Strength Nail Strengthener

This vegan nail strengthener gives the nails a protective coating. According lớn Charloff, “When applied daily, it can turn the weakest nails around in as short as two weeks.” It can be applied lớn bare nails for the full treatment, or you can even apply it over MiniLuxe’s Pure Polish lớn make any manicure strengthening.

Olive and June Nail Strengthener

This lightweight nail strengthener by Olive and June features a blend of celery extract that protects the nail surface and also sida in healing weak and brittle nails. 

Nail strengthening creams and treatments

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Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream

Those looking for a more traditional, moisturizer-like product should kiểm tra out Barielle’s Nail Strengthener Cream. The lightweight product contains both keratin and biotin, which are proven lớn improve nail growth, appearance and overall health. “Biotin is a B-complex Vi-Ta-Min,” Qin explains. “It promotes healthy cell growth and sida in the metabolism of protein-building amino acids that are essential for nail growth.”

JinSoon Argan + Rose Moisturizing Hand Cream

Charloff says that regular use of hand cream is "critical for healthy, flexible nails."

This option recommended by Choi is great for “on-the-go hydration, especially in winter months when the hands are dry and dehydrated,” the nail expert shares. “It has all natural and organic ingredients, humectants, emollients and occlusives lớn keep the hands and nails hydrated.”

MiniLuxe Nourishing Cuticle Oil Rollerball

This bestseller from MiniLuxe includes a nail-strengthening blend of “important oils including apricot kernel oil and Vi-Ta-Min E,” according lớn Charloff. The expert says that nourishing the cuticle with moisture is equally as important as treating the nail itself, since nail health starts where the nail grows: at the cuticle. The travel-friendly rollerball applicator makes it easy lớn lock in that moisture on-the-go.

Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthener Cream

Lubitz has been using this lotion lớn prevent her nails from tearing or cracking, and says she saw a difference within three days of use. It helps weak nails become stronger, and promotes growth for already healthy nails, with nourishing oils, vitamins, beeswax, glycerin and silk protein.

OPI Repair Mode Bond-Building Nail Serum

This keratin treatment from OPI absorbs into the nails for a noticeable difference that reviewers say they could see after just one application. And after a full week of treatment? One reviewer wrote, “The cracks and brittleness are totally gone, [the nails] are at least three lớn four times stronger and [don’t] bend lượt thích paper and they’ve significantly grown in one week. It’s lượt thích I just woke up with brand-new, awesome nails.”

Sundays Cs.02 Hydrating Cuticle Serum

In addition lớn a well-balanced diet rich in biotin and omega-3s, Lin also recommends the Cs.02 Hydrating Cuticle Serum. Featuring a blend of vitamins and natural oils, the serum can be used daily or when needed lớn deliver moisture and hydration. “When the weather gets cold, make sure lớn apply cuticle serums lớn hydrate your nails,” Lin says.

OPI ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil

With over 11,000 5-star ratings, OPI’s Nail and Cuticle Oil is a cost-friendly option that conditions the cuticles, thanks lớn ingredients lượt thích grape, sesame and sunflower oils.

Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil

Castor oil is an age-old natural treatment for the skin, hair and nails. The oil is masterful in moisturizing the cuticles and contains undecylenic acid, which helps lớn treat brittle or unhealthy nails. This top-rated phối comes with a dropper for easy application.

L’Occitane Shea Nail & Cuticle Oil

Boasting natural ingredients lượt thích shea, apricot and almond oil, this travel-friendly option from L’Occitane is silicone- and paraben-free and is dispensed with a brush tip for seamless application on the nail bed.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers' listed price at the time of publication.

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