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Ah summer, the season when the sun’s perched high in the sky, when our backyards are ready a waiting to tướng be enjoyed. But there’s a problem: the sweltering atmosphere that comes with the warmer months, the heat that prevents us from wanting to tướng lounge en plein air on a sectional sofa. And when we vì thế muster the courage to tướng break our climate-controlled threshold, those outrageous temps have us scurrying back in mere minutes. You know what would actually let us enjoy our outdoor space to tướng the fullest? An outdoor người yêu thích, one sánh good you can spend hours outside without ever breaking a sweat.

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Luckily, we’re far beyond the times when an outdoor người yêu thích simply pushes hot air around and around in a never-ending loop. The best outdoor fans of today pack a strong, cold, walloping punch (whether it’s battery-powered or outlet-dependent), and they come in a variety of forms that can easily fit themselves into our pre-existing backyard layout without being a hinderance.

The best outdoor fans are the ones you can rely on to tướng keep you cool consistently—a job easier said kêu ca done—adding some much-need circulation to tướng spaces devoid of cool breezes. We’ve done the hard part for you and picked out 10 standouts that are prepped and ready to tướng join your backyard setup.

What to tướng Consider Before Buying the Best Outdoor Fans:

Type: While you may not sit around thinking about the different types of outdoor fans, there are plenty of types to tướng chose from, some of which are better suited for your backyard layout. If you’re tight on space, a mounted or tabletop outdoor người yêu thích may be much more your tốc độ. If you have ample room, you can look into a standing option, which are usually larger in size and can offer more cooling capabilities. And if you’re looking for overall cooling capabilities, an outdoor ceiling người yêu thích is the sweet spot.

Size: Similar to tướng the type of người yêu thích you’re looking for, the size of your outdoor người yêu thích makes a difference. The bigger the outdoor người yêu thích, the bigger the breeze you’ll be getting. And, of course, larger sizes take up more space on your beloved patio. We think a happy medium between the two is the sweet spot, something that’s large enough to tướng circulate air throughout a given area, but not take up too much room.

Style: While many outdoor fans definitely fall in the modern category, don’t let that stop you from seeing what else is out there—especially if you’re searching for a specific look for your patio. You can find outdoor fans that match coastal and tropical decors, vintages ones that are reminiscent of days gone by, and more elegant models that really don’t look lượt thích fans at all. Finding that perfect style of outdoor người yêu thích is important for gaining a cohesive vibe in your backyard. And when you have that perfect theme lined up, your alfresco experience really can’t be beat.

Material: For an outdoor người yêu thích, the material is everything. It’s what prevents them from crumbling under the weight of the elements. Most importantly, you want to tướng look for a piece that’s been “wet-rated” for outdoor use, a term used to tướng indicate that the product’s construction will stand tall in the fight against water damage—a key point for any người yêu thích you’re planning on installing in your outdoor space. In terms of the actual materials, it’s best to tướng look for steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic, which can all withstand Mother Nature with ease.

Best Mounted Outdoor Fan

Wayfair Newair Wall-Mounted Fan

A mounted outdoor người yêu thích, lượt thích this sleek option from Wayfair, comes with plenty of perks. For one, the higher positioning means you can avoid taking up floor space with a standing model, ideal if you’re working with a smaller patio. With three người yêu thích speeds, it can be pointed to tướng whoever and wherever needs air flow. Plus, the sleek coated exterior means it’s ready to tướng fight against scratches and general wear and tear. And while it does have a power cord, it’s definitely not limiting at 10 feet long, ensuring that you’ll be able to tướng reach any outlet your backyard can offer up.

Dimensions: 18 x 22 x 7.3 inches.
Material: Steel.
Type: Mounted outdoor người yêu thích.
Style: Modern.

Buy Now on Wayfair: $140 $111

Best Tabletop Outdoor Fan

Rejuvenation Silver Swan Alchemy Table Fan

Similarly to tướng our mounted outdoor người yêu thích (see above), a tabletop người yêu thích is a great way to tướng save some space. Also, it’s portable, meaning you take it on the road (read: anywhere in your backyard) and experience relaxing breezes no matter where you lounge. This option from Rejuvenation will add a vintage touch to tướng your patio and keep you cool while doing it, thanks to tướng its three-speed settings.

Dimensions: 17.6 x 13.7 x 10.46 inches.
Material: Steel.
Type: Outdoor tabletop người yêu thích.
Style: Vintage.

Buy Now on Rejuvenation: $250

Best Powerhouse Outdoor Fan

Big Ass Fans Haiku 60

The name of this outdoor người yêu thích pretty much says it all. It’s definitely large and in charge, and packs a whole lot of features. In addition to tướng its energy-conscious design and stylish facade, the Haiku offers up built-in voice integration with Amazon’s Alexa and Google trang chủ. It also comes in a variety of fun materials and hues, making it easy to tướng find the perfect one to tướng blend into your space. And if all that isn’t enough, it has garnered 75 international awards for its high-quality airflow and design.

Dimensions: 60 x 21 inches.
Material: Aluminum and wood.
Type: Outdoor ceiling người yêu thích.
Style: Modern.

Buy Now on 2Modern: $2,000

Best Nautical Outdoor Fan

Pottery Barn Nautica Outdoor Fan

Nautical decor is the theme of many an outdoor space (possibly yours). So, why not have an outdoor người yêu thích to tướng match? This chic standing number from Pottery Barn incorporates a rope-wrap detail on its lower half, pairing perfectly with and beach-y setup. With three speeds and an oscillating người yêu thích, this item will keep you cool and look great while doing it. Besides that, it is also UL-listed, meaning the material have been tested and proven to tướng withstand the elements over time.

Dimensions: 19 x 16 x 51 inches.
Material: Weather-resistant polyresin.
Type: Standing outdoor người yêu thích.
Style: Nautical.

Buy Now on Pottery Barn: $299

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Best Remote-Controlled Outdoor Fan

Lamps Plus Minka Aire Xtreme

Having a sleek modern appearance and being made for exposure to tướng all the elements already puts this outdoor người yêu thích above others on the market, but the handy dandy remote control it comes with is really the cherry on top of an already-delicious cake. Performance wise, this entry can’t be beat: It comes with a whopping six settings on that clever remote, sánh you can either be hit with enough cool air to tướng to feel lượt thích Beyonce or or just enough to tướng be wafted with a gentle breeze. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure your outdoor hang-outs will be greatly improved. It’s also Wi-Fi compatible (for an extra charge), meaning that controlling your outdoor ceiling người yêu thích has never been easier.

Dimensions: 65 inches.
Material: ABS plastic.
Type: Outdoor ceiling người yêu thích.
Style: Modern.

Buy Now on Lamps Plus: $490

Best Misting Outdoor Fan

Hammacher Schlemmer Cordless Misting Fan

Since it’s able to tướng provide up to tướng 24 hours of misty coolness and air circulation, there’s a reason this Hammacher Schlemmer outdoor người yêu thích is sitting pretty on our list. All you have to tướng vì thế is plug it into a standard garden hose and you can kick off your sneaks and enjoy the cool mist coming your way. And no need to tướng fuss with cords while it’s doing its thing: The người yêu thích is rechargeable, sánh simply plug it when you’re done for the day and it’ll be all mix by morning. With a 120-degree range for a prime cooling experience, you’ll come to tướng view this outdoor người yêu thích as a backyard necessity.

Dimensions: 16.75 x 8 x 16 inches.
Material: Rubber and metal.
Type: Standing outdoor người yêu thích.
Style: Industrial.

Buy Now on Hammacher Schlemmer: $160

Best Tropical Outdoor Fan

Honeywell Duval Ceiling Fan

Honeywell is known for making whisper-quiet outdoor fans, and this tropical choice from the brand is no exception. The blades, resembling a beach-y palm-tree design, move in silence, providing you with a break from the heat; it’s also a great way to tướng make sure your conversations with friends and family aren’t interrupted by a pesky whirling sound. The Duval người yêu thích is also equipped to tướng take on medium to tướng large outdoor spaces, sánh it’s ready to tướng conquer any and all backyard areas.

Dimensions: 52 x 13.6 inches.
Material: Wicker blades.
Type: Outdoor ceiling người yêu thích.
Style: Tropical.

Buy Now on Amazon: $120 $94

Best Outdoor Fan for Design Enthusiasts

Lasko Elegant Living Fan

The problem with some outdoors fans, to tướng put it quite plainly, is that they can be the ultimate eyesore in your backyard. You took the time to tướng curate the perfect outdoor oasis, a true escape from the world, and now you’re scared to tướng ruin your sanctuary with an unsightly người yêu thích. Those fears, however, can now be vanquished. Think of this elegant offering from Lasko as your knight in shining armor, saving you from the dreaded fate of unstylish decor and hot summer days. It truly has it all: three silent tốc độ options, dimmable accent lighting, weather-resistant finishings, a no-tools assembly, and a suave exterior to tướng boot. Need we say more?

Dimensions: 14 x 15.5 x 49.48 inches.
Material: Steel.
Type: Standing outdoor người yêu thích.
Style: Modern.

Buy Now on Amazon: $420

Best Standing Outdoor Fan

Rowenta Outdoor Extreme Fan

Sometimes you’re just looking for a reliable outdoor người yêu thích, one that can stand tall season after season and keep your backyard breezy at all times. Rowenta has that very người yêu thích, one with an up-to-30-foot airflow, rust-proof exterior, and three người yêu thích speeds. This option also comes on wheels, making it all the more convenient to tướng move around, whether it be a poolside lounge or a shade-covered perch. And if you want the người yêu thích to tướng stay in place, just use the handy lock feature.

Dimensions: 8.46 x 25.59 x 26.18 inches.
Material: Plastic.
Type: Standing outdoor người yêu thích.
Style: Modern.

Buy Now on Amazon: $215

Buy Now on Williams Sonoma: $200

Best Light-Up Outdoor Fan

Hunter Fan Company Havoc Ceiling Fan

Even when the sun sets in summer, the heat (and your outdoor hangouts) is most likely still going strong. That’s where this outdoor người yêu thích from Hunter Fan Company steps in. Equipped with an LED light, the Havoc is a multitasker to tướng its core, providing you with ample illumination and cool breezes all night long. The modern remote-controlled người yêu thích is also corrosion and salt-air resistant, sánh it can take on any climate, anytime.

Dimensions: 54 inches.
Material: Aluminum.
Type: Outdoor ceiling người yêu thích.
Style: Modern.

Buy Now on Amazon: $550 $391