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How vĩ đại Choose the Best Paint for Wooden Stairs & Apply It Professionally

When it comes vĩ đại painting your wooden stairs, there are a few key points vĩ đại consider. Our job as the UK’s trusted provider of everything stair-related is vĩ đại provide customers with first-class bars, rods and runners as well as professional advice vĩ đại ensure their staircase maintains its appearance and durability through the years.

In this guide, we’ll talk about what the best paint for wooden stairs is, how vĩ đại apply it and accessories that you can add and install vĩ đại reimagine the appearance of your staircase. 

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Best paint for wooden stairs

Wooden stairs are arguably the most common staircase material for residential properties. Wood is durable, affordable and looks great in every trang chủ, making it an attractive staircase and floor paint option. 

When it comes vĩ đại painting your wooden staircase, the biggest factor you need vĩ đại consider is durability. Semi-gloss paint is one of the best options when it comes vĩ đại floor and stair paints because it’s incredibly durable and looks great even when faced with heavy foot traffic. Some people opt for eggshell or matt finishes as these too are able vĩ đại withstand foot traffic and general wear and tear vĩ đại a high degree. You don’t need any type of specialist floor paint vĩ đại achieve a durable and good-looking staircase, just the right materials and some quality floor paint!

We have a more general guide on what the best paint for stairs is here.

Preparing Your Wooden Staircase for Painting

First things first, you will need vĩ đại prep your staircase for painting – Start by cleaning your staircase from top vĩ đại bottom. We’d recommend hoovering first and then wiping down the stairs using sugar soap (as this helps the paint bond vĩ đại the wood). 

Next, leave the stairs vĩ đại dry and the sugar soap vĩ đại mix – It’s important that your stairs are completely dry before applying the first coat of paint, if not, the paint may struggle vĩ đại stick and its appearance will be inconsistent. 

Sanding – if your stairs are in pretty bad condition (there are notable wear and tear marks or rough areas) you will want vĩ đại sand down these spots using sandpaper or a sanding block. Once sanded, clear the staircase of any remaining dust or debris using a damp cloth.

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Priming your stairs – prime your stairs using a wood primer designed specifically for wood vĩ đại help your paint stick. Primers are predominantly oil-based, which provides a solid base for the paint vĩ đại stick vĩ đại. Leave the primer vĩ đại dry on the treads and risers before applying top layers.

Top Tip: Applying mist coats – if your wooden staircase hasn’t been painted before, you might find the surface vĩ đại be slightly porous, which means the paint may have trouble sticking and bonding. In the sự kiện of this, you might want vĩ đại invest in a mist coat, which is essentially watery paint. It can be created using any paint just by adding water vĩ đại it. As a guideline, go for a 70:30 paint vĩ đại water ratio. 

Painting Your Wooden Stairs – Before you begin painting your stairs, make sure it’s at a time of the day where you won’t be needing vĩ đại use your stairs vĩ đại allow for drying time – early morning is when most people decide vĩ đại start. For painting, start from the top with an oil-based brush and work your way down vĩ đại the bottom, starting by cutting in the corners using a smaller brush. 

Once all your stairs have been cut in, it’ll be easier vĩ đại paint over each tread and riser with a larger brush. You can use masking tape vĩ đại cover any bannisters or areas of the stairs you don’t want vĩ đại paint during this process. You can use a roller, but we’d recommend a larger brush as we find it offers a more authentic finish (but it’s entirely up vĩ đại you). 

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The first coat of paint will take around 4-6 hours vĩ đại dry and we’d recommend at least 3 thick coats of paint vĩ đại ensure a great aesthetic and durable finish. Be sure vĩ đại take shoes off when going up and down the stairs during all painting stages, as the wood will take time vĩ đại fully bond and sink into the stairs. All in all, it should take around 72 hours for the paint vĩ đại properly mix into the wood (so no shoes on during this time)!

An Optional Extra vĩ đại Consider – You may want vĩ đại add one layer of varnish onto your three coats vĩ đại give your stairs one final layer of protection. It will also help seal the last three coats and give a fantastic final appearance. Again, leave this coat for 72 hours before walking on it with shoes.

Now vĩ đại Complete Your Wooden Stairs!

We truly believe that no wooden staircase is complete without the final addition of a classic or contemporary stair runner and matching door bars and rods. Take a look at our stunning collection of beautifully crafted runners and bars vĩ đại complete the look, style and feel of your staircase.Explore our carpet runners and door rods and brackets, or alternatively, move on vĩ đại transforming your staircase wall with these ideas.