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Our beauty routines are getting more and more sophisticated.

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As consumers, we are becoming increasingly educated about the minute of skincare practices. Whether that means learning the wonders of ingredients lượt thích retinol or bringing our tools into the tech era, we are all looking for ways to tướng supercharge our bathroom cabinets and make our products work harder.

If you’re not already acquainted, say hello to tướng radio frequency. A popular professional treatment for many years, it is best known and highly regarded for skin tightening. How does it work? Waves penetrate deep into the layers of the skin’s dermis, heating up in the process. This in turn stimulates blood circulation and encourages collagen and elastin production. It also causes the muscles to tướng contract and thus, tighten, to tướng create a more contoured appearance, while repairing damaged tissue at the same time.

No wonder it’s been a not-so-secret for A-listers with famously youthful complexions: think Kim Kardashian, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston.

The only problem? Heading to tướng professional clinics for this treatment can phối you back hundreds of pounds a pop. To save you money in the long run rẩy and bring the power of these smoothing, firming and lifting products into your own hands, forward-thinking labels lượt thích Dr Levy, FOREO and CurrentBody have created innovative at-home devices that provide effective cell renewal when used consistently.

Does radiofrequency work?

“Radiofrequency is a tried and tested, proven technology for use in facial treatments” explains, Eilidh Smith, founder of skincare and facial studio SKINWORK. “It is a great modality to tướng utilise for skin tightening and volume and as a first step before fillers”.

“There is a lot of proof that it works, and it is one of the most popular treatments we offer in-clinic”, says Dr Ariel Haus. “It is also a nonsurgical method of tightening the skin. RF can help to tướng minimise the appearance of wrinkles; help improve sun damage and boost collagen production in the skin”.

As mentioned above, to tướng optimise the treatment, they must be used routinely for the stated duration.

How does radiofrequency work?

Smith reveals that “Radiofrequency works to tướng tighten, stimulate collagen and elastin by generating heat which penetrates deep into the skin and then triggers the generation of new cells and stimulates collagen and elastin production”.

While you will feel a warming sensation, it’s important to tướng note that this is a pain-free treatment with no downtime - you may see slight redness directly after use but this should fade quickly.

Are at-home devices effective?

“At-home devices can be effective” says Smith, but she notes “not to tướng the same degree as professional services and at-home devices require very regular use and commitment to tướng see results”. By incorporating the treatment at trang chính, you can create a long-term anti-ageing solution. They should work to tướng soften wrinkles, tighten sagging skin and may even brighten dullness and fade the look of dark spots.

Shop the best radiofrequency devices below to tướng tighten, smooth, firm, glow, and prevent sagging.

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Dr. LEVY Switzerland The Contour Pro


Geneva-based dermatologist Dr Levy’s based his formulas for his eponymous skincare line Nobel Prize of Medicine research from 2012. The brand was formed with a mission to tướng bring non-surgical aesthetic techniques into our everyday routines, extending the time either between injectables or before you feel the need to tướng go under the needle.

This facial device follows suit to tướng provide a non-invasive treatment with clinical results. Using electro-muscle stimulation sequences with radio frequency, the low-level current gives a sculpting, tightening and firming effect to tướng smooth out the appearance of fine lines and leave a glowy finish in its wake. All this, and zero downtime. Three settings make it suitable for all areas of the face and it has a compact size ví you never need to tướng miss a session even when you’re on the go.

What’s important to tướng note is that you need a gel product to tướng apply before use. This must be a water-based formula to tướng encourage the device to tướng glide along the surface of the skin. You will feel when it starts to tướng work as the current surging through the electrodes is hard to tướng miss and feels unusual at first - especially when lips start twitching - but doesn’t take long to tướng get used to tướng.

The trick is to tướng move the Contour Pro consistently, only resting in each spot for a couple of seconds. This also makes it a quick treatment - you can tự the whole face in minutes.

Sensilift Bronze - DRF Technology. Anti-wrinkle, lift and tighten


Powered by a trademarked Dynamic RF technology, this gadget was created to tướng put the power of skin rejuvenation into your hands. To achieve this, it follows in much of the same way as the tools you’ll find used by medical professionals to tướng boost collagen production and thus elasticity as well as luminosity.

On the head of the device are ‘fingers’ that mas sa the skin as you move it across the complexion. While this happens, the dynamic radio frequency penetrates deeper beyond just the surface level where there are three settings to tướng determine the power. In a trial, 95 per cent of users saw an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and skin texture.

As is the case with many beauty treatments, consistency is key and the brand suggests that for optimal results, it is best used for five minutes once a week for eight weeks - 40 minutes to tướng minimise wrinkles and plump skin for a more chiselled appearance? Sign us up.

FOREO FAQ 103 Diamond RF Radio Frequency EMS & LED Device


Pioneering Swedish skin and oral tech label has shown its prowess once again through this innovating device. The multitasking gadget uses radio frequency, boasts electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and an LED wrapped into one compact offering as the ultimate for beauty technophiles. Sure, the price tag is steep, but it is made with real 0.25-carat diamonds - how’s that for luxury? And that’s all before we even get to tướng the results.

Sparkle aside, each use of the FAQ 103 is designed to tướng mimic a facelift - just without any invasive needles or scalpels. Begin your treatment with the EMS that FOREO says is stronger and more effective than vãn any of its contemporaries in tightening, lifting and firming.

The low energy waves of RF and Full-Spectrum LED Pulse Light that is made up of eight colours work in tandem to tướng encourage the production of collagen and elastin ví that skin appears smoother, softer and supple. It’s one for sagging jowls, contouring and refreshing the complexion.

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To round off the powerhouse comes T-Sonic Pulsations that increase blood circulation, reduce puffiness and relax the facial muscles. It may also play a hand in boosting the radiance of your complexion and encourage better absorption of any skincare that follows.

Fear not as much lượt thích the rest of the electrocurrent collection, you can be nội dung in the knowledge that there’s an Anti-Shock System and smart scanning ví that there’s no extensive heat or glitchy malfunctions.

NuFACE Trinity and Trinity ELE Attachment Set


Build NuFACE into your skincare regime and you will notice the tightening of your facial contours in just a few uses. One of the leaders in the at-home beauty gadget game, the label is on the forefront of microcurrent with devices that act as facial personal trainers.

There are bundle packs aplenty and this comes with the award-winning Trinity device that has multiple attachments including a specialised microcurrent add-on to tướng act as a targeted treatment against the signs of ageing - be it uneven skin tone or wrinkles. It stimulates all areas of the face, even the smaller contours with lifting and sculpting effects.

There’s also a gel primer to tướng prep the skin for easy application and the ELE precision head, the latter of which is smaller in size to tướng provide a more precise treatment on hard-to-reach areas lượt thích the eyes and around the lips. Crow’s feet and laughter lines be gone.

Consistency is key but you should notice a real, noticeable difference on the likes of sagging chin and around the jaw. Skin is left glowing and one full charge lasts for months ví there’s no need to tướng be constantly plugging in.

TUMAKOU RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine


This facial machine closely resembles those that you’ll find in professional facial clinics but if you think that this makes it complicated to tướng use, think again. Simply pick a level, add timing - and you’re good to tướng go.

The device uses radio frequency, converting electrical energy to tướng heat that goes deep into the layers of the skin into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue in order to tướng encourage blood circulation and stimulate collagen.

What sets this machine from the crowd is the extendable cable as well as the inclusion of both a facial and body toàn thân probe which means you can use it from head to tướng toe if you’re ví inclined. This means that you can tackle areas lượt thích crow’s feet as well as the belly, legs, neck and stomach.

Still not convinced? The 4,000 positive reviews testify to tướng seeing visible improvement in just two weeks with 87 per cent in agreement.

NEWA Beauty Anti-Ageing Skincare Device


Collagen is a hot topic in the beauty community and is considered the most important element in reversing signs of ageing - after all, the protein is found naturally in the skin and plays a crucial role as the building block of its structure.

It is with this in mind that NEWA created this skincare device that uses radio frequency to tướng stimulate, rebuild and remodel collagen fibres. Through a non-invasive approach that is gentle on the skin, the brand’s 3DEEP technology travels (as the name suggests) three layers deep for that all-important collagen regeneration.

In a clinical trial run rẩy by the brand, all participants saw an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, while 89 per cent reported a firming effect. We lượt thích those odds. Plus it even has legendary beauty entrepreneur Trinny Woodall’s seal of approval.

CurrentBody Skin RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Device


The beauty tech specialist retailer also has a range of own-brand devices combining the latest innovations for our trang chính kits. The Skin Radio Frequency launch was created with clinically-backed, professional anti-ageing technology that is designed to tướng smooth, lift, firm and even out texture - be it at crow’s feet, smile lines or any sagging - as quickly as a single treatment. Using a unique bipolar RF technology, it’s all about speedy results that are ideal for prejuvenation - minimising the appearance of ageing as they begin to tướng appear.

The radio waves travel through the skin into the deeper dermis level to tướng encourage collagen production at the spot in which it is formed. This is achieved through the resulting heat that is formed from tissue resistance that boosts circulation and thus oxygen and nutrients. It may only take one use to tướng see the effects, but if you’re looking for a long-lasting youthful appearance, it should be used consistently over an eight-week period. It requires just five minutes a day ví should be fairly easy to tướng slip into your routine.

The CurrentBody Skin RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Device’s USP is its smart sensors that automatically sense the level of resistance and the inner temperature and adjust the waves accordingly ví it’s safe, pain-free yet still effective. You can use it across the face or as a specific targeted treatment.

Panasonic EH-XR10 Advanced RF Facial Device


With this device, Panasonic - a brand we all know and trust - gives the option of radio frequency alongside ultrasonic to tướng double down on smoothing your appearance. The gentle warming heat and hydration-boosting technologies take each cell and lift, plump and tighten. Just 10 minutes a day is all that is required and you must ensure skin liên hệ for it to tướng work.

One of the most foolproof devices on the market, it will automatically sense when the probe has been on your skin for the treatment time of 15 seconds and will alert you to tướng move along, ví there’s no fear of overdoing it.

The device is lightweight and feels sturdy in the hand throughout the treatment, which is longer than vãn some of the other models on this list ví is important to tướng note.

Skin is left brighter, rejuvenated and you can see the noticeable difference in wrinkles when used consistently.

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YA-MAN Photo Plus Prestige SP


You only need to tướng look at this slick Black Photo Plus Prestige SP to tướng see this is one hi-tech piece of kit. The kitted-out device has functions for electrical muscle stimulation, microcurrent, LED light therapy and Ion Cleansing where the Eye Care mode provides radio frequency too.

There are five modes in total, which you can switch between during the course of your 15-minute treatment to tướng harness the power of all the latest tech for your anti-ageing concerns. Red, xanh xao and orange LED lights are said to tướng stimulate collagen and elastin and encourage a radiance appearance, the EMS has lifting effects and DYHP (dynamic hyper pulse) technology, a unique addition from the Hong Kong-based brand takes it to tướng the next level. There are different intensities available too ví start slow and work your way up.