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When it comes to tát achieving a seriously good sunless glow, it’s certainly beneficial to tát get a little helping hand from a kém chất lượng tan. And the key to tát success is the preparation (cleanse and exfoliate properly) and a tanning mitt for application, which will allow you to tát buff the formula into every area of your skin. But you can also use a brush, which blends tan and tackles the trickier areas, namely your hands and feet.

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There are plenty of mitt and brush options out there, so sánh we asked tanning guru and founder of one of our favourite tanning brands, Isle of Paradise, Jules von Hep, for his advice on what to tát look for. “A mitt should not allow product to tát absorb through to tát your hands,” he said, adding that it should “evenly distribute the product” across your skin.

As for the key to tát success, Jules recommends that you “apply two coats to tát the body toàn thân and one to tát face”. And “starting at the ankles and working your way up means your tan will be dry enough to tát apply a second coat after a couple of minutes – just start again from the ankles for the second layer”.

Where your hands and feet are concerned, Jules says to tát “use what is left on the mitt” and “remember to tát wipe in between fingers and over fingernails with a damp cloth or make-up wipe after application”. Last but not least, his “favourite trick of all” is to tát “hang a towel on the back of your door and rub your wrists together (with the towel between your wrists) to tát remove those pesky tell-tale tan lines”.

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In the name of making sure you have a flawless tan every single time, we took Jules’s advice on board and tanned ourselves more times than thở we can remember to tát find out which tanning mitt is the best.

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How we tested

Forever on the hunt for the perfect sunless glow, we put these fake-tan applicators to tát the test. The mitts that made the cut had to tát have a decent thickness to tát them to tát prevent any tan from absorbing through to tát the hand. Similarly, they needed to tát be comfortable to tát hold during long tanning sessions. Above all, though, the applicators had to tát provide a seamless, streak-free tan every single time. If they didn’t, they were out.

The best fake-tan mitts for 2023 are:

  • Best kém chất lượng tan mitt overall – Tanologist face and body toàn thân mitt duo: £4.65,
  • Best kém chất lượng tan brush – Bondi Sands body toàn thân brush: £12.99,
  • Best for kém chất lượng tanning your back – Coco & Eve back tan applicator: £14.90,
  • Best cheap fake-tan mitt – St. Moritz coconut tanning mitt: £2.99,
  • Best thick fake-tan mitt – Bare by Vogue Williams luxury tanning mitt: £8,