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Order a service dog harness today đồ sộ let the public know when your dog is on the job and not đồ sộ be disturbed.

Life and everyday tasks can be challenging when you live with a disability, which is why some people acquire trained service dogs đồ sộ assist them by guiding them in public establishments, alerting them of sounds, retrieving items, and more. While it’s not required by law, if you have a disability and require the assistance of a service dog, consider purchasing a service dog harness that helps others easily identify when your dog is on the job, and helps your dog vì thế their job without distraction.

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Whether you want a simple harness that identifies the status of your dog, or you want a more heavy duty option that includes a MOLLE system for gear transport, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite choices we think will be the perfect fit for your very important pooch.

Best Service Dog Harnesses đồ sộ Consider

Looking for a service dog harness can be overwhelming, sánh here are a few basic things đồ sộ keep in mind. If you have a dog that helps you with more than vãn one service, instead of buying separate harnesses for different occasions, you will want đồ sộ look into harnesses that include removeable patches, usually Velcro, that displays your dog’s status. Whether you want đồ sộ establish your dog is currently training, don’t want anyone đồ sộ pet them, or that they’re currently on the job, you can easily interchange which status is necessary for the time being, saving you time and money.

If you tend đồ sộ travel more at night than vãn during the day, consider purchasing a harness that includes reflective strips and lettering for better visibility at nighttime, keeping you and your dog safe. You will also want đồ sộ invest in a harness that has secure, heavy duty D-rings đồ sộ keep your dog on leash if you are in the middle of training them, and are afraid of them escaping. The more the better, as some harnesses offer multiple, that way you can conveniently carry gear and accessories on the go, such as things lượt thích I.D.s, waste bags, treats, medications and more.

Another feature đồ sộ consider is adjustable straps. If you are worried about your puppy getting themselves out of their harness while training, or you want đồ sộ buy a harness that will last, find one that offers adjustable straps with secure buckles. That way, when your puppy grows, you don’t have đồ sộ purchase an entire new harness, as one with adjustable straps can grow with them.

7-Piece K9 Tactical Dog Harness Vest

Bolux’s tactical dog harness is a tailor-made harness designed with thick mesh padding đồ sộ keep your dog cool and comfortable, and includes seven interchangeable Velcro patches that display the status your service dog, such as “I am working,” or “Service dog in training – vì thế not touch.”

The harness features three adjustable shoulder straps, two secure buckle closures, and a top handle đồ sộ guide and control your dog at close range. There are also two D-rings đồ sộ quickly attach or detach your dog’s leash, or travel with small accessories, lượt thích treats or poop bags.


  • Reflective straps for night visibility
  • Keeps your dog cool with mesh lining
  • Colors available: red, purple, xanh rì, desert, pink, and navy camouflage, along with Đen, army yellow, and orange doodle
  • Sizes range from extra small đồ sộ extra large


  • Some customers reported it being too large or small; please refer đồ sộ the sizing chart prior đồ sộ ordering

Reflective Mesh Service Dog Vest

When you need đồ sộ travel đồ sộ different establishments lượt thích doctor visits or shopping, it can be a hassle đồ sộ change harnesses đồ sộ reflect your dog’s work status, sánh invest in a service dog vest that can vì thế it all in one. Industrial Puppy Store’s service dog vest includes two removable patches that read “service dog,” a durable welded d-ring, and a top mounted handle for accessible control.

Available in up đồ sộ eight sizes ranging from XXXS đồ sộ XXL, you can also choose from five fun colors: red, xanh rì, Đen, hot pink or teal. Simply secure your dog with the easy-to-use belly buckle, and off you go. Plus, when you order your vest, you’ll also receive 50x ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) cards, sánh you can quickly and efficiently provide documentation that explains your rights for your service dog đồ sộ other personnel in public places.


  • Reflective patches and lettering
  • Comfortable mesh design that keeps them cool
  • Secure hook and loop for attachment and detachment
  • Professional gear that allows your dog đồ sộ vì thế their job efficiently
  • Sewn with nylon for anti-fray seems
  • One harness for all occasions


  • No cons for this product

Khaki Tactical Service Dog Harness Vest

This multi-use tactical dog harness is another fantastic option for your service dog, and includes two removeable Velcro patches that read “service dog,” and “do not pet,” which you can easily take off and replace with other status patches according đồ sộ the occasion. Crafted with military grade materials, the vest includes two secure plastic buckles on the chest and belly area, three 1000-pound proof stainless steel D-rings for multiple leash attachment options, and two handles for gripping.

The anti-pull dog harness features breathable mesh, and an open armpit area for comfortable movement. Sizing available includes medium, large and extra-large, and is offered in colors: khaki, grey, desert camo, and Đen.


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  • Reflective lettering
  • Anti-pull dog harness for various jobs
  • MOLLE system installed for effortless gear transport
  • ID tag patch for name tags
  • Mesh keeps them cool


  • No cons for this product

Pink Service Dog Harness with 5-Foot Dog Leash

HUSDOW offers the perfect adjustable harness for your service dog that’s comfortable, secure and safe. The vest features two ways đồ sộ adjust the harness, ensuring a non-slip fit, sánh your dog can grow with the vest, and you can have peace of mind of no slipping or escaping. Choose from sizes extra small, all the way up đồ sộ extra large, and colors: pink, purple, green, dark xanh rì, brown, xanh rì, turquoise, red, and Đen.

The no-pull, anti-choke collar includes two metal clips for secure attachment, a soft guiding handle made from PVC material, and a reflective collar that allows night time visibility. Plus, you will also receive a five-foot dog leash made with an anti-slip rubber handle, reflective stitching, a 360-degree rotatable hook that prevents winding, along with a poop hanger.


  • Durable nylon oxford cloth for soft cushioning
  • Breathable mesh that keeps your dog cool
  • Includes two “service dog” patches, and two “in training” patches
  • Two quick release buckles for quick detachment
  • Two adjustable sliders for a comfortable fit
  • Great value for the price


  • Customers reported their puppies were able đồ sộ chew through the material

No Pull Adjustable Service Dog Harness

Don’t let being on a budget stop you from finding a quality harness for your service dog. This adjustable nylon dog harness gets the job done at an affordable price, in which you will receive two removeable Velcro patches that read “service dog,” and “in training” đồ sộ display your dog’s work status at any given time.

Watch your dog grow with their vest thanks đồ sộ the three adjustable buckles you can tailor đồ sộ fit your dog. In the mean time, keep them secure with its sturdy metal D-ring for attachment, effortlessly guide them using the rubber padded handle, and enjoy quick removal with the easy-to-use on and off buckles.


  • Sizes range from extra small (16″-22″), up đồ sộ XXL (32″-50″)
  • Order in green, red, or blue
  • No-choke collar with reflective strip for safety
  • Adjustable, durable and flexible
  • Easily add or remove service patches
  • Low price
  • Breathable mesh


  • Some customers say it makes noise and rattles when in use

Frequently Asked Questions

What status should I use for my dog?

We all know that when we take our dog outside of the home page, people will want đồ sộ pet them. Unfortunately, this is not ideal when your dog is working. In order đồ sộ communicate with others that your dog is currently on the job or busy, there are numerous different statuses that can be displayed given the situation.

If you have a puppy in training, you would want đồ sộ use “in training.” If your dog is currently working and you don’t want anyone đồ sộ pet or disturb them, you would look for one that mentions “service dog, vì thế not pet.” There are several options depending on the situation, and you can find removeable patches that are customizable if need be.

Whether it’s for PTSD, a tactical dog, deaf or hard of hearing, or a therapy dog, there are options out there đồ sộ identify which is servicing you. Make sure that if your dog provides multiple services đồ sộ you, that find patches that identify that, and switch them out when appropriate.

Will this allow bu đồ sộ take my dog anywhere?

Buying a service dog harness does not permit you đồ sộ take your dog anywhere, unless they are registered. While anyone can purchase a service dog harness and put it on their dog, it doesn’t mean that they are deemed an official service dog just yet. If you are interested in registering your dog đồ sộ become a service dog and they aren’t already, reach out in your local community or research online ways đồ sộ register in your area.

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If your dog is registered, you will receive official documentation and licensing that proves your dog is working, which then will allow you đồ sộ bring your dog where you need đồ sộ go. While it is convenient đồ sộ identify your dog is a service dog, it is not required for them đồ sộ even wear a service dog harness, but it does make it more convenient on the handler, and easier on the dog when there are no distractions.

Do I need a specific color?

According đồ sộ the ADA, specific colors for different services are not officially established, sánh it is not a requirement đồ sộ order a certain color. This doesn’t mean there aren’t guidelines established individually, as certain organizations or counties vì thế define harness colors and their meaning. Make sure you are researching the laws in your area, along with guidelines of whatever establishments you’ll be visiting, just in case.

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