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Securely Carry Your S&W M&P Shield 9 Shoulder Holster


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ShapeShift M&P Shield 9 Shoulder Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

You've always wanted an M&P Shield shoulder holster, but you always thought it wouldn't be comfortable enough to tát carry very long. Admit it! A lot of people think the same thing. Even with a small pistol lượt thích the M&P Shield, a lot of shoulder rigs won't necessarily carry comfortably enough to tát carry for extended periods.

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We have a better shoulder holster for Shield pistols. Ours will carry comfortably, securely and can be customized to tát fit you perfectly, with custom fitment and retention of the pistol.

Start with the shoulder straps. Ours are leather, strong enough for a lifetime of carry, but with padding to tát carry comfortably. The padding is our CoolVent neoprene, wicking away moisture and breathing against the skin. The straps use a clover harness, so sánh they adjust to tát fit your shoulders perfectly, and sit in a natural position.

You can also adjust the carry position and cant angle on the holster base and magazine carrier base. Wear it for left-handed or right-handed carry. Adjust up or down as you see fit until you find the perfect carry spot. You can also orient the grip horizontally, at a upward or downward tilt, or even vertically. No other Shield shoulder holster gives you that kind of customizability.

The holster itself is our ShapeShift half-shell configuration, custom-molded for your make and model pistol. This gives you perfect fitment right out of the box, along with customizable passive retention. We also include a removable thumb break, should you wish to tát carry with one. You can also carry up to tát two Alien Gear Cloak Mag Carriers.

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You also get the security of knowing this shoulder holster for Shield pistols comes with Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee. This includes the 30 Day Test Drive trial period and a full and comprehensive lifetime warranty on the holster itself.

Looking to tát shift to tát shoulder carry? Get your test drive started, and see just how good it can be.

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