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The only kind of traps available for getting rid of brown recluses, Black widows and other spiders are glue traps, also known as glue boards or sticky boards. Their tiny size and ultralight weight make anything else a non-starter.


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How Do You Use Spider Glue Boards?

Location is the key to lớn success as far as glue boards are concerned.  You need to lớn put them in the spider’s path where they normally travel.

If you don’t know where that is, it’s alright.  Glue boards are usually inexpensive enough that you can afford to lớn put a few of them around in random spots, to lớn begin with.

Key areas inside the house for glue board placement are dark, quiet areas.

Spiders are predators, so sánh they lurk and hide, waiting for their prey to lớn come to lớn them.  A common trait among predators, they lượt thích to lớn bởi their lurking and hiding in the dark.

After the glue boards or traps (the terms are interchangeable in this context) have been out for a day or two, go back and examine them.

The traps that are empty, or only have one or two spiders on them, are in the wrong place.  The traps that have several spiders, or more!, are the ones that are in their normal pathway.  This is where you need to lớn concentrate your efforts.

Once you’ve determined their regularly traveled pathways, place glue boards along that route, spaced out several feet apart.  Some glue boards have a Post-it Note-type sticky glue on the back of them so sánh you can stick them on a wall or baseboard.

Feel không tính tiền to lớn place them lượt thích that.  Spiders frequently travel along walls – so sánh you should have some glue boards out where they will encounter them.

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Are there Any Electrical Traps for Spiders?

Unfortunately, there’s none!

There are electrical bug zappers for flying insects of course, and any spider dumb enough to lớn wander into one of them will be killed just lượt thích flies and mosquitoes are, but there aren’t any electrical traps specifically designed for spiders.

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What Should You Expect When Using Spider Glue Traps?

Once you’ve positioned them correctly, you’ll see spiders being caught on a fairly regular basis.

Because the trap is physical rather than vãn chemical, there’s no way for them to lớn develop an aversion to lớn it the way insects bởi with baits.

Therefore the results should be very consistent over any period of weeks.

Did You Know

Since spiders are predators, they’re often attracted by the distress signals given off by trapped insects and other spiders.  Instead of avoiding the traps they’ll come right into them.

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Spider Traps We Reviewed

Check out our list below for a brief summary of our results. Keep on reading to lớn learn more about each spider trap.

  1. Catchmaster Spider Traps
  2. Terro 3200 Spider Traps
  3. CatchMaster 724 Spider and Insect Glue Trap
  4. JT Eaton Spider Traps
  5. RESCUE! Non-Toxic Spider Trap

One warning though; keep your fingers off the glue on these boards!

Catchmaster Spider Traps

These glue traps by Catchmaster are specifically designed to lớn catch spiders in the home page. They can either be laid flat or folded to lớn help protect children and pets from getting stuck to lớn them.

Catchmaster Spider Traps are ideal for trapping spiders in attics, basements, and storage rooms. Also, they come in a phối of 30 for widespread indoor monitoring and trapping of several pest types.

They are non-toxic and safe to lớn use in any room. These specialty traps are made of 100 percent biodegradable material, so sánh they won’t harm the environment.

Pros and Cons of Catchmaster Spider Traps


  • Specifically designed to lớn trap spiders
  • Works on a wide range of pests
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Safe for children, pets, and the environment


  • Avoid using outdoors or in wet areas

Terro 3200 Spider Traps

Terro spider traps, or glue boards, are essentially the same as the Trapper ones.  The design is a little bit different though. The glue smells different, but they’re basically the same thing and you use them the same way.

I’m a little frustrated when I hear people complaining about how glue boards (from any manufacturer) don’t work or don’t catch anything.

Yes, they bởi.  But correct placement is the key.

If you’re having trouble catching anything in your traps, go back up and re-evaluate your strategy especially in determining the key places to lớn place the boards/strips.

Terro did change the fold pattern on their traps for some reason.  The new design is a bit awkward, but once you get used to lớn it there won’t be any problems.

We’re also not fond of it because there are only 16 traps in the box.  Sticky boards are cheap to lớn manufacture.  They should ship them by the gross (144).

Pros and Cons of Terro 3200 Spider Traps


  • Fairly easy to lớn use
  • They work quite well


  • Only 16 traps in each box
  • New pattern takes some getting used to

CatchMaster 724 Spider and Insect Glue Trap

Baited glue boards for spiders are an interesting innovation.

Depending on the spider in question, they might work fairly well.  That certainly seems to lớn be the case with brown recluse spiders.

Brown recluses get their name from their appearance (they’re brown) and their habits (they’re very reclusive and lượt thích to lớn hide) which makes killing them with standard insecticides a real problem.

A “ranch” in our area for troubled youth had several houses and one of them was eaten up with brown recluses.  Three of us from our pest control company made over a dozen trips out there between us before we finally got them under control.

It was a huge headache, so sánh a baited glue board that draws them out of hiding is a nice idea.  We wish we had these before when we were facing that problem.

As of right now, the jury is still out on how well they work but we’re willing to lớn give them the benefit of the doubt.  It’s too bad they come in such small quantities though.

There is, however, the question of bait aversion developing.  Bait aversion develops when a small percentage of a given insect population has an inherent, natural genetic aversion to lớn the bait being used.

They become the ones most likely to lớn survive and pass on their genes to lớn their progeny, including their bait aversion. Eventually, the population will be composed primarily of bait-averse individuals and the bait will no longer work.

Pros and Cons of CatchMaster 724 Spider and Insect Glue Trap


  • Easy to lớn fold and position
  • Baited glue boards are an interesting innovation


  • Only three in a box
  • Limited track record
  • Possible bait aversion developing

JT Eaton Spider Traps

JT Eaton Spider Traps are the gold standard for quality and reliability. Each trap contains a pheromone attractant to lớn lure most species of spiders. With its strong adhesive glue, none will ever escape.

Set some out in storage rooms, basements, or wherever you see spider activity. You can either use them flattened for wider coverage or fold them into a tent for protection from moisture and debris.

They hold up well in all sorts of climate conditions, and they are guaranteed to lớn last longer than vãn other leading brands.

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Pros and Cons of JT Eaton Spider Traps


  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment
  • Not affected by hot or cold temperatures
  • Specifically for spiders
  • Can also be used for other crawling pests


  • Do not use outside or in wet areas

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