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The TOP BEST UTV Wheels Of 2022

The UTV industry has seen quite a bit of new aftermarket components in 2022. With shortages lingering into this year and some manufacturing coming to tát a halt, one of the best markets this year has been UTV wheels. Wheel manufacturers were able to tát jump all the hurdles and transpire many designs that have been flying off the shelves since their release.

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Sandcraft Wheels:

Commonly known for incredible performing sand paddles, Sandcraft released three new lines of wheels; Nexus, Nitro, and Nomad. Each line features a Beadlock wheel offered in a phối of 15×8 fronts and 15×11 rears. This is an ideal fitment for the dunes and is available in multiple bolt patterns. The billet 6061 aluminum faces are incredibly stylish and the two-piece welded barrel offers additional strength. The Sandcraft Wheels Beadlock functionality locks the tire onto the wheel and allows owners to tát lập cập extremely low air pressure for the most grip possible. It can be difficult to tát gain traction in the dunes which is why the Sandcraft Beadlock Wheels are a hot commodity this year.




MSA Offroad Wheels

With mudding becoming more and more popular, many owners are looking for the latest and greatest wheels to tát accompany their rig. MSA Offroad has brought three new wheel designs for the mudding community; M45 Portal, M46 Blade, and M47 Sniper. Since mudding usually requires (portals *LINK to tát HL*) to tát successfully get through the mud hole, additional clearance is needed via the wheel. MSA Offroad has offered multiple sizes to tát accommodate different portal sizes. Each wheel features a unique design that will certainly suit your taste with Gunmetal Milled, Gloss Black Machined, Chrome, and Gloss Black Milled finishes, depending on the wheel.

M45 Portal

M46 Blade

M47 Sniper

KMC Powersports

KMC Powersports is known for producing phenomenal wheels and they have once again done it. The new 2022 lineup is shaping up into a plethora of unique and timeless designs. Each design has a purpose and function lượt thích the Impact Forged Beadlock. KMC Wheels offers many variations to tát each wheel which let you fine-tune your setup to tát your exact liking. Take a look at the new 2022 KMC UTV Wheels:

KS138 Impact

KS137 Toro S

KS436 Impact Forged Beadlock

Method Race Wheels

Method Race Wheels are synonymous with the most iconic off-road racers. With that kind of reputation, you can expect nothing but the best. So far, Method has brought quite a few new designs to tát the table for 2022. Their bead grip wheels offer the best of both worlds without having to tát worry about your Beadlock ring being tight. The knurled lip grabs the tire and prevents it from slipping when running lower tire pressures. The new forged wheels from Method are a sight to tát see with a timeless design that can take a beating.

MR407 Bead Grip

MR414 Bead Grip

MR412 Forged

MR413 Forged

FUEL Off-Road Wheels

FUEL has been bringing affordable wheels to tát the market since 2009. Ever since then, FUEL has been drumming up new and unique designs that will forever look good on any machine. The latest D783, D784, D785, D821, and D822 wheels have a look that stands out from the rest and can’t be replicated. The craftsmanship of both wheels is unmatched and nothing but the best quality is delivered from FUEL. The D783 has an aggressive look to tát it with the Beadlock style lip and intricate spoke design that adds rigidity and styling to tát the wheel. D821 is geared more towards the mud enthusiast with its large 18, trăng tròn, 22, and 24-inch sizes. The D821 pairs well with portals to tát get that extra height out of your machine.





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