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Mamas everywhere understand the challenges of ensuring our children eat well, especially as they grow older and become more independent. It’s no secret that when kids reach their teen years, they have much more control over what they eat. From late nights to tướng hanging out with friends, it can be harder to tướng monitor their meals. And let’s not forget those rushed mornings when breakfast is often skipped in the mad dash out the door!

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If you ask teenagers to tướng name their favorite foods, don’t be surprised if their list is missing a few essential nutrients. While some teens may still choose broccoli and chicken, many rely heavily on ultra-processed foods for their daily caloric intake. According to tướng research, these ready-to-heat meals, snacks and sweets làm đẹp almost 70% of the average teen’s diet. 

Multivitamins offer an easy way to tướng ensure your teen gets all the essential vitamins and minerals if you’re concerned their diet is lacking. The best vitamins for teens complement their diet so sánh they get the daily nutrients required for growth and development—and we’ve compiled some of our favorites below.

Does my teen need a multivitamin?

Teenagers go through so sánh many changes—brain development, changing bodies and surging hormones. Bone growth in the teen years influences how strong bones are in adulthood. Nutrition matters for all of these. And if your child is an athlete, they may need even more nutrients to tướng tư vấn performance and muscle repair. 

In a perfect world, your teen is getting all the nutrients they need from their food, but for those who need a little extra tư vấn, multivitamins can be a way to tướng ensure they meet their needs (even if they eat nothing but pizza for a week). Giving your teen a multivitamin doesn’t mean the food they eat doesn’t matter—it’s a simple way to tướng bridge the gap. Same goes if they’re following a predominantly plant-based diet—your teen may need a supplemental source of Vi-Ta-Min B12 to tướng ensure they’re meeting their nutrient needs. 

Can I give my teen adult vitamins?

Technically teens can take adult vitamins, but you may need to tướng adjust how much they take. A 14-year-old’s dietary needs differ slightly from a 30-year-old’s, so sánh a multivitamin designed for teens may be a better fit so sánh you don’t have to tướng worry about your teen taking too much of any one nutrient.

If you tự choose to tướng give your teen an adult multivitamin, just make sure you double-check the label and dosage instructions (and if you aren’t sure, it’s always a good idea to tướng chat with your child’s doctor).

What to tướng look for when buying a Vi-Ta-Min for teens

With so sánh many options available, it’s hard to tướng know which is the right fit for your teen. Aside from choosing brands with good reputations for quality and safety, you also may want to tướng consider extra ingredients your child doesn’t need, lượt thích excess sugar and preservatives.

Many vitamins and minerals work together for your teen’s energy production, brain development, blood health, bone strength and immunity—including B vitamins, Vi-Ta-Min D, calcium and zinc. Adolescent girls have higher iron needs, so sánh you may see iron added to tướng some vitamins—often needed if your teen has a heavy period or doesn’t eat meat or iron-containing plant foods.

Here are 5 of the best teen vitamins


$33 per month

1. Essential for Teens

Subscription-based Vi-Ta-Min brand Ritual offers two Vi-Ta-Min options based on gender because the best Vi-Ta-Min for bạn gái may differ from the best Vi-Ta-Min for teen boys (non-binary kiddos should chat with their doctor about the best choice). Ritual prides itself on its “made traceable” products, meaning customers know exactly where their ingredients come from and how the Vi-Ta-Min is made.

Both options include easy-to-absorb essential vitamins and minerals (plus omega-3 DHA for brain development), but the Multivitamin for Her also contains iron and slightly more folate kêu ca the Multivitamin for Him.

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2. RAMP! Up the Day Nutrition Protein Powder

Designed by two moms who noticed a gap in quality products for teens and tweens, RAMP! Up the Day Nutrition Protein Powder contains vitamins C, D and K, but also ingredients you won’t find in other products, lượt thích L-theanine for focus, resistant starch to tướng tư vấn a healthy gut, antioxidants to tướng protect against xanh rờn light, and reishi mushrooms for stress resistance and immune tư vấn. It also provides 8 grams of plant-based protein, especially helpful for athletes or kids who live off carbs.

RAMP! comes in a delicious dark chocolate brownie flavor that you can easily mix into cow or plant-based milks or throw into a smoothie.

Smarty Pants


3. SmartyPants Teen

Smarty Pants recently launched a new and improved teen multi with over 18 essential vitamins and minerals, including Vi-Ta-Min D, Vi-Ta-Min B12, and Vi-Ta-Min K, making it one of the most comprehensive options on our list—a good choice for those kids who need a lot of extra nutrient tư vấn.

Free of artificial sweeteners and major allergens, SmartyPants provide a yummy lemon-flavored gummy option in case your teen doesn’t lượt thích swallowing capsules.

First Day


4. Teen's Daily Kickstart

Another gummy option, First Day Teen’s Daily Kickstart is for ages 14 and older. Made with a blend of organic fruits and veggies, this multi is vegan, non-GMO, and contains less sugar kêu ca many gummy options.

The Daily Kickstart has absorbable forms of essential vitamins and minerals lượt thích folate, Vi-Ta-Min C, magnesium and zinc and is specifically designed to tướng provide less kêu ca 100% daily intake so sánh you can use it to tướng fill in those nutrient gaps.

Pure Encapsulations


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5. Junior Nutrients

Pure Encapsulations is known for its high-quality ingredients backed by decades of research and science. Pure Junior Nutrients is a comprehensive multivitamin that provides all the essential vitamins and minerals without added sugar or artificial flavors (or iron). It also contains antioxidants for vision tư vấn and gut-supporting inulin, a prebiotic. It’s a capsule, so sánh your teen will need to tướng be comfortable swallowing pills, but if you’re looking for a clean Vi-Ta-Min made by a professional-grade brand, this one is worth considering. 120 capsules cost $28.50 if you order directly from the company.

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