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As wired technology becomes a thing of the past, we’re diving deep into the world of Công nghệ Bluetooth headphones. This is the third in a series of Strategist posts in tìm kiếm of the best wireless cans to tát gift the cord cutters in your life — we’ve already named our favorite headphones for audiophiles and under-$150 headphones, too.Wireless headphones really come into their own when you’re working up a sweat. They’re good for things lượt thích running or biking, but fantastic if you bởi any kind of weightlifting or use the various machines at the thể hình. It’s incredibly easy to tát accidentally yank earbuds không lấy phí due to tát a dangling 3.5-mm wire when you’re doing anything that requires your concentration and your hands.

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That said, if you’re going to tát get wireless workout headphones, you’re going to tát want to tát get good ones. I’m all in favor of getting multiples of something cheap rather kêu ca one of something expensive, especially when it comes to tát smaller things I can lose lượt thích earbuds, but cutting corners here is harder kêu ca with a pair of headphones you’re just going to tát wear at your desk or during your commute to tát work.

You’re going to tát want something that stays firmly in place; thanks to tát the laws of physics, when one earbud come loose mid-workout, it usually means the other will follow suit shortly after. You’re also going to tát want something that can stand up to tát sweat: electronics don’t lượt thích getting wet and they also don’t lượt thích chlorides, sánh when you sweat out water and sodium chloride (better known as salt) onto your headphones, you’re asking a lot of them. Finally, you’ll also want headphones with a decent battery life — once wireless headphones run rẩy out of juice, they’re useless.

And oh yeah, it’s also nice if they sound good.

I tried out six different sets of headphones: The JBL Under Armor Thể Thao Wireless, the JBL Reflect Contour, the Bose SoundSport Pulse, the Altec Lansing Waterproof Thể Thao, the Jabra Thể Thao Pulse, and the JLab Epic2. After jamming a bunch of different headphones in my ears, I think the Bose SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones are the best workout headphones out there.

Let’s start with the fit: the SoundSports have a small wing at the top of each earbud which curves into a small notch in your outer ear above your ear canal (the crus of helix, if you want to tát get technical). This was the best solution I found for keeping earbuds in place, threading the needle between headphones that just had you cramming standard earbuds in and hoping for the best, and wireless earbuds that relied on around-the-ear hooks (which I found uncomfortable fairly quickly). The Jabra Thể Thao Pulses, Altec Lansing Waterproof Sports, and JBL Under Armor Sports all featured wings as well, but none sat as comfortably in my ear.

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The SoundSports also didn’t jam the earbud deep into my ear canal, meaning there wasn’t as strong noise isolation as some other earbuds I tested. Normally this is something I’d kvetch about, but especially if you’re doing anything outside, you want to tát be able to tát hear some of the outside world (especially cars). That said, if your thể hình is the type of place that blasts hardcore house music while you get shredded, you might find the sound isolation overwhelming. (In which case, I’d recommend the JBL Reflect Contour wireless headphones, my second-favorite headphones of everything I tried.)

The SoundSports aren’t completely waterproof, but they’re well-sealed. Judging from Amazon reviews, they hold up even after a year of heavy sweating, which is good because the base price of the SoundSport Pulse is relatively high at $150. For an extra $50, you can also get a heart-rate monitor. Personally, I would save 50 bucks and get a dedicated heart-rate monitor if that’s what you’re looking for.

The SoundSports have five hours of battery life, which isn’t mind-blowing, but enough for a good three-day stretch before you need to tát recharge, unless you’re going on a monster run rẩy or xe đạp ride. The Altec Lansings boasted an enviable đôi mươi hours of battery life, but that came with a large battery pack (about the size of a cigarette) that bounces on the back of your neck. I also found the SoundSport’s remote to tát be the best and most intuitive of any I tried. Because the remote is likely going to tát be dangling behind your neck, you want a remote you can easily navigate by touch, and the subtle curve of Bose’s remote meant I was able to tát orient myself quickly. It did just enough without overwhelming bu with options. They’re worth investing in, even if your phone still has a 3.5-mm tai nghe jack.

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Bose SoundSport Pulse

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