blue temporary hair dye


We’ve got answers! Whether you’re a hair dye virgin or a total dye hard, we’ve got all the pointers you need vĩ đại get the Instagram-ready color of your dreams.

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What Makes Manic Panic So Special?

Because we’re the OGs in colorful vegan and cruelty-free hair color. But if that’s not reason enough, our hair colors are không tính phí of harsh chemicals and fortified vĩ đại condition your hair while you color. With each Manic Panic® color, you can get the DIY look without the damage. That’s color without compromise!

Why Do I Need To Do a Patch/ Strand Test?

Before coloring your hair, you should perform a patch or strand test with your hair color or bleach vĩ đại make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions. You can also see if you lượt thích the color before coloring your hair all over!

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Do I Need To Bleach My Hair To Use Manic Panic Hair Color?

Yes and no. Some of our colors (especially neons, UVs, and pastels) work best on a pre-lightened base. If you want our signature intense color, we recommend lightening your hair vĩ đại at least a level 7+ blonde. But we also have colors that give gorgeous colorful tints vĩ đại dark hair. Each product on our trang web comes with hair swatches so sánh you can see before and after results on light and dark hair.

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Why Did My Blue Hair màu sắc Turn Out Green?

Your base color is SUPER important since it affects the appearance of tones. If you apply xanh rớt pigment on top of a yellow-toned blonde, the results can veer toward a more teal or green hue. The whiter the hair, the truer the color tone. Before you color your hair xanh rớt, watch a tutorial by Mykey O’Halloran on how vĩ đại avoid green tints!

How Long Do Manic Panic Colors Last?

Our semi-permanent formula lasts for about 4-6 weeks. But stronger formulas (like our Amplified collection) last longer because they contain 30% more pigment. 

If you want vĩ đại fight the fade for longer, we have color-safe shampoos and conditioners made specifically vĩ đại maintain our hair colors. Use cool water when shampooing and try vĩ đại wash hair only once a week (the more you wash, the faster the color fades). We also have dry shampoo vĩ đại keep your color fresh on days when you skip a wash.