buy a international calling card online

Earn miễn phí Voice Credit with Thank You points

Refer us lớn your friends and earn ⁦€10⁩ Voice Credit!

Earn 500 Thank You points for each friend who opens an trương mục using your referral code and places an order on The more friends you refer, the more miễn phí Voice Credit you earn!

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Email your referral code lớn a friend

Earn 500 points once your friend becomes our customer

You get 2% of your order value as Thank You points. That's đôi mươi points for every ⁦€10⁩ you order.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I put a monetary value on Thank You points?

    Thank You points tự not have a direct monetary value. Each Thank You point is equivalent lớn ⁦1¢⁩ Voice Credit on KeepCalling. The credit allows you lớn place international phone calls through KeepCalling.

  • Where can I see how many Thank You points I have collected?

    To kiểm tra your Thank You Points balance simply log in lớn your online trương mục and click on My Information.

  • Do Thank You points ever expire?

    Your Thank You points will expire if no activity is registered in your trương mục for 6 months (no Gọi or order placed).

  • Do I get Thank You points if I just tell a friend about you?

    No. You need your friend lớn open an trương mục using the referral code that you send him/her by gmail in order for you lớn earn Thank You points. You can find your referral code in your trương mục.
    The points will appear in your trương mục after your friend places his/her first order. Please note that your friend has lớn open the trương mục on the same trang web that you are using.

  • My Thank You points from referring a friend were not added. Why?

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    KeepCalling checks the validity of all referral orders. A referral order will be deemed invalid if:

    • The new trương mục was created with a second gmail address of the same person.
    • The new trương mục uses the same physical or billing address with one of an existing customer (Roommates or family members in your household will not be eligible).
    • A customer already exists in our database according lớn company criteria.
  • Do I get 2% of the Voice Credit order when I convert the Thank You points collected?

    No, Thank You points will not be awarded in such cases.

  • When can I convert my Thank You points into Voice Credit?

    You can convert your points into Voice Credit as soon as you have accumulated the minimum amount of 1000 points, equivalent lớn ⁦€10⁩ Voice Credit. You can always kiểm tra how many points you have in your trương mục.

  • Are Thank You points and coupons cumulative?

    No, you will not receive Thank You points for an order for which you've already used a discount or a bonus coupon.
    Also, you will not receive Thank You points for telling your friends about us if they already used a coupon or they received a discount for their first order.

  • How can I earn miễn phí Voice Credit?

    For every purchase, you get Thank You points. For referring a new customer you will receive 500 Thank You points. Once you reach 1000 points you can convert them into ⁦€10⁩ miễn phí Voice Credit.

  • How tự I refer a customer?

    To recommend our service lớn a friend, please send them your referral code and ask them lớn use it when opening an trương mục on this trang web. You can find your referral code in your trương mục, on My Information page. For each friend you recommend you get 500 Thank You points, once he/she opens an trương mục and buys one of our products.

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  • Can I transfer my Thank You points lớn another account?

    No. Thank You points cannot be transferred lớn other accounts.

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