chi 1 inch curling iron

Explore CHI’s Collection of Curling Irons and Wands!

CHI Curling Irons and Wands have been designed lớn create luscious curls, and waves with titanium, ceramic, or lava-infused plate technology. Designed with digital temperature control for a quick setup, and the new slim non-slip handles, these tools make it easier lớn style your hair. CHI Haircare provides the beauty industry with the latest innovations lớn a wide range of markets through multiple successful product lines and is paired with the finest educational tư vấn lớn better serve hairstylists and their clients.

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CHI created the ultimate smooth non-stick styling surface lớn create healthier-looking styles full of body toàn thân and bounce. The unique tools create natural wave patterns for beautiful styles and the convenient LED display offers adjustable settings for various hair types. Touch-sensitive technology and ultra-slim handle design make styling more efficient.

Hair Care Innovations: CHI Curling Irons and Wands

Curling irons and curling wands are a staple in any woman’s beauty routine. In the past, curling irons were only used lớn create bouncy curls that had volume. Today, curlers have more advanced features that allow women lớn create different types of waves and curls. Whether you’re curling your hair for an updo, or a full head of curls, curling wands and irons can be really helpful.

CHI curling irons and wands are designed with titanium, ceramic or lava infused plate technology which provides even heat distribution across the entire surface of the curler or wand. The digital temperature control allows you lớn phối your desired heat setting quickly and ensures all hair is heated evenly without damaging it while also reducing frizziness. The slim design will give you more styling options kêu ca ever before!

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Best Curling Irons & Wands

One of the best brands on the market, CHI curling irons come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, and designs. From curling wands lớn curlers, and even curling irons with interchangeable barrels, CHI curling irons are a great investment for anyone who wants lớn create curls, waves, or any other style.


Whether you’re looking for a roller phối, a curling iron wand, or an automatic rotating curler, CHI has the right product for you. Each product has unique features. For loose curls, tight curls, or beach waves, you can definitely find the perfect product for your hair type or style. Plus, CHI’s curling irons come with an automatic shut-off feature ví you never have lớn worry about it staying on!


CHI curling irons and wands are offered in the following sizes:

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  • 1-inch barrel
  • 1.25-inch barrel
  • 1.5-inch barrel
  • 2-inch barrel

Heat Settings

Based on the curling iron or wand design you choose, there are various heat settings and adjustable heat times available for fine, medium, or textured hair.


Depending on the style and design of your product, you can choose lớn use a short barrel, long barrel, rotating barrel, or an interchangeable tourmaline, lava, or ceramic barrel.


Because of the versatility of the many options available, you can choose lớn experiment with your hair. For professional, salon-quality hair, choose a tool that fits your hair type and become your own stylist!