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Color-changing light bulbs let you control the ambiance and phối the mood in any room of your trang chủ, without any extra wiring or complicated installation. "I believe most tech-savvy individuals will have no problem using or understanding the use of color-changing LED bulbs," stresses Larry Campbell, a licensed master electrician and thành viên of The Spruce's trang chủ Improvement Review Board. He adds, "they work fine as a regular LED bulb if you don't phối them up on your Wi-Fi network," too, ví they are also a great option for those who aren't very tech-savvy or don't want another smart trang chủ addition.

When shopping for color-changing LED light bulbs, take color range, brightness, energy efficiency, and extra features into consideration. Some picks offer a waterproof design that make them super compatible with the outdoors (Think, a decorated deck or patio!), and others can sync up with your music to tướng really create an atmosphere for an at-home workout, dinner buổi tiệc ngọt, or study session. We've researched top options, and our favorites are bound to tướng create a colorful oasis in your trang chủ, totally designed by you.

Philips Hue White and màu sắc Ambiance Smart Bulb


What We Like

  • Plenty of color options

  • Easy phầm mềm controls

  • Really bright

  • Bluetooth and hub compatible

What We Don't Like

  • Hue Bridge needed to tướng use all features

  • Hue Bridge sold separately

Philips Hue smart bulbs are a well-known and popular option among color-changing light bulbs, thanks to tướng the Hue app’s user-friendly and intuitive design. This particular bulb offers two setup options, including Công nghệ Bluetooth, which doesn’t require a hub or a Hue Bridge-reliant setup. If you choose the Công nghệ Bluetooth option, install your light bulb and connect your bulb to tướng the phầm mềm. The phầm mềm can control 10 lights in a room at once. Just note: you need to tướng be in the same room as the bulb to tướng control it. If you want expanded control options, you need to tướng purchase the Hue Bridge separately. While it adds to tướng the cost, it allows you to tướng control up to tướng 50 lights at once across different rooms and manage your lights from anywhere. (Notably, the Philips Hue White and màu sắc Ambiance A19 Starter Kit includes everything, including three bulbs.)

Regardless of your setup choice, the light bulb is Alexa-and Google Assistant-compatible, ví you can control it via voice commands. ("Alexa, turn off the lights.") If you use the hub, you gain Apple HomeKit and Siri access as well. The phầm mềm lets you easily choose from 16 million colors, dim your lights, and phối timers, while the bulb packs an impressive 1600 lumens of brightness. There’s a variety of color presets available in the app’s scene gallery, but you can also select a photo from your camera roll to tướng serve as the scene inspiration. The lights will change color to tướng match the photo’s mood. 

Ultimately, the sheer amount of features, compatibility, and ease of use of the Philips Hue bulb makes it our top recommendation for a color-changing LED bulb. While one bulb is a bit expensive, it's able to tướng add light and color to tướng small and large rooms alike, and created by a well-known, reliable brand.

Price at time of publish: $65

Lumens: 1600 lumens | Watts: 16 watts | Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit (with Hue Bridge), Công nghệ Bluetooth | Color Options: 16 million



What We Like

  • Sunset and sunrise modes

  • Can sync light rhythm to tướng music

  • Can select colors from camera

What We Don't Like

  • Lacks Alexa or Google Assistant integration

  • Limits to tướng group controls

The Govee Smart LED Bulb is a highly customizable, Bluetooth-only option that's simple to tướng use and phối up. Just tải về the compatible phầm mềm and connect your phone and light bulb via Công nghệ Bluetooth to tướng get started. The phầm mềm lets you choose from 16 million colors and access all customizations, including picking a lighting color from a photo or a scene you focus your camera on. To make setting the ambiance even easier, there are eight different scene modes you can choose from, including Sunset and Sunrise modes, which are excellent options for waking up or going to tướng sleep. There’s a group control option, too, ví you can adjust multiple light bulbs at once. However, the group control feature doesn't give you access to tướng all functions. 

This 7-watt light bulb is equivalent to tướng a 60-watt incandescent bulb, making it an energy-conscious choice for your trang chủ. The light bulb lacks Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, though you can phối on-off timers and sync the bulb to tướng your music, ví it switches colors to tướng the song's rhythm. 

Price at time of publish: $14

Lumens: 800 lumens | Watts: 7 watts | Compatibility: Govee trang chủ phầm mềm, Công nghệ Bluetooth | Color Options: 16 million

Best Buy Nanoleaf-essentials-a19-smart-thread-bluetooth-led-bulb

Best Buy

What We Like

  • Color syncing and scene options

  • Supports Công nghệ Bluetooth and Thread technology 

  • Not as expensive as other models

  • Circadian lighting feature

What We Don't Like

  • Lacks Alexa compatibility 

  • Thread feature requires compatible router

Thanks to tướng its many advanced features and reasonable price, the 1100-lumen, high-end Nanoleaf Essentials bulb holds its own against similar color-changing LEDs. This bulb is app-controlled, doesn’t require a hub, and is both Công nghệ Bluetooth and Thread-enabled. While Thread offers greater reliability, tốc độ, and range compared to tướng Công nghệ Bluetooth connectivity, you'll need a compatible border router, such as the Nanoleaf Lines or Apple HomePod mini, to tướng use the Thread option. The bulb is also compatible with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, if you want to tướng use voice commands to tướng control your light. However, it lacks Alexa integration.

Aside from smart connectivity, this bulb offers many lighting features in the phầm mềm. You can choose from mặc định scenes and color presets, create your own from over 16 million color options, or phối up a dynamic scene with changing colors. The Screen Mirror feature syncs the light to tướng a screen to tướng mirror the color scheme of your movie or đoạn Clip game or Razer Chroma gaming devices, such as keyboards or mice. The light bulb even has a circadian Lighting feature, automatically changing the lighting temperature and brightness to tướng encourage productivity or rest, depending on the time of day.

All in all, this pick is feature-packed and a great value. You get plenty of bang for your buck.

Price at time of publish: $20

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Lumens: 1100 | Watts: 9 | Compatibility: Công nghệ Bluetooth, Thread, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit | Color Options: Over 16 million



What We Like

  • Remote control

  • Special effects and memory mode

  • Waterproof 

What We Don't Like

  • Only 16 colors

  • Can’t phối schedules or timers 

With the Kuniwa Color-Changing Spotlight Bulb, you can light up your pool, yard, or deck in all the colors of the rainbow for a buổi tiệc ngọt, hangout, or dinner. You can use this PAR38 90-watt-equivalent bulb—that screws into any standard E27 socket—to highlight a garden tree or planter, or provide light to tướng an outdoor entertainment area as well. The bulb is also suitable for indoor use, but the IP65 rating means it's waterproof and safe against rain and other outdoor moisture—a must for outdoor light bulbs.

Operation is simple with the included remote control that allows you to tướng choose from warm, white light and 16 colors. You can also rotate through them all, and pick one of four different “special effect” modes (strobe, flash, fade, and smooth). Want the space to tướng be darker or lighter? Use the remote to tướng dim or brighten the light of your choice with four intensity options.

Unfortunately, there is no option to tướng phối schedules or timers, but the bulb does have a memory mode feature, which means it will turn on to tướng your last-used light setting.

Price at time of publish: $23

Lumens: ‎1800 lumens | Watts: 30 watts | Compatibility: Remote control | Color Options: 16



What We Like

  • Remote control

  • Can liên kết up to tướng other bulbs

  • Good sound quality

What We Don't Like

  • Only 10 color options

  • Not as bright as other models

  • Not smart trang chủ compatible

The GE LED + A21 Full màu sắc Dimmable LED Light Bulb is more than thở just a color-changing light bulb. It’s also a speaker that lets you create the perfect ambiance through a combination of music and light. You can connect up to tướng 10 of these bulbs ví they play music together, making it a great option for buổi tiệc ngọt hosts. No phầm mềm is required either. Connect the bulb to tướng your phone via Công nghệ Bluetooth, tap the tuy vậy of your choice on your preferred music phầm mềm, and the bulb will play the tuy vậy. It comes with a user-friendly remote, with lower buttons for controlling music and the upper ones dedicated to tướng adjusting the light’s brightness, color, and features. Party mode synchronizes the light show to tướng the beat of the music.

This light bulb’s color and brightness range isn't as expansive as other models, offering 10 different light colors and 760 lumens of brightness. However, 760 lumens is still equivalent to tướng the average desk lamp and if you don’t mind not having complete color customization, this light offers a warmer white and a cooler white, as well as a xanh rớt, green, orange, pink, purple, red, blue-green, and yellow color preset. It’s also compatible with any lighting fixture that works with typical A19/21 light bulbs, BR30 floodlights, and 6-inch recessed lighting fixtures.

Price at time of publish: $35

Lumens: 760 lumens | Watts: 9 watts | Compatibility: Remote control, Công nghệ Bluetooth | Color Options: 10

Final Verdict

Our top choice for a color-changing LED light bulb is the Philips Hue White and màu sắc Ambiance Smart Bulb, since it offers an impressive 1600 lumens of brightness, a range of 16 million colors, and easy phầm mềm control. If you’re looking for a colorful bulb to tướng add pizzazz to tướng your backyard or patio, the Kuniwa Color-Changing Spotlight Bulb has 16 color options, four special effects, and is also waterproof.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Most color-changing bulbs are used indoors, often in the living room or bedroom to tướng phối a mood for a buổi tiệc ngọt, movie, or hangout. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them outdoors to tướng add a bit of fun to tướng a patio gathering, spotlight a tree or other object of interest in the garden, or even add some magic to tướng your swimming pool.

When choosing a color-changing bulb for outdoor use, it’s crucial to tướng kiểm tra that it's weatherproof and meant for this purpose. Typically, these bulbs will be labeled as indoor-outdoor compatible or specify that the bulb is weather-resistant, humidity-resistant, or safe for outdoor use in a protected area. In addition, some are waterproof and can even be used in a swimming pool as long as the light fixture is sealed. Remember: weather or humidity-resistant bulbs can’t tolerate a drenching downpour, and ví you should keep these bulbs in a fixture with some protection from severe weather conditions. But, if you're in the market for a great outdoor option, kiểm tra out the Kuniwa Color-Changing Spotlight Bulb, our Best for Outdoors pick.

Smart Features

As a general rule, there are two categories of color-changing LED bulbs: those that are smart and app-compatible, and those that are remote-controlled. Many less-expensive color-changing LED bulbs rely on remote control instead of an phầm mềm to tướng change the light color and effects, or to tướng turn the light on and off. You will generally need to tướng be in the same room as the bulb to tướng control these bulbs with a remote. The GE LED + A21 Full màu sắc Dimmable LED Light Bulb, our Best for Playing Music pick, is one of these options.

Smart color-changing LEDs have an phầm mềm you can tải về to tướng your phone, allowing you to tướng control the light remotely by connecting to tướng the bulb via Công nghệ Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can turn the light on or off, dim or brighten the light, change the colors, or choose a particular effect. More advanced smart bulbs also work with a smart trang chủ hub to tướng phối up automation and routines. Many color-changing smart bulbs, with or without a hub, are also compatible with voice assistants, lượt thích Alexa or Google Assistant. Notably, our Best Features pick, the Nanoleaf Essentials bulb, is super smart trang chủ compatible. It can be used with Thread and Apple HomeKit, in addition to tướng Google and Công nghệ Bluetooth.

Range of Colors and Effects

Most remote-controlled LED color-changing bulbs have a handful of color options ranging between 10 and 16 choices. Smart and app-controlled color-changing bulbs, on the other hand, usually offer millions of colors for near-endless gradients of color to tướng choose from, including our Best Overall, the Philips Hue White and màu sắc Ambiance Smart Bulb.

Many color-changing bulbs also have effect options, such as wave, strobe, blink, flash, alternating, and many others. Some light bulbs may even be able to tướng sync to tướng the music you play and change the pattern of light to tướng the rhythm of the tuy vậy you're listening to tướng. Others may sync to tướng your screen, and match the light colors to tướng a movie you're watching. Typically, smart bulbs tend to tướng be more feature-packed with color effects and customization than thở non-smart options.


  • How long vì thế color-changing LED bulbs last?

    According to tướng Campbell, color-changing LED bulbs have comparable lifespans to tướng those of normal LED bulbs. On average, this figure ranges between 40,000 to tướng 50,000 hours "if they are a quality name brand such as Sylvania or Philips.” Of course, the number of years it takes before you need to tướng replace a bulb will depend on your lighting habits, including how frequently and long you use a given light bulb.

  • Which color lighting is the best for mimicking natural light?

    According to tướng Campbell, if you're looking to tướng mimic natural light, a light with a Kelvin (K) rating of around 4200K mimics sunlight, and a light with a rating of roughly 3500K to tướng 4500K mimics daylight. Overall, daylight best mimics natural light. For reference, the color temperature scale ranges from 1000K to tướng 10000K. Notably, our Best Features pick, the Nanoleaf Essentials bulb, has a circadian lighting feature that'll change the light temperature and brightness to tướng mimic the natural light during each time of day.

  • What's the difference between bright white and daylight?

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    Campbell says that companies name light colors differently, but bright white would typically have a color temperature of 5000K or higher. In comparison, daylight can have a temperature of anywhere between 3500K and 4500K. That means you should double-check the Kelvin rating if you want true daylight or bright white, since there’s a possibility a color could be named differently from one brand to tướng the next.

Sarah Toscano is a freelance writer for The Spruce, specializing in tech and smart trang chủ products. She scoured through customer reviews and online discussion forums for this piece, and watched multiple review videos. She analyzed each product's specs and features to tướng help make the picks for this article, considering color range, brightness, energy efficiency, and extra features.

Our Experts:

  • Larry Campbell, a licensed master electrician and thành viên of The Spruce's trang chủ Improvement Review Board outlined the nature and technicalities of color-changing LED light bulbs and their settings.