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    von tere-4805. Jul. 2016

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    Color Oops mostly does the job

    I used màu sắc Oops to lớn remove semi-permanent red color in my hair. The color had been used for quite a long time in long thick hair. The results were OK except it didn't remove it completely even though I used two boxes. However, the kết thúc color was nice looking and after using a toner it looks lượt thích done by a professional.

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    von ginaxita13. Mai. 2018


    It's a great product if you don't want to lớn damage your hair, works amazing with đen ngòm hair that was previously bleach it will give you lượt thích a medium brown, don't expect to lớn be blond again; it smell really lượt thích rotten eggs lượt thích everybody says and you will have that smell for at least 2 weeks, just keep that in mind.

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  • Wonderful !

    last month i bought what they said light brown henna, i thought nice to lớn cover my couple of gray hairs between my beautiful long brown hair . After i washed out the henna (it was indigo +henna ) my hair was totally đen ngòm with a reddish glow and when i saw myself it did look awful ví i tried everything to lớn get rid of the đen ngòm indigo color but it didn't work at all ,till i read about this. .First i washed my hair with the clarifying shampoo then i dried it completely before i put on the màu sắc Oops (be care full with the eyes) .I wrapped my head in plastic and left it for 2,5 hours .I did that because i know how difficult it is to lớn get rid of indigo .So it was very exciting to lớn wash it out .The most important thing from the màu sắc Oops treatment is too wash it out for half hour minimal .I did wash it between that time 3 times with clarifying shampoo too and afterwards a i mixed a couple of eggs with organic lemon conditioner and left it in for 2 hours and now my hair is not đen ngòm anymore but brown with stil a red glow but i think if i use the other box i bought i will get of that tooVollständige Rezension lesen

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    von zetaliss07. Dez. 2015

    GREAT PRODUCT ... Follow the instructions and It will work

    Due to lớn the amount of bad reviews I saw about this product I wasnt sure about buying it but I took my time to lớn bởi my research , I watched tutorials in Youtube , studied the ingredients and looked for all the FAQs ,secondary effects and all things I had to lớn bởi ví it will work . I follow the instructions step by step , left the product exactly the đôi mươi minutes and washed the hair thoroughly (30 mins under the shower ) and IT WIORKED !!!!.... I had a permanent red hair dye and was able to lớn get rid of it totally.... I had to lớn perform the process twice because RED dye is almost Inmortal ... but at the kết thúc I won :). I totally recommend this to lớn anyone who is trying to lớn get rid of Permanent or semipermanent color , this doesnt works on fantasy colors like( purple , xanh xao , green etc ) The key is to lớn follow instructions and wash your hair alot please see the below Clip of " How To Use A Haircolor Remover" size SALONFREE® . they really helped bủ .... they are the best please follow them in Youtube... Thanks!Vollständige Rezension lesen

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  • Love this product!

    Everytime I dye my hair red or đen ngòm, I use this to lớn remove it and it always brings my hair back to lớn blonde, I really enjoy using this product. I put leave in products and soak my hair after using this for about a day and it helps remove the smell, I always tend to lớn get rid of it in 2-4 days. :)

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