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HARTING offers a comprehensive portfolio of cable termination tools for all relevant termination techniques and assembly steps. The portfolio ranges from simple assembly and disassembly tools, manual and semi-automatic hand tools to lớn fully automated machines – for an efficient processing of contacts and connectors.

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What are crimp tools?

A crimping tool is a special device used to lớn attach a connector to lớn the kết thúc of a cable. The resultant of this process is called a crimp.

HARTING offers a comprehensive portfolio of crimping tools, ranging from simple mechanical tools to lớn rather sophisticated crimping machines optimized for the production of high quantities. All these tools process produce crimp connections of a consistent high-quality meeting the relevant standard for this area, the DIN EN 60352-2.

Using the crimping crimp technique, the conductor ends, and the conductive termination area of the contacts are crimped in a way that a homogenous, electrically conductive areas is are formed. The quality of a crimp connection is determined by the stability and conductivity of the resulting compound. In addition, a perfect crimp connection is gas-tight and therefore corrosion-resistant.

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Benefits of the crimping technique:

  • Gas-tightness: The components are pressed together in a way that there are no gaps: No liquids or gases may penetrate into the tương tác area.
  • Consistent crimp quality: highly reproducibility, if professional crimping tool is used
  • Speed: Higher wiring tốc độ compared to lớn other termination techniques
  • Largely automatable: easier prefabrication of cable harnesses and interfaces
  • Compact: higher tương tác mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa can be achieved compared to lớn other termination technologies

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Optimizing PCB connections by using press-in technology

In addition to lớn solder, screw, crimping and cage-clamp termination technologies, HARTING offers connectors using press-in technology. In this field, HARTING has decades of experience. When applying this technology, a terminating pin is centered through a metallized hole into a circuit board. The forces exerted cause a cold-welding process, at the kết thúc of which a connection is processed that is – electrically – highly conductive and gas-tight.

Since the contacts are equipped with deformable elastic press-in zones at certain positions an optimal connection is processed by pressing-in the tương tác into the PCB hole. HARTING offers suitable process-optimized tool systems, ranging from simple hand-lever presses to lớn semi-automatic, servo-electrically operated press-in machines. There are large numbers of tools and tooling systems for the respective product groups.

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