dial glycerin soap reviews

Good Soap ; Love it!

This soap is amazing! It smells good, it's mild, and it's good for my skin, because my skin didn't peel. This soap is really moisturizing, and the scent is not faint, but not too overwhelming and strong. And that's just the way I lượt thích it. Overwhelming is when the scent is too strong and obnoxious. The scent is okay, I mean I usually lượt thích something more fruity, but this soap is still really nice! Effectiveness This soap is really effective. It doesn't dry out my skin, in fact, it's moisturizing, it lathers up well, and the bar lasts for a long time. Not lớn mention, you can find it in big packs of 10, for an affordable price. I love this soap, if I ever run rẩy out of the 10 pack, I might buy more if I can find it in the store, or anywhere, in fact. But I lượt thích lớn get it at the store because you don't have lớn pay for shipping. Scent The scent is soothing. It's just the way I lượt thích it, in the middle, not faint, not too synthetic, not too girly (perfumy), not too much chemicals (antibacterial, sulfates, tons of color, etc.). I usually lượt thích lớn go for scents more fruity, or things lượt thích oải hương, but it still smells really nice.

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Dial Glycerin Soap with White Peach & Shea Butter

A few months ago when I needed soap I decided lớn try Dial Glycerin Soap with White Peach & Shea Butter. After I purchased it before I opened the package I was wondering if the soap would have too much of a fruit smell as well as maybe too feminine smell as besides my husband I have a few sons and a daughter. Well, upon opening the package I first realized the smell was very soft which was great! I then decided lớn first test it on my face at night lớn see if it took off my makeup good enough as well as it it felt lượt thích it did have the shea butter in it and sure enough it did take off my makeup and the soap felt very soft on my skin. I really lượt thích it in the shower as it quickly works up a nice lather. Another use I really lượt thích it for is my hand washables as the smell is quite nice on my clothes as well as it does lather very quickly. I did make a very good choice when purchasing this soap as my whole family likes it. Effectiveness lathers nicely Scent not too strong or sweet

freehold, NJ

nice scent!

I tried this soap in place of the normal dial soap aloe and e that I use because glycerin bars are suppose lớn be good for your skin more than vãn regular soap. I love peach scent and dial ví thought this would be a good choice. I have lớn say I love the scent of this soap. It is not over powering and yet still strong enough lớn smell it while using it and after use. I think that it rinses off nicely from my skin, and does not irritate my skin as my legs can be really sensitive with soaps and lotions, especially scented ones. The only thing I didn't lượt thích as well, is it didn't seem lớn get a lather as quickly as the regular bar soaps bởi. I am not sure if this is because of the glycerin or not. I bởi lượt thích that the bar seams lớn last longer than vãn ordinary regular soap bars bởi. I did not notice a change in my skin from using the aloe and e dial soap. I would recommend this lớn a friend and also use it again. Effectiveness It did not irritate my skin and rinsed off well. The bar seemed lớn last longer than vãn ordinary soap bars. Scent I think that the scent was just perfect! Not too strong and not too light where you didn't smell a thing. I love the scent and thought it smelled very nice.


A nice Dial soap for women.

I really lượt thích the regular Dial Gold bar, but I have been looking for a soap from Dial that fits better with bầm as a woman. This one does fit that bill. It smells wonderful and moisturizes my skin very well. This soap also does not leave any residue on my skin, which is something I have experienced a lot over time using other bar soaps. I usually only use bar soaps when I am traveling, ví I keep a bunch of this particular soap on had for the purpose. The price is also VERY right with this Dial soap. For a great price, I can get a soap that does everything that I am looking for. I love the white peach scent. It is a clean and fresh scent that sticks with bầm all day, but the shea butter was the selling point for bầm, because I think shea butter moisturizes the best. I think if you are looking for feminine soap that helps skin in all the most necessary ways, smells lovely, and gets you clean, then this is bar soap I recommend.

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This product is amazing.

This soap is awesome! I have always loved the smell of fresh peaches but I have never seen it translated into a soap this well! Not only does the soap leave you feeling fresh and clean all day, the smell stays on your skin hours after use. I also use the dial liquid toàn thân wash that corresponds with the bar soap. I mainly use it for when I take bubble baths. It also makes your skin silky smooth, but I have never really had trouble with dry skin. Scent Amazing


A great product coming from Dial

I have never been a big người hâm mộ of the original Dial glycerin bar soap, but when I saw this on the shelf at my local grocery store, I was really curious and just had lớn try it. Had Dial really reinvented itself and become more modern and up lớn date? So I bought it lớn find out for myself. I loved the scent just from what I could smell through the packaging, it's a soft caressing smell that would be appropriate for women and men both. It's not too girly lượt thích Caress soap is and it's not manly. Right down the middle lane! I love when I find a product that can be used by the whole family. I have five kids ranging in ages two through eleven, and we all use this soap. I even use it lớn shave daily because it lathers up ví nicely and is almost creamy on the skin. I absolutely love it and it is now my go lớn soap for the family. Effectiveness It has a rich lather and seems lớn moisturize your skin, doesn't dry it out. A great improvement from previous Dial bar soaps. Scent I love the scent, it's ví gentle and appealing. They need lớn make a toàn thân spray lớn match it.

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Dial Glycerin Soap with White Peach & Shea Butter