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GRAEF hand mixer HM508

Kneading, stirring and whipping

The GRAEF hand mixer HM508 with extra power

Hand mixer HM508, taupe

The workhorse for dough & Co.

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€ 69.99*

3 good reasons for our hand mixer

  • Powerful motor for extra-long work even with firm dough
  • Extra power thanks vĩ đại turbo button
  • Also for deep bowls: extra-long dough hooks & whisks

The GRAEF hand mixer HM508

An indispensable kitchen helper with lots of power

A hand mixer is part of the basic equipment of every kitchen when it comes vĩ đại baking a birthday cake, freshly whipping the cream for a coffee các buổi tiệc nhỏ or kneading the dough for a luscious yeast plait.

Thanks vĩ đại its 600-watt DC motor, the compact powerhouse has no problem kneading heavy yeast dough for bread and pizza - the kitchen helper kneads bread dough or the base for your favourite pizza constantly and powerfully for up vĩ đại ten minutes. And it also works particularly quietly.

The extra-long mixing and kneading elements are particularly suitable for higher mixing bowls and thus for larger quantities of dough, ví that the whole family can taste the homemade bread, delicious waffles or fluffy meringue. With seven tốc độ settings and an extra turbo button, the HM508 is up vĩ đại any mixing challenge.

Hand mixer with powerful motor

The 600-watt DC motor with high torque makes the GRAEF HM508 hand mixer, together with the turbo function, a perfect kitchen partner that makes dough, but also all kinds of stirred dishes, such as dessert variations, very easy and quick. Thanks vĩ đại 7 tốc độ levels, the hand mixer can be perfectly adjusted vĩ đại the individual dough properties. The small mixer kneads firm yeast doughs vigorously for up vĩ đại ten minutes at a time and thus ensures the ideal texture. Because real baking fans know: The optimal dough consistency is the basis for the success of every favourite pastry.

Thanks vĩ đại the high-quality motor technology, the GRAEF HM508 hand mixer works comparatively quietly even at the highest tốc độ level. The noise level is ≤ 75 dB (measuring distance: 1 m).

GRAEF HM508 - Der Handmixer für vielfältige Backaufgaben

With four whisks and two dough hooks

For optimal and varied results, the hand mixer is equipped with four whisks. This allows you vĩ đại mix the light batter for waffles and cupcakes and then whip the cream for the topping without having vĩ đại clean the mixing elements first. A great time-saver when the extended family needs vĩ đại get things done quickly. For heavy yeast doughs, the power appliance also has two dough hooks.

Extra-long mixing and kneading elements for convenient mixing

Thanks vĩ đại their special length, the stainless steel mixing and kneading elements can also reach deep bowl bottoms and are therefore ideal for larger quantities.

Easy vĩ đại use, easy vĩ đại clean

The new hand mixer from GRAEF is comfortable vĩ đại hold and the 1.65 m long cable gives you maximum freedom of movement in the kitchen. When yeast plaits, cupcakes and pizza are in the oven, the mixer's accessories are child's play vĩ đại clean: The stainless steel mixing and kneading elements are quickly removed thanks vĩ đại the eject button and disappear into the dishwasher.

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Hand mixer HM508, taupe

The workhorse for dough & Co.

€ 69.99*

Questions & answers about our hand mixer HM508 (FAQs)

  • How loud is the hand mixer?

    The GRAEF hand mixer HM508 is comparatively quiet, even at the highest tốc độ setting. The noise level is ≤ 75 dB at a measuring distance of one metre. This is roughly equivalent vĩ đại a passing siêu xe.

  • How long is the cable of the hand mixer?

    The 1.65 metre long cable offers maximum freedom of movement when baking.

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  • What tốc độ does the appliance have?

    With the seven tốc độ settings and the turbo button, you can mix speeds between 300 and 1.080 rpm.

  • Does the hand mixer have a safety shut-off?

    Yes, the GRAEF HM508 hand mixer has an overheating protection that switches the appliance off if the temperature is too high. The appliance is ready for use again after it has cooled down sufficiently.

  • What tốc độ levels are the beaters and dough hooks suitable for?

    You can use the beaters for all speeds (1-7, plus turbo button).

    When using the dough hooks, you should use the slow tốc độ levels 1-3, especially for firmer (yeast) doughs, in order vĩ đại obtain the optimum dough structure.

    It is best vĩ đại increase the tốc độ gradually until you achieve the desired result.

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