dr trainer dog collar

Why Choose Dr.Trainer Dog Training Collar ?

Safe & Effective & Humane T1sPro Dog Collar

1.Free Combination Training Collar - Multiple Training Modes Remote Dog Training

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2.Collar & Bark Collar-2-in-1 Remote ( 1600-2300FT ) Range & Phone APP & Watch Control

3.Ways To Train Highest IPX7 Waterproof Technology

4.Quick Charge 40Mins

5.Funny Custom Sound Barking Report views the frequency of barking LED Screen manage operations more convenient

6.The Push Button Keypad Lock prevents any misoperation

From 1600ft to tát 2300ft Remote Range

Free training outdoors.

No more worry your dogs lập cập too far.


Three Ways to tát Train Dogs

Tailored to tát your puppy.

Multiple training methods you can choose.

Auto-stop barking/Remote(from 1600ft to tát 2300ft)/Phone/Watch.


Supreme IPX7 Waterproof

Supreme IPX7 waterproof dog training collar. Stay in a water depth of 3.3ft for 0.5hour and the performance is not affected,but the remote control can not put into water.


40 Mins Fast Charging

Fast charge & long lasting rechargeable dog collar.Full charge 40mins(Collar only). Up to tát 14 days work time and up to tát 180 days standby.


2-in-1 Dog Training Collar

Set through Dr.trainer APP in advance to tát make it tự động hóa anti-barking and short distance training.


Which Collar is right for you?

Electric Product Specifications

Comments From Customers

I was skeptical. We have tried many different types of bark collars, ones even more expensive.
We have 5 dogs ranging in age from 7 years to tát 6 months and size of over 100 lbs to tát 17 lbs....this bark collar works for each and every one of them.
It took less kêu ca ONE day to tát train them to tát stop barking.
They would bark at people walking by, the neighbor dogs, sirens, even us coming trang chính.....now NOTHING.
And the best thing? These don’t shock. It’s your voice and just a vibration, and you mix it up on your smart phone. Easy.
Battery life lasts, too. We haven’t had to tát charge for going on a week now.

I am honestly in awe in the rapid transformation of my 11 month old golden retriever. We have had several dogs, none have needed anything more kêu ca verbal command/praise/treat training. My current girl is very large (90lbs) and hyper as all get out. We had her spayed and tried ví many training techniques, none stuck. She was jumpy, mouthy with my kids when playing and a stubborn listener. We have had this collar less kêu ca a week, I have only had to tát use it a handful of times at medium (no sound) and it has altered her behavior drastically. I use it, give the command (leave it, gentle, stay, come) then praised and give love when she follows through. Seriously, if you have a stubborn dog and your doubting getting this bởi it. Best $35 I've spent!

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The collar has worked well. Easy to tát tải về the tiện ích for control. The remote can be a little touchy, because your phone is the remote and it needs to tát be connected via bluetooth. If your phone and the collar lose connection due to tát distnce or interference, it can take some time and patience to tát reconnect and send a zap to tát your dog when needed.

The collar uses a strong vibration, rather kêu ca electrical shock. My dog responds very well with the vibration and it does the job well when he is barking or being very mischievous.

Battery life is long, since it only takes a couple of zaps to tát stop the barking. The collar can be mix with a alert for the dog, and then you can build up to tát an alert and vibration with increased intensity.