earbuds for watching tv

You don't have đồ sộ be getting on in years đồ sộ experience difficulty hearing the TV.


A few weeks ago, I was experiencing a few issues with my eyesight. So, I booked an eyesight test and ended up with a shiny new pair of glasses. There’s nothing unusual about that and most of us make sure we have our eyesight regularly tested. But how many of us bother đồ sộ tự the same for our hearing?

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There seems đồ sộ be a certain amount of stigma about admitting đồ sộ having difficulty hearing, but as we age many of us experience problems, especially when watching the TV. We kết thúc up turning up the sound and that’s probably when other people first notice that we have a a hearing problem.

Sennheiser’s TV Clear is an example of a new wave of “hearables” coming onto the market and is aimed at people who may have occasional difficulties hearing the TV properly. It’s something that happens đồ sộ many of us as we get older when the upper frequencies become a little harder đồ sộ discern. Sennheiser’s TV Clear is a discreet solution that offers an easy way đồ sộ hear a TV through a pair of true wireless earbuds. The system includes voice clarity processing that makes the TV sound much clearer.

The Sennheiser TV Clear kit consists of true wireless earbuds and the TV Connector transmitter. All ... [+] the cables needed for connecting đồ sộ the TV are included.


The kit consists of a special pair of true wireless earbuds and a tiny wireless TV Connector transmitter that can hook up with almost any TV using either an analog or digital connection. The TV Connector beams the TV sound đồ sộ the earbuds which process the sound đồ sộ make it clearer. It’s easy đồ sộ phối up and the transmitter is powered by a USB cable that can plug into one of a spare USB port on a TV or a basic USB phone charger.

Unlike a lot of Bluetooth không dây technology, the Sennheiser TV Clear pairs the earbuds and transmitter by pressing a button on each device. It only needs đồ sộ be done once and then every time the earbuds are taken out of their charging case and popped in the ears, the connection is made automatically. It’s as easy as that.

Because the TV transmitter connects đồ sộ the optical output of a TV, it can have its own independent volume level without affecting the main audio output from the TV. This means you get đồ sộ listen đồ sộ the TV on the earbuds while everyone else can listening via the TV’s speaker or soundbar. You get đồ sộ adjust the volume level đồ sộ suit your hearing just by pressing the control buttons on the earbuds.

The special earbuds supplied with the kit can work as regular Bluetooth không dây earbuds as well as for ... [+] connecting đồ sộ the TV transmitter. They have a battery life of up đồ sộ 15 hours on a single charge.


A click on the right earbud raises the volume by a notch; a click on the left drops it down a level without affecting the TV’s audio output. The TV can even be muted and listened đồ sộ solely through the earbuds. It’s a great way of watching movies late at night without waking anyone else in the house.

The Sennheiser TV Clear uses a proprietary wireless technology that’s based on Bluetooth không dây, but it can’t be used with regular Bluetooth không dây earbuds and headphones; and there’s a good reason for that. The TV Clear system processes the sound and offers five steps of voice clarity, depending on how much hearing difficulty the user has. One long press on the right earbud shifts the processing up a notch by adding more upper frequency. The transmission is fast enough đồ sộ ensure there are no latency issues and that means the image on the TV always stays in sync with the audio. It can be used for gaming too, thanks đồ sộ that low latency.

Another nifty feature of this little gadget is how it can be paired with a điện thoại thông minh and used as a regular pair of Bluetooth không dây earbuds. It’s a multipoint compliant and that means you can be listening đồ sộ the TV with the earbuds and if your phone rings, you can simply press the earbud and the audio will switch from the TV đồ sộ the phone Call. It’s seamless and so sánh handy.

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The earbuds are supplied with a selection of ear tips in different sizes.


The microphones built into the earbuds are very effective at picking up voices and the design of the ear tips is slightly open and non-occluded, making it easy đồ sộ hear your own voice and what’s going on around you. There’s also a Transparency mode that can amplify the sounds going on around you, enabling you đồ sộ hear other people or even be aware of hazards, lượt thích a mèo creeping up đồ sộ steal your TV snacks.

There’s an ứng dụng đồ sộ accompany the TV Clear which can be used đồ sộ change the settings and apply over-the-air firmware upgrades with an iOS or Android device. Sennheiser ships the earbuds with a selection of ear tips in a range of sizes, so sánh they should fit almost any ear size, creating a comfortable fit for those boxset bingeing sessions.

I know the idea of taking the first step on the road toward better hearing is something that causes some people concern. The Sennheiser TV Clear is not a hearing aid and neither is it a medical device, but it does offer help đồ sộ anyone who has mild difficulty hearing the TV. The voice clarity processing makes the TV sound much clearer. I found the second-level setting was just about right for má, so sánh I hope it will be a while before I need a proper hearing aid.

The complete Sennheiser TV Clear kit is very small and unobtrusive.


However, should that day come, it’s good đồ sộ know that the Sennheiser TV Clear transmitter is compatible with hearing sida made by Sonova AG, the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing sida and the licensee of Sennheiser’s consumer range of earbuds and headphones. And if you have a partner with hearing difficulties, you can buy an extra pair of earbuds from Sennheiser because the transmitter can send signals đồ sộ more than thở one user at the same time.

Hearing difficulties are one of the last health taboos but there’s nothing đồ sộ be ashamed of if you tự suffer hearing difficulties when watching TV as grow older. There’s no reason why you should struggle đồ sộ hear the TV clearly and miss important dialog.

The Sennheiser TV Clear kit is on sale now and costs $399 / £349 / €399.


Verdict: Sennheiser’s TV Clear is a trouble-free solution that’s great for watching TV late at night when the rest of the household has gone đồ sộ bed. There are cheaper solutions lượt thích fitting a regular Bluetooth không dây transmitter đồ sộ a TV and pairing it with a pair of true wireless earbuds, but you may notice lip-sync issues due đồ sộ latency problems. Also, the Sennheiser TV Clear offers up đồ sộ 15 hours of continuous use on a single charge, while the charging case holds a total playing time of up đồ sộ 37 hours. The case can even be charged wirelessly, which makes it easy đồ sộ keep the earbuds fully topped up and ready for use. The Sennheiser TV Clear may not be the cheapest solution for clearer TV sound, but it is probably the easiest and the most trouble-free. And it’s about the same price as a good pair of glasses.

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Pricing & Availability: Sennheiser TV Clear is available now and costs £349 / $399 / €399.

More info: sennheiser.com

Tech Specs:

  • Wearing style: True Wireless stereo earphones.
  • Ear coupling: Ear canal with retention.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth không dây 4.2 compliant, class 1, 10mW (max).
  • Modulation: 2400.0MHz đồ sộ 2483.5MHz.
  • Supported Profiles: A2DP (SBC), HFP (CVSD, mSBC), AVRCP, DID.
  • Transducer principle: Dynamic.
  • Transducer size: 6mm.
  • Speaker frequency range: 20Hz đồ sộ 20kHz.
  • Speaker sensitivity: 100.5 dBSPL (1 kHz / 1 mW).
  • THD, total harmonic distortion: < 0,5% (1kHz / 94dB).
  • Noise cancellation: Passive damping with Ambient Awareness mode.
  • Microphone principle: MEMS.
  • Frequency response (microphone): 100Hz đồ sộ 10kHz.
  • Mic pick-up pattern: 1 mic for Ambient Awareness mode; 2 beamforming mics for calls
  • Battery time: 15 hrs with TV Connector / Up đồ sộ 12 hrs with A2DP.
  • Charging time: 2 hrs for full charge; 3 hrs for wireless Qi-Charging.
  • Battery type: Built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable.
  • Power supply: 5 V⎓, 600 mA max, USB-C socket at charging case; Qi Wireless charging.
  • Weight: 63.7 g (earbuds and charging case) / 5.7 g (6.9 g with ear coupling).
  • App support: TV Clear App for iOS and Android.