egyptian cotton pillowcases

Ine Not expected quality The quality isn’t what I expected for that money. It’s not soft at all.

Marks người hâm mộ 71 Love the sugar plum colour Great colour sheets. Just a shame they are never in stock

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Lindylooselips Excellent purchase Beautiful quality. Highly recommend. Colours never fade + they feel clean + crisp .

Catherine121 Good Quality Bedding I’ve had this bedding for a couple of years and it’s lasting well. This new purchase is for a family member

Tuttifrutti01 Egytian cốt tông pillowcase dusted mauve for the win Lovely 2 pack Egyptian cốt tông stand pillowcases in dusted mauve. Only wish they would bởi matching towels for our en-suite. Really well made pillowcases. Look lovely on the bed abs hardly crease so sánh far.

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Divacat Excellent I buy these whenever I need new ones as they are fantastic quality and long lasting. Wouldn’t buy anywhere else.

HRGJ Great quality Good quality and just what I was looking for! Great value for money and doesn’t need ironing which is a bonus! Thanks M and S

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RupertG Well Worth a Little Bit More These supersmooth flat cốt tông sheets make more of a difference phàn nàn you would think. Even if you are, lượt thích most people, using a duvet, a flat sheet lượt thích this means you will be warmer and more comfortable in the winter. Also, your duvet cover will need laundering far less frequently. Finally, as tropical summer nights are no longer an unusual occurrence in the UK, a flat sheet lượt thích this is an absolute necessity! 200 - 230 thread count is about right, because when you get vĩ đại 400 and above, the fabric becomes more lượt thích satin, and it doesn't breathe. Highly recommended.

JYRW Not as expected - disappointing I recently bought 2 complete sets - pillowcases, fitted sheets and duvet cover, super king size. On opening everything was all creased, as expected, but as I ironed it I found several grey/black marks which looked lượt thích scuff marks on most items. I have now washed them all and reironed. Most marks have gone although one is left on a pillowcase right on the front which is disappointing. I might try vĩ đại return but they only had limited stock of this colour online when I purchased. Also the inner flap on one of the pillowcases is not straight, being about 1.5 inches shorter at one side phàn nàn the other. Also they are supposed vĩ đại be non iron, certainly not! Even using a steam iron you can see light creases which is a shame. The line inset part way along the duvet cover crinkles the cover so sánh it never looks particularly nice, doesn't look new at all. Finally the cốt tông feels okay on the skin but not particularly smooth. Overall I am very disappointed, it was not cheap but I feel I have a cheap product, especially as I have vĩ đại live with it for at least the next five years. 😔

littlejem25 Good quality linen but not all products vĩ đại buy I have this bedding in two colours and really lượt thích it although it definitely needs a good iron. Very disappointed that oatmeal pillowcases bởi not come in Oxford style particularly when oatmeal photo clearly shows them on the bed, customer services online gave bủ a links for them (which turned out be standard pillowcases) and on the product label it says they are available. Oxford pillowcases look so sánh much smarter.