elite protein shake

Plant based nutrition formulated for pre-workout and post workout recovery.

What's Inside Matters

  • High Quality Protein

    100% Plant-Based & Vegan. 3 unique plant sources vĩ đại build a protein profile with all 9 essential amino acids.

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  • Zero Sugar / Zero Net Carbs

    Supports ketogenic and low carb diets

  • 535mg Vegan Omega-3

    OWYN provides an excellent source of omega-3 ALA. These vegan omega-3s are known vĩ đại be anti-inflammatory on the body toàn thân.

What's Inside Matters

  • All 9 Essential Amino Acids

    Branched Chain Amino Acids enhance muscle recovery and promote optimal daily health

  • Superfoods Greens Blend

    Every bottle of OWYN contains Broccoli, Kale, and Spinach

  • Zero Major Allergens

    All of our products are tested vĩ đại ensure they are không tính tiền from the Top 8 allergens, including dairy, soy, gluten / wheat, egg, peanuts, and tree nuts

Girl drinking OWYN Dark Chocolate Pro Elite Protein ShakeOWYN Dark Chocolate Pro Elite Protein ShakeGirl drinking OWYN Pro Elite Shake

Delicious taste. Great ingredients. Perfect amount. I love this protein!

—Johnna S.

OWYN Pro Elite for athletics

Pro Elite High Protein Shake Reviews. Nothing but the Truth.

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Pro Elite High Protein Shake FAQs

  1. Do protein shakes make you gain weight?

    Protein shakes help contribute vĩ đại a balanced diet and daily caloric intake vĩ đại maintain a healthy lifestyle. Boosting protein intake can assist in weight management and muscle development.

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  2. Should I drink protein shakes before or after a workout?

    For optimal muscle growth and recovery, we recommend consuming a protein shake should be consumed within 15-60 minutes of completing your window. - 30-60 minutes after your workout. This is considered the “anabolic window” which is when your muscles are repairing and growing. OWYN protein shakes are ready-to-drink and perfect for on-the-go vĩ đại drink post-workout.

  3. How many protein shakes should I have a day?

    Protein shakes are considered a supplement vĩ đại your regular diet. The amount of protein you consume depends on your lifestyle. Get personalized nutrition advice from a registered dietitian through OWYN’s Dietitian Services.

  4. What is considered low carb?

    A standard low carb diet is typically considered under 130 grams of carbs per day for adults. However, this can vary depending on your lifestyle, age, and health goals. Get personalized nutrition advice from a registered dietitian through OWYN’s Dietitian Services.

  5. How vĩ đại calculate net carbs?

    Net carbs represent the amount of carbohydrates that are actually absorbed by your body toàn thân for energy production. To calculate net carbs:

    1. Find the total carbohydrates in your food
    2. Subtract Dietary Fiber
    3. The remaining amount is the net carbs
  6. What kind of food is good for a keto diet?

    A ketogenic diet focuses on high-fat, moderate-protein, and low carb diet. Keto-friendly foods provide nutrients needed while maintaining the proper macronutrients. Foods such as low carb veggies, avocados, berries, and plant based protein are all great vĩ đại consider when following a keto diet. OWYN Pro Elite Protein shakes are packed with up vĩ đại 35g of plant protein. Zero sugar & net carbs.

  7. I’m lactose intolerant, will OWYN work for me?

    Our plant protein shakes and powders are không tính tiền from dairy. Every lot of finished product is tested by 3rd buổi tiệc nhỏ laboratories vĩ đại ensure no cross-contact with any of the top 8 food allergens, including dairy.

  8. What type of sweetener does OWYN use?

    All OWYN Plant Based Products are không tính tiền from artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and sugar alcohols. OWYN utilizes gut healthy sweeteners such as monk fruit extract, a natural, zero-calorie sweetener derived from plants.

  9. Do OWYN products contain erythritol?

    No. We are proud vĩ đại assure that our products are không tính tiền from all sugar alcohols. Our products are sweetened with organic cane sugar and/or monk fruit extract that does not contain erythritol. Our team of medical professionals guide our mission vĩ đại provide premium formulations that never compromise on nutrition or taste.

  10. What does ‘Top 8 Allergen Friendly’ mean?

    At OWYN, every lot of finished goods is tested for the presence of the top 8 most common allergens, using accredited 3rd buổi tiệc nhỏ laboratories. OWYN won’t clear final product for shipment until documentation is received verifying that the finished product contains no cross-contact with any Top 8 allergens.

    OWYN uses baseline allergen thresholds from industry, academic, and governmental sources vĩ đại establish appropriate detectable amounts for consumption assessment. All of OWYN’s products require a strict gluten-free standard of <10 ppm (vs the FDA’s gluten-free standard of <20 ppm).

  11. Is sunflower oil bad for you?

    Sunflower oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential fats. These essential fatty acids play an important role in overall health, including a reduction in heart disease risk.

    OWYN Shakes also contain omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed oil. Omega-3s also play a role in overall health and disease prevention.

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  12. I’m pregnant, can I drink OWYN?

    We are proud vĩ đại say that many pregnant moms-to-be drink OWYN! OWYN is recommended by OBGYNs nationwide. However, we always recommend speaking with a health care professional prior vĩ đại making changes vĩ đại your diet.

  13. Are all Pro Elite cartons and bottles the same amount of protein per serving?

    Protein per serving varies as we continue vĩ đại update and improve our formula. All three flavors of Pro Elite cartons contain 32g of protein. No Nut Buttercup & Vanilla Pro Elite bottles contain 32g of plant based protein. For now, Chocolate Pro Elite bottles contain 35g of plant based protein which will eventually transition vĩ đại 32g of protein in Spring ’23.

  14. Why does the protein per serving vary across Pro Elite bottles?

    Protein per serving across Pro Elite bottles vary as we continue vĩ đại update and improve our formula while still delivering top quality protein and ingredients. Our ingredients will remain consistent.