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Avoid EmuaidAvoid Emuaid. The product didn't work for bu - there are superior products.Shipping is almost three times what it needs to lớn be and is not refunded. With packaging, less than thở 2 oz - they charged $7 - with package costs, their costs is less than thở $3.50.Contacted customer service for the return in less than thở 3 days of receipt. Despite bu replying to lớn their order tin nhắn confirmation (with the order number and my address), they asked bu for the same which I supplied. Then they went silent and failed to lớn reply to lớn two more requests for the return. Two weeks later I called and gave bu attitude over my requesting a refund. They only refunded the product, not the tax (that's illegal) or the shipping.To bu such behaviors speak of a snake oil con cái game.Avoid Emuaid.Date of experience: November 03, 2023

It's just a moisturizer- no good for toe fungusI bought emuaidMax for toe fungus has it had some cracking reviews and the advertising explicitly stated it got rid of toe fungus more effectively than thở other treatments. When I revieved the 59ml pot that was about £50 i was concerned to lớn see that it only mentioned 'moisterizes dry, irritated skin' no mention of toes or fungus. Looking at the ingredients, there is tea tree oil , and many other moisturizers, but no active ingredients. I applied this to lớn my toes twice a day for just over 3 months until i had used it all up and I can quite honestly say, it had no effect, my fungus becase worse on some toes, stayed the same on othersDate of experience: August 24, 2023

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Hello Perry,
The active ingredient in EmuaidMax is Argentum Metallicum, also known as colloidal silver. Also found in this compound is Emu Oil, Bacillus Ferment, L-Lysine HCL, Tea Tree Oil, Phytosphingosine, and Ceramide 3. This patented formulation has been proven over a decade of research and deployment to lớn reduce infection, inflammation and greatly increase healing rates.
We are sorry that Emuaid did not provide relief from your nail fungus. Some cases of severe nail fungus can take a couple of months of treatment with steady application of 3 times a day. We understand that this could be beyond the scope of what customers are capable of. Some cases are resolved within days. Because of varying results we provide a no questions asked refund policy within 30 days, thanks.

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Hi Jade,
Emuaid is a product with less than thở 2% returns with millions of units sold worldwide over almost trăng tròn years of service. The product was designed to lớn combat the most difficult and painful skin conditions and we are proud to lớn have a high efficacy and rate of success.

You say we must use it a couple of…You say we must use it a couple of months to lớn see improvements in nail fungus , sánh what good is a 30 day warranty ?Date of experience: October 02, 2023

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With use of Emuaid Max for nail fungus, results can be seen very quickly, some customers report improvement within a couple of days. Nail fungus can be a problem that takes longer to lớn completely eradicate, especially in severe cases. But there should be visible improvement within 30 days of the money back guarantee.
Thank you for your interest in Emuaid!

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The product nội dung is measured to lớn the milliliter when injected into the jar. When shipped, containers can shift the contents but the amount is always consistent, thanks.

Over promised & under deliveredFalse advertising!! This product does not deliver on the promises plastered all over their trang web, social truyền thông & product inserts. I used exactly as directed for a month & saw absolutely no change in my toenail fungus. I’ve since seen a Podiatrist who advised topical ointments such as these have very little impact as they cannot penetrate the nail bed underneath, where the fungus lives. Emuaid advertises as if it can tự this. It cannot. Save your money.Date of experience: June trăng tròn, 2020

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Hi Amber, Emuaid has helped thousands of people afflicted with severe nail fungus. We offer a money back guarantee no questions asked on all products. Many podiatrists recommend prescription drugs with a low success rate and even worse can cause internal damage. Emuaid can penetrate the nail within 24 hours and many customers see results quickly, but this is never something we claim. We make no promises or claims but often customers post their results online. Please feel miễn phí to lớn tương tác us and we can advise on using the product as intended.

Can be life changing if you suffer from BalantisI've suffered from issues with what turned out to lớn be Balantis for a few years. I tried various treatments over those years, including Canestine Thrush External cream, even Almond oil, nothing worked & the 'problem' was getting gradually worse! I visited the doc (typical man, don't ever go) but his suggested treatment didn't work, Then I found Emuaid Max! The problem area was soothed almost immediately, the worst of the symptoms (it looked lượt thích a war zone) were gone after just three days, & completely healed after a week. If you think you have Balantis, don't hesitate, this cream will change your life!Date of experience: March 11, 2022

Tried it, useless.Tried this product for quite a while to lớn treat toe nails. Used as per instructions and no improvement whatsoever. Emailed customer service several times and they just send a generic tin nhắn back. They told bu to lớn use product for at least 40 days before any improvement would be noticeable. I asked how can you offer a 30 day money back guarantee if I need to lớn apply it for at least 40 days. They refuse to lớn answer that question lol. I literally think this is some gunk mashed up into a cream and sold for stupid money to lớn all us desperate people.Date of experience: January trăng tròn, 2021

Bought a 2oz tub of Emuaid Max to lớn try…Bought a 2oz tub of Emuaid Max to lớn try to lớn cure a fungal toenail infection. Been using it for 6 weeks sánh far and absolutely no change in condition unfortunately. I've also been using it on a patch of Eczema, on my psiorasis and also for athlete's foot. No change in conditions at all. Tried contacting Emuaid customer tư vấn for advice with no response. Very disappointed and feel lượt thích I've been conned, especially given the cost of this product. Can't recommend at all.Date of experience: August 04, 2020

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Hello Andy, we have seen great results with Emuaid Max for many serious skin conditions as reported by thousands of customers. We offer a money back guarantee on all products, please feel miễn phí to lớn tương tác us directly at 800.881.3900 for more information, thank you.

I tried the emuaidmax for 90 full daysI tried the emuaidmax for 90 full days, just under 3 of the 2oz jars worth of it, for a fungal infection that's been resistant for the past year. The stuff does nothing at all, it smells great, but does absolutely nothing. It's just a glorified version of Vaseline, definitely not worth the ridiculous price.Date of experience: July 08, 2021

Plainly another conPlainly another con cái.....almost everything promoted on Facebook and Instagram appears to lớn be that way these days. Rather than thở fact-checking News Items that Company would be well advised to lớn Fact Check their advertisers.Date of experience: March 31, 2021

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Hello Alex,
All products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. We are not allowed to lớn post before/afters on Facebook or our trang web because of policy restrictions, but all reviews at https://www.emuaid.com/pages/customer-reviews are verified reviews. Nail fungus is a serious condition that can take as long as six weeks, but we have seen a very high success ratio overall regarding nail fungus over the long term. Thank you.

Boils say "Buh-bye!"Boils, Acne, Hemorrhoids, Any skin irritation + Emuaid MAX = Prayers answered from God above!!! Nothing else has even come close to lớn eradicating these painful and debilitating conditions. I'm shocked that this stuff isn't a household name yet. I would be willing to lớn sell this for a living as I can fully back this product as a beneficiary of its healing abilities.Date of experience: December 24, 2017