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Kaufpreis 1.150 € (zzgl. Mwst.)
Neupreis 1.250 € (zzgl. Mwst.)
Hersteller Sonstige
Baujahr 2023
Betriebsstunden 4 h
Transport Versand (price on request & quantity)
Selbstabholung (1084 Budapest Víg út ít 41-43. fszt. 4. sz. üzlet.)
Standort HU-1....

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Gewicht 40 kg
Arbeitsbreite 70 cm
Antriebsart Kabel

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Battery powered walk behind floor scrubber is efficient cleaner for hard floors. Floor scrubber machines can easily be used in factories, schools, shopping centers, plazas or small offices. Scrubbing of the dirt occurred on floor during day is quite important for your health and elegant appearance of your establishment. To scrub and wash floor by mop is waste of time and is not sufficient from the point of floor cleaning. It seems to lớn get the dirt from a place and drag to lớn other places. The work gets harder when place is expanded, and need a floor scrubbing machine. At this point Cleanvac floor scrubber is your essential product.