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Tri-Fold Grilling Grates


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Title: Tri-Fold Grill Grate

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Compatible with the 24" Pop-Up Fire Pit

Quickly and easily convert your Pop-Up Fire Pit vĩ đại an outdoor grill with the Grill Grate Attachment. 304 stainless with a folding design these grill grates can handle anything you throw at them. Load up burgers, pots, and even dutch ovens for cooking versatility.

  • Easy To Clean Vinyl Carrying Case Included
  • Pop-Up Pit Sold Separately
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This was perfect. We've used it dozens of times on videos on our channel, VAN TREKKING Lifestyle. Then all of a sudden this week one of the tư vấn screws seems vĩ đại have stripped the threads and won't loosen or tighten which means on side is not as secure as it should be. Other kêu ca that we have loved this addition vĩ đại our Pop Up Fire Pit.

Purchased my full sized fire pit in November 2021 and have used it twice already. I’m an over the top kayak angler and I vì thế extensive research before buying anyone’s product and the Fireside Pit is designed vĩ đại perform better kêu ca any fire pit I’ve ever used or seen. It’s amazingly small storage size, much lượt thích a “bag chair”, is as easy vĩ đại phối up as it is vĩ đại light the fire. The mesh screen, ember frames and stand are extremely well made and engineered vĩ đại be durable, offering no hang-ups during phối up or take down. I also ordered the trifold grill and will be using it for steaks, four nights this week along the White River! I highly recommend this product, as it’s priced right and future spare parts are readily available and priced fairly. Stay Outdoors!!

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