fresh orange juice machine

Leaders in fresh juice Vending

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The healthiest Vending for businesses committed đồ sộ food and wellness.


Máquinas vending saludables preparadas para maximizar sus resultados.


Trusted by big companies all over the world.

Natural Vending

Healthy vending machines lượt thích you've never seen before

Una ventana


One window

Offers a more discreet view of the juicing system.

Ventana doble


Double window

Expands the view of the juicing system and the raw material.

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Ventana grande


Large window

Maximum transparency. Offers a complete view of the juicing process.

Healthy đồ sộ go

Any time is perfect đồ sộ enjoy a freshly squeezed orange juice. Healthy Vending and, in particular, the market for healthy snacks, grows at a 4.7% rate.

Update the Vending offer of your company school, shopping centre, hospital, or gym and offer the most refreshing and healthy option đồ sộ your customers or employees, available 24 hours a day.

Growth rateof the
healthy-snack market


Natural and

Promote healthy eating habits among your employees

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Surprise your customers with a 100% natural take away offer

Expand the Vending beverage offer in large spaces

and connect with new consumers

With a natural juice vending machine, you will exceed your customer’s expectations by surprising them with a healthy freshly squeezed juice. The new natural juice vending machines from Zumex make it possible for you đồ sộ monitor the sales volume and profitability of the equipment in real time. In addition, depending on the needs of your business, you can choose among different accessories and configurations.