gutter guards for metal roofs

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The right gutter guard for your trang chính depends on many factors, including the type of roofing system you have. Some gutter guards are more compatible with certain roofing materials and may not be a universal fit. We’ve extended our research on the best gutter guards to tát highlight the top options for homes with metal roofs.

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The Top Gutter Guards of 2023

Here are our picks for the best gutter guard brands:

  • LeafFilter
  • LeafGuard
  • HomeCraft Gutter Protection
  • All American Gutter Protection 
  • Raptor Gutter Guard

Types of Gutter Guards

Below, we’ve detailed the most common types of gutter guards available for professional and DIY installation.


Brush-style gutter guards, or gutter brushes, are a common DIY solution. These tightly bristled gutter inserts resemble large pipe cleaners, capturing debris between the bristles. They are easy to tát install but will become clogged over time, so sánh they require frequent cleaning. Gutter brushes lack effectiveness against many types of small debris, such as pine needles.


Foam gutter guards, another common DIY option, are typically the most cost-effective solution. Installation requires simply inserting the foam gutter guard sections directly into your home’s gutter; there’s no need for any tools other kêu ca a ladder. These gutter guards suffer from durability issues and break down quicker kêu ca other designs in severe weather and sun exposure.


Gutter screens attach to tát the top of your home’s existing gutter system. Depending on the manufacturer, the gutter guard might simply clip on, or it might require fasteners. Screen gutter guards are available in several materials, including vinyl and aluminum. These gutter guards funnel water through small holes and tend to tát have better debris filtration kêu ca brush and foam gutter guards.

Mesh and Micro-Mesh

Mesh gutter guards are similar to tát gutter screens but have holes that are smaller in diameter, allowing for better debris filtration. Micro-mesh gutter guards contain minuscule, tightly spaced holes that can block debris as fine as shingle grit and pollen. These are among the most high-quality gutter guards available.


A reverse-curve gutter guard has an outward curve that covers the top of your home’s rain gutters. Rainfall adheres to tát this curve and runs into the gutter system, while debris falls from the curve onto the ground below. This gutter guard style can attach to tát your existing gutter system, or it may come as a one-piece design that serves as a full gutter replacement.


Fast Facts: 

  • Material: Stainless steel, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC)
  • Warranty length: Lifetime warranty
  • Get a quote: Visit LeafFilter’s site

What We Like

The LeafFilter gutter guard uses an ultrafine micro-mesh filter that attaches to tát your gutter system with a durable uPVC frame. It requires professional installation by a certified LeafFilter installer who will mount hidden hangers to tát reinforce your existing gutter system. The gutter guard’s low-profile design matches well with most roofing styles, including metal roofs.

We lượt thích LeafFilter’s debris filtration capability, blocking debris as fine as pollen. This level of filtration is possible due to tát the 275-micron mesh design, a much smaller measurement for its openings kêu ca many similar designs. Plus, LeafFilter backs its product with a lifetime transferable warranty.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

We read dozens of the most recent LeafFilter customer reviews on third-party websites, including Google Reviews and TrustPilot. Many customers compliment the professionalism of LeafFilter’s installers. We also noted timeliness as a common theme. Less satisfied customers mention customer service issues, citing communication lapses and a sometimes pushy sales process.

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Fast Facts: 

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Warranty length: Lifetime finish warranty
  • Get a quote: Visit LeafGuard’s site

What We Like

We lượt thích LeafGuard for its one-piece aluminum construction that combines new gutters with built-in gutter protection. The LeafGuard gutter system has a seamless design, providing greater protection against leaks kêu ca sectional gutters.

The built-in reverse-curve gutter guard uses liquid adhesion to tát direct water into the gutter while depositing debris onto the surrounding ground. This design is effective against many types of debris but may still allow minute material to tát enter the gutter system. LeafGuard comes with a transferable lifetime finish warranty that provides protection against scratching, chipping, and other superficial damage.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

Based on recent customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot, we noted that customers often speak about their professional and friendly interactions with the LeafGuard sales staff. Other positive reviews express satisfaction with the gutter guard system’s performance. Several mixed and negative reviews mention communication issues with LeafGuard and high estimates.

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HomeCraft Gutter Protection

Fast Facts: 

  • Material: Stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum
  • Warranty length: Lifetime warranty
  • Get a quote: Visit HomeCraft’s site

What We Like

The HomeCraft gutter guard has a durable, stainless-steel, micro-mesh design attached to tát an aluminum frame. It features a unique raised pattern that helps lift debris away from your home’s gutter system while surface tension allows water to tát flow through. The all-metal construction is resistant to tát rust and corrosion.

HomeCraft requires professional installation and is only available in 12 states. It backs its gutter guard with a lifetime transferable warranty.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

We read many customer reviews for HomeCraft locations in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina on Google Reviews. Our research also included customer reviews on the BBB. We learned that many customers enjoy their experience with knowledgeable and friendly HomeCraft sales representatives. Several positive reviews also note that the HomeCraft gutter guard performed to tát expectations.

A common complaint in mixed and negative reviews is that HomeCraft was unresponsive to tát issues reported about new gutter and gutter guard installations. Other customers mention receiving excessive calls from HomeCraft sales teams after requesting an estimate. 

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All American Gutter Protection

Fast Facts: 

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  • Material: Stainless steel, aluminum
  • Warranty length: Lifetime warranty
  • Get a quote: Visit All American’s site

What We Like

All American Gutter Protection’s gutter guard features stainless-steel micro-mesh attached to tát an all-aluminum frame. Its design resists the warping and bending that can occur over time with cheaper materials, such as vinyl. Plus, the metal materials provide a pleasing aesthetic when paired with a metal roof.

All American is not available for DIY installations but requires a certified installer. It has locations in 18 states. All American’s lifetime performance warranty guarantees that its gutter guard will work as specified in your contract for as many years as you own your trang chính.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

We looked at dozens of customer reviews for All American Gutter Protection on the BBB and Google Reviews. For Google Reviews, we focused on the company’s Charlotte, North Carolina, location. Satisfied customers compliment the company’s fast and professional installation. Several reviews also mention that All American provides fair estimates.

Some critical customer reviews mention issues with All American’s warranty agreement. These customers express frustration over poor communication when scheduling warranty repairs, noting that the company failed to tát follow up in some instances.

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Raptor Gutter Guard

Fast Facts: 

  • Material: Aluminum, stainless steel
  • Warranty length: 25-year warranty
  • Find Price: Visit Raptor Gutter Guard

What We Like

Raptor Gutter Guard is manufactured by Gutterglove and is the only brand in our rankings marketed for DIY installs. You can choose from an all-aluminum gutter screen or a stainless-steel, micro-mesh design. Both versions of the Raptor Gutter Guard are available on Amazon.

We lượt thích that Raptor Gutter Guard offers two gutter guard options, with its more high-end micro-mesh design providing greater debris filtration. Its 25-year warranty is better kêu ca many similar DIY brands but falls short of the lifetime warranties provided by the professional installers in our rankings.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

We reviewed recent customer feedback on Amazon for Raptor Gutter Guard. Overall, its products have positive reviews. Many customers note an easy installation and are happy with how the product performs. Some negative reviews mention that smaller debris, such as pine needles, collects on top of the mesh and requires regular cleaning.

Why Do I Need a Gutter Guard?

Here are a few reasons you should consider buying a gutter guard for your home’s gutter system:

  • Damage prevention: By helping prevent clogged gutters, a gutter guard can protect your trang chính from damage. Restricted water flow inside a gutter system due to tát clogs can cause water to tát spill over the side, potentially damaging your home’s fascia, siding, and foundation.
  • Pest control: When a rain gutter collects pockets of debris, it can become a prime nesting ground for various insects. A gutter guard helps prevent debris from entering your gutter, making it more difficult for insects to tát find nesting material.
  • Reduced gutter cleaning maintenance: No gutter guard will eliminate the risk of gutter clogs or the need for cleaning gutters. However, a high-quality gutter guard will substantially reduce your gutter cleaning frequency and difficulty.

What to tát Look for in a Gutter Guard

When researching the best gutter guards for your trang chính, consider the following factors.

DIY vs. Pro Gutter Guards

You must decide whether you want to tát install gutter guards yourself or hire a professional gutter contractor. DIY gutter guard installations may be difficult for those who lack experience working on a ladder and using basic tools and fasteners. Professional installations come at a higher price point, but you’ll benefit from experienced labor. Further, professionally installed gutter guards often come with extended warranties.

Material Used

Metal gutter guard materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum, are more durable kêu ca vinyl. Aluminum is more lightweight kêu ca steel but may be more susceptible to tát warpage, especially when the aluminum is thin. Both stainless steel and aluminum are resistant to tát rust and corrosion, but stainless steel tends to tát resist corrosion for a longer period of time.

Types of Debris Buildup Prevented

An informed gutter guard purchase should factor in the types of roof and gutter debris you typically encounter. If your trang chính is surrounded by conifers, you’ll want to tát avoid gutter guards that struggle with pine needles, such as gutter brushes. Generally, a micro-mesh gutter guard will offer the best protection against all debris types.

You should also read customer reviews to tát ensure the gutter guard doesn’t lead to tát spillover during heavy rain if you live in a rainy location. A trang chính with a steeply pitched roof will also need a gutter guard capable of withstanding heavy water flow.

Warranty Included

Review the terms and conditions of a gutter guard’s warranty before finalizing a purchase. Less-expensive DIY products tend to tát have limited warranties compared to tát professional installations.

Our Recommendation

Many gutter guards are compatible with metal roofing systems and can help keep your gutters clog-free. We recommend LeafFilter as our top option for its durable micro-mesh design that blocks most debris types. With small openings that measure 275 microns—or around one-hundredth of an inch—LeafFilter has one of the best debris filtration capacities on the market. LeafGuard is another good choice for homeowners who need a full gutter replacement, providing built-in gutter protection with its attractive reverse-curve design.

Before buying a gutter guard, ask a company representative what widths are available to tát ensure you can find a match for your home’s gutter size. You should request estimates from at least three gutter guard installers to tát compare prices and warranty terms.

Gutter Guards FAQ

Will installing a gutter guard void my roof warranty?

It’s crucial to tát review the terms and conditions of your home’s roof warranty before installing gutter guards. In many cases, a gutter guard will not void the warranty as long as the installation doesn’t damage the roofing system or require any roofing modifications.

What is the difference between a gutter cover and a gutter guard?

These terms are often used interchangeably. However, a gutter cover may refer to tát a reverse-curve design that drapes over the existing gutter system and funnels water into the gutter through liquid adhesion.

Do I still need to tát clean my gutters with a gutter guard?

Yes, you should still clean your gutters with a gutter guard. Having a gutter guard installed will reduce cleaning maintenance, but debris can still accumulate over time. Some cheaper gutter guards, such as foam gutter guards, will also need to tát be replaced frequently.

What is a transferable warranty?

A transferable warranty can be transferred to tát the new homeowner when you sell your trang chính. Limitations often apply with this type of warranty, and it’s important to tát review the terms and conditions of your warranty agreement carefully.

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How We Chose the Top Gutter Guard Providers

We researched and analyzed dozens of gutter guards and gutter guard companies to tát create an in-depth review methodology. We formulated a rating system based on the factors homeowners find most important. We evaluated each provider’s gutter guard design and aesthetics, service offerings, customer service and communication, quote process, warranties, and financing options. 

We created a separate rating system for DIY-installed gutter guards sold on retailer sites. We evaluated these guards based on their quality of materials, aesthetics, communication, warranty, customer reviews, and cost.

We evaluated each provider’s reputation using independent, third-party sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google My Business pages. For products, we analyzed the customer reviews on whichever online retailer primarily hosts the product.