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It Has a Glass-Like Sheen

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High gloss paint is known for being super shiny and light reflecting, giving it an almost mirror-like look. Most designers would consider it a specialty finish, as it creates such a brilliant sheen. Designed by Nick Olsen, the lacquered ceiling is a gorgeous—albeit, unexpected—way to lớn make this living room room feel special.


It's Difficult to lớn Apply

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PHOTO: Isabel Parra; DESIGN: Alisa Bloom

The glamorous glass-like effect is as difficult to lớn apply as it is beautiful. In fact, it's the hardest to lớn apply out of all the paint finishes. Jessica Barr of Behr Paints suggests using a quarter-inch roller or a high-density foam roller for smaller spots. Designer Alisa Bloom used Hollandlac Brilliant from Fine Paints of Europe to lớn create more depth and character. So it's worth the extra work if you love the look enough. She tells us the hardest part of the process is the sanding involved, as it makes a big mess.


It Pairs Well With Other Finishes

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High glosses pair well with any other finish. So you can the use same color in a different sheen for the majority of the wall, and then add a high gloss accent. Or, take note from this jaw-dropping bedroom designed by Brian J. McCarthy and stick to lớn a tight two-color story with the walls in a show-stopping super high gloss paint and the ceiling in a flat white paint. "This finish feels fresh for a guest room, and the surprising pop of color is both warm and chic," he says.

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It's Great For Accents

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PHOTO: Megan Taylor; DESIGN: 2LG Studio

This attic kitchen designed by 2LG Studio is bursting with fun colors. And we have some great news: The cabinets, sink, and taps are all from IKEA. The designers made the Ikea cabinets feel elevated by customizing them with a glossy version of the Inchyra xanh rờn paint from Farrow & Ball. They contrast nicely with the matte pink walls. As you can see, high gloss and super gloss paints are great at accentuating accent pieces you really want to lớn stand out, lượt thích furniture, doors, or cabinets.


It's a Dream to lớn Keep Clean

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PHOTO: Alexandra Rowley; DESIGN: Studio DB

In this living room designed by Studio DB, the narrow wall above the fireplace is painted in a bright white high gloss finish. A pristine white paint may be hard to lớn keep clean in a high-traffic area if you use an eggshell or flat finish. So if you're phối on using white, consider a glossy finish instead, as they're easiest to lớn clean. Functionality aside, it also adds a subtle style statement when used in a small area in a neutral tone.


It's Super Durable

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In this dining room, designers Virginia Toledo and Jessica Geller make the architectural details pop even more by covering them in a contrasting high gloss xanh rờn. Accents that get a lot of traffic—like in hallways or family rooms—are also go-to candidates for a few coats of high gloss paint because it's super durable. Barr recommends painting your crown moldings, trims, and other features in high-traffic areas in a high gloss of the same hue as the rest of the walls.

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It Shows Imperfections

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Francesco Lagnese

There's a flip side to lớn the super light-reflective and statement-making quality of high gloss paint. Especially when it comes to lớn hiding preexisting blemishes on the walls or ceilings. Because there’s an accelerated amount of sheen, you will be able to lớn see the imperfections. That being said, they’re easy to lớn clean, sánh if you bump or scuff a high gloss paint, it'll be easier to lớn scrub off.


It's Great In High-Moisture Areas

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PHOTO: Bjorn Wollander; DESIGN: Alisa Bloom

High gloss paints are good for high-moisture areas. But when applying, Bloom advises considering the level of humidity in the room. The higher the moisture in the air, the more coats of paint you'll want to lớn apply. She recommends aiming somewhere between six and eight coats. In this bedroom, the rich, liquidy sheen of a lacquer-like finish bounces light around a dark room. Bloom used Fine Paints of Europe’s Delft Blue 4003 in Hollandlac Brilliant to lớn illuminate this bedroom.

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