highest rated car seats 2016

Updated September 2016

The baby and toddler industry is continually making advancements when it comes to tát products to tát help make our lives as parents easier.

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A xế hộp seat is a big purchase for many parents and it can be tough because there are sánh many options on the market. If you’re in the market for a new xế hộp seat this year, take a look at what will be hitting stores this year!

4moms self-installing xế hộp seat

Many parents don’t realize this, but 4 out of 5 times, xế hộp seats are installed incorrectly. But 4moms has taken the stress away from parents and is doing the work for you with their new self-installing xế hộp seat. It installs itself by automatically leveling and tensioning, then continuously monitors its status during use to tát ensure it is always correctly installed, giving you confidence every time you put your baby in the xế hộp.

Available Now for $499.99

chicco kidfit zip Booster Seat

The KidFit Zip Booster has 10 positions of combined head and shoulder protection for growing children. It also features SuperCinch®LATCH attachment and one-pull tightener to tát help keep the seat in place for easy in/out. Our favorite features is the EZ Care Zip & Wash functionality! The seat pads zip out of the seat making it easy to tát machine wash and put back on! The High Back Booster mode is from 30-100 pounds and the Backless mode is from 40-110 pounds.

Available Now for $129.99

Evenflo SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat

Evenflo recently introduced the first rollover tested xế hộp seat. The SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat was designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately twice the federal crash test standard and is the first xế hộp seat that has been dynamically rollover tested. The SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat is appropriate for infants and children from 5 to tát 120 lbs. or up to tát 57 inches in height, in three use modes – rear facing, forward facing and booster mode.

Available Now for $239.99

diono monterey booster

The Diono Monterey Booster is a full-featured, expandable high-back booster seat designed to tát fit growing children 30 lb to tát 120 lb. The adjustable head rest and deep, aluminium reinforced sides are lined with energy absorbing EPS foam for side impact protection and the reinforced seat bottom provides extra lap belt safety.

Available Now for $119.99

Clek Foonf

There have been changes made to tát the năm nhâm thìn Foonf including extra cushioning/padding and new harness covers that are “plusher” + longer. And Clek is known for it’s amazingly stylish xế hộp seats, they have aded two new fabric options in 2016: Tokidoki and Space Capri.

Available Now for $499.99

BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax

For all of you BOB lovers, Britax has now created a BOB B-Safe 35 which still gives you the unmatched protection but with distinctive BOB style. The BOB B-Safe 35 surrounds your baby with a deep, contoured energy-absorbing shell; side impact protection and steel frame. And securely installing the xế hộp seat is a snap with quick lower anchors and center-pull straps.

Available Now for $229.99

Safety 1st Grow and Go

Safety 1st gives you a xế hộp seat that will last you from infancy and beyond.  The 3-in-1 Grow and Go Car Seat goes from rear facing 5 pounds to tát 40 pounds and  forward facing 22 pounds to tát 65 pounds, and booster 40 pounds to tát 100 pounds.

Available Now for $169.99

Safety 1st Continuum

Much lượt thích the Grow and Go, the Continuum grows with your child. With one less cup holder and a little bit less padding in the seat, the Continuum is priced lower phàn nàn the Grow and Go.

Available Now for $129.99

baby jogger đô thị go

Everyone loves the Baby Jogger City Select and City Mini and now there is a xế hộp seat to tát go with it. The City GO infant xế hộp seat comes complete with the ClickSafe™ base, the TaxiSafe™ Belt Path that allows you to tát safely buckle it into a xế hộp without the base, and you can easily pop it onto your stroller to tát make a travel system.

Available Now for $159.99

Rachel Zoe + maxi-cosi

A fashionable collection was announced last year with Maxi-Cosi and renowned designer, stylist and editor Rachel Zoe. Available first at Nordstrom, the new collection designed by Rachel Zoe for Quinny and Maxi-Cosi is truly one of a kind, inspired by the jetsetter lifestyle and paying homage to tát the luxurious detail found in the design of vintage leather luggage. Premium cognac leather and oversized gold detailing compliment classic Black and white fabric for a look that is tailored to tát perfection.

Available Now for $399.99

graco extend2fit

For those parents that plan on rear-facing well beyond the AAP recommendation of 2 years, this is the xế hộp seat for you. The Extend2Fit™ features a 3-position extension panel that provides 5” of extra legroom allowing your child to tát ride safely rear-facing longer. As your child grows, simply extend the panel to tát give your child extra leg room. The seat can be used rear-facing from 4-50 lbs. and forward-facing from 22-65 lbs.

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Available Now for $199.99

graco atlas

If you’re looking for a booster seat for your child, the Graco Atlas  2-in-1 harness booster is designed to tát grow with your child from harness booster from 22 – 65 lb. to tát highback booster 30 – 100 lb. Easily adjust the harness without rethreading and adjust the headreast with 10 possible height positions. It features dual cupholders and a machine washable seat pad, buckle cover and harness covers.

Available Now for $129.99

Doona Infant Car seat

Doona is an infant xế hộp seat that transforms into a stroller. This is the ultimate travel system which makes it easy to tát be out and about with your little one. The wheels of the Doona fold under the xế hộp seat sánh you can safely and easily install it into the xế hộp or on an airplane. We love the ease and convenience and it definitely breaks the mold for new innovations in infant xế hộp seats! New for năm nhâm thìn are three new colors, Dune, Fresh and Sweet.

Available now for $499

cybex cloud q

The Cybex Cloub Q has some great new features that all parents will love. A new function of the Cloud Q is that it can be changed to tát a horizontal position outside of the xế hộp. With a longer legrest and a completely flat lying position, the child can lie comfortably and in an ergonomically correct position. The angle can be adjusted easily with one hand without having to tát take the child out of the carrier, and the handle remains in the carrying position for easier mobility. In combination with the CYBEX pushchairs, the Cloud Q can be used as a visually harmonious travel system.

Available Now for $449

GB Asana35 DLX

The GB Asana35 DLX comes with Fit-Loc Protection makes a safe, secure installation quick and easy. The unique Fit-Loc Load Leg reduces impact on baby’s head & neck by over 50 percent in the sự kiện of an accident, and can be used in most rear seats of the vehicle (even the middle). The Fit-Loc Belt Tightener is a confidence-builder, requiring 5X less effort for achieve a secure installation and works equally well for both Latch and vehicle belts. Beautifully designed for baby’s comfort and safety, the Asana35 DLX includes premium fabrics, adjustable headrest, and superior Side Impact Protection. Accepted by all GB strollers, the Asana35 DLX is brings safety, ease of use, comfort, and style to tát all your new adventures.

Available Now for $249

Safety 1st Ultramax


The UltraMax Air 360 is the only 4-in-1 xế hộp seat that features 360 Protect™ for 6 layers of proven safety, and it’s the only xế hộp seat you’ll need to tát buy for your baby as it adapts to tát keep them safe through four different stages of development.It can go from infant rear facing all the way to tát booster mode. It also has seat pads which are machine washable and dryer safe making it easy to tát clean!

Available September 2016 for $259.99

Diono Radian RXT

A xế hộp seat that not only looks good, but keeps your child safe throughout the years. The Radian rxt is the only xế hộp seat your child will ever need. It allows for extended rear facing and you can fit three across in most mid-sized vehicles when forward facing. We love the new colors and fabric for năm nhâm thìn.

Available Now for $359.99

Diono Ranier

diono ranier

New fabric and colors are added to tát the năm nhâm thìn Diono Ranier. The Ranier allows for rear facing up to tát 50 pounds and forward facing children up to tát 90 pounds in the five-point harness. For children in booster mode, it can accomodate up to tát 120 pounds.

Available Now for $379.99

nuna RAVA

nuna rava

The new RAVA convertible xế hộp seat is filled with little extras lượt thích laid back legroom, fuss-free adjustments, and the unique simply™ secure installation that makes setup a snap. The bubble-free recline makes getting the perfect angle easy. It allows for rear facing up to tát 50 pounds and also has the laid back leg-room giving your child two extra inches of leg room when rear facing and extra tư vấn when forward facing.

Available September 1st for $449.95

Nuna aace

nuna aace

A booster seat that grows comfortably with your child, the Nuna AACE also converts to tát a no back booster. It has a one-handed recline and headreast positioner, making it easy to tát adjust as your child is older. The shoulder system automatically moves out as you move the headreat, sánh it accompanies your growing child.

Available Now for $249.95



Featuring WingFree Technology, AIDIA Pathfinder is one of the very few booster seats in the market that can simultaneously adjust the headrest height and width of side wings. AIDIA Pathfinder has a one-hand operation ergonomically designed for parents to easily adjust headrest height. Equipped with two retractable cup holders on both sides of AIDIA Pathfinder booster seats, easily slide out and slide in for easy storage. Featuring TriPad Technology, the Pathfinder booster seat equipped by a combination of 3 integrated foam layers variation that gives extra comfort for kids especially on long trips in the xế hộp.

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Available Now for $129.95



AIDIA Explorer is made for safety and durability. It  is designed with a deep headrest and back tư vấn. They are slim enough to tát fit all three across in the back seat. The booster has a one-hand operation ergonomically designed for parents to easily adjust headrest height.

Available Now for $99.95